July 19, 2024
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Morning Routines: What You Should Do Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Ah, the morning! For some, it’s as easy as falling out of bed, but for others, it’s quite the struggle! What if your zodiac sign could help you find the best morning routine? Read on to find out more!


Morning Routine for Aries

I won’t surprise you by suggesting an energetic morning routine for you, dear Aries! To channel your energy and get moving, two things should make up your morning routine. First, a powerful workout session (like HIIT, for example). Second, a breakfast or snack full of good energy. Just be careful to start slowly if you’re not naturally sporty.

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Morning Routine for Taurus

Opposite to Aries, Taurus, you need to start your day slowly, with a morning routine that reflects your zodiac sign. So, if you’re a Taurus, begin the day with some light stretching, then settle down on your couch to enjoy a hearty breakfast and a cup of tea or coffee. And no, I’m not just taking cues from my Taurus sister who starts her days like this…


Morning Routine for Gemini

A Gemini’s curiosity needs to be fed as soon as they wake up! Book, newspaper, podcast, radio show—choose the medium that suits your zodiac sign best for your morning routine. Another interesting aspect of this routine is that you’ll always be up to date on current events and ready to discuss them with everyone. Who said mornings had to be frustrating?


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Morning Routine for Cancer

Cancer is a very emotional and sensitive sign, which can sometimes be overwhelmed during the day. To avoid an overload of emotions, you should add journaling to your morning routine. This allows you to take time for yourself to write down your daily intentions or concerns, thereby unburdening your mind. We’ve shared different journaling prompts in this article, take a look!


Morning Routine for Leo

For your zodiac sign, the best morning routine is one that lets your start the day on top! To do this, simply watch a motivational video (or listen to your favorite playlist), and wear an outfit that makes you feel ready to conquer the world. Thus, you won’t fear facing others, but they might fear facing you! True Lion style!


Morning Routine for Virgo

We don’t change zodiac signs, especially not their morning routines! For you Virgos, the best way to start the day is to start it organized. Get out your planner, your to-do list, or even your iron, and prepare your perfect environment. If nothing is supposed to be out of place, nothing will be!


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Morning Review for Libra

I might not make friends with this, but it seems to be the most relevant morning routine for your zodiac sign. For Libras and your sometimes discordant energies, I recommend starting a meditation session, right out of bed or after getting ready, to center yourself. And of course, we’ve written an article about the Top YouTube Channels for Guided Meditations.


Morning Routine for Scorpio

Like Libra, Scorpio needs a morning routine that allows them to center on themselves and their strength. Indeed, this zodiac sign must mobilize its inner and physical strength from the morning to feel like themselves all day. For example, you might follow a yoga session specifically designed for Scorpio, with poses that will help strengthen you for the day.


Morning Routine for Sagittarius

While writing this article, I see how important movement is for the body and spirit. Again here, I will advise the Sagittarius zodiac sign to adopt an active morning routine. A simple walk or a run is perfect for you, as it will allow you to find inspiration and creativity in nature.


Morning Routine for Capricorn

Capricorn, you seek success and achievement, and it all starts in the morning! And you know it well! That’s why I have a very simple morning routine for your zodiac sign: set goals for the day. Thus, right from the morning, you will have a conquering spirit. Nothing should stand in your way!


Morning Routine for Aquarius

Like Gemini, Aquarius should connect with the outside world first thing in the morning. Indeed, your zodiac sign is in search of innovation and new thinking, and this is facilitated by reading about the latest technological discoveries. Read, read, read!


Morning Routine for Pisces

And last but not least, Pisces! As a water sign, you feel good in a gently moving and relaxing environment. For your morning routine, you might listen to relaxing music (perhaps nature sounds), and open the door to your imagination. Like an active meditation, envision a project, envision the life you want. Imagine everything in the morning, and achieve it during the day!


And there you have it, everything you need to know to integrate the best practices into your morning routine based on your zodiac sign. You might think this isn’t for you, but try it and see if it suits you, after all!

What’s your perfect morning routine?