July 19, 2024
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Litha Sabbat With 2024 Collective Tarot Reading

The cold winter days and long nights are now a distant memory. It is time to enjoy warm weather, barbeques, and outdoor swimming. School is out for kids, and they are now going to camp. This is also a time to take holidays. Therefore, work may be slower. That is because summer is here, and this point marks an important pagan Sabbat. Litha, also known as Midsummer or the Summer Solstice, marks the longest day and shortest night of the year. It typically occurs around June 20th or 21st in the Northern Hemisphere. This year, it is on the 20th. Litha holds great significance as it represents the peak of the sun’s power and the triumph of light over darkness. Let’s now review Litha’s history. 

The History of Litha

In ancient times, people believed the sun was strongest during Litha. They saw it as a source of life, warmth, and fertility. The celebration of Litha was a way for these pagan cultures to honor and pay homage to the sun.

The Celts celebrated Litha as a time of abundance, growth, and the fullness of nature. They believed the veil between the physical and spiritual realms was thin during this time. Therefore, it made it a decisive period for mundane and magical activities. They would hold bonfires and perform rituals to honor the sun, seeking its blessings for their crops, livestock, and community.

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The Germanic tribes, on the other hand, celebrated Litha as a festival dedicated to their sun goddess, Sunna or Sol. They would light bonfires and participate in various rituals to invoke the sun’s power and ensure a successful harvest. It was a time of community gatherings, feasting, and celebration.

Over time, as Christianity spread across Europe, many Pagan traditions, including Litha, were absorbed and adapted into Christian holidays. The Midsummer celebrations became associated with the St. John the Baptist feast on June 24th. Despite the Christian influence, remnants of the pagan practices and symbolism can still be found in modern Midsummer festivities.

Let’s elaborate more on the everyday Midsummer rituals; they can be ideas for celebrating Litha.

How to Celebrate Litha 

You don’t have to be pagan to celebrate Litha; you would do it to welcome the new season. There are many Litha rituals that those who celebrate the Sabat love, and some may have their own. You may decide not to do anything too unusual to celebrate Litha. And one of the best ways to celebrate the Sabbat is to have a nice outdoor summer barbeque. 

You may have done it during Beltane, but you can enjoy that too during Litha. A barbeque with friends and family is a great way to welcome the new season. However, let’s discuss how else you can celebrate the Summer Solstice. 

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Have a Fire Ritual

Fire is an essential element of Litha rituals, representing the power and energy of the sun. Many practitioners light a bonfire or a small cauldron fire during their celebrations. Fire rituals can involve dancing around the flames and offering herbs or dried flowers to the fire. They do it by releasing intentions or wishes into the burning embers. 

These rituals symbolize purification, transformation, and the release of negative energies. Before performing a fire ritual, you must check with your jurisdiction. You do not want to get into any legal trouble. If it is not allowed, there are other ways to celebrate Litha. 

You Can Enjoy a Sun Meditation

Litha is the perfect time to connect with the sun’s energy and harness its vitality. Find a peaceful outdoor spot where you can bask in the sunlight. Close your eyes and take deep breaths, visualizing the sun’s warm rays entering your body and filling you with light. 

As you meditate, reflect on the abundance and growth that the summer season brings. This meditation can help you align your intentions with the sun’s vibrant energy. Therefore, that can also help you set the tone for the rest of the year. 

However, you also cannot predict the weather. Litha does not guarantee sunshine, as you could have a cloudy or rainy day. You can always have the sun meditation on the first sunny day after Litha. There are other rituals as well for Litha if this is not doable because of the weather. 

The Herb Blessings Ritual

Litha is a time when herbs and plants are at their peak potency. Take a walk in nature and gather fresh herbs that resonate with you. Once you have collected your herbs, create small bundles by tying them with a natural twine or ribbon. 

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You can hang these herb bundles in your home to provide blessings and protection. You can also use them as incense to fill your space with their scents and energies. 

The nice thing is that you can do this if it is cloudy or rainy. If it is rainy, take your umbrella to gather the herbs. When you take them home, dry them and make your creations. 

Celebrating Nature is a Wonderful Litha Celebration

Litha is a beautiful time to connect with the natural world and express gratitude for the earth’s abundance. Consider going for a nature hike, visiting a local park, or spending time in your garden. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty and vitality of the plants, animals, and landscapes around you. 

Offer thanks to the earth for its gifts and commit to living harmoniously with nature throughout the year. You can also do this whether it is raining, cloudy, or sunny. If you plan to spend much time in nature, remember to put on your sunscreen for protection. It is essential to do that even if it is cloudy. 

Create a Litha Altar

One of the most common Litha rituals involves setting up a unique altar. You want to do this to honor the energy of the sun and the bountiful gifts of nature. Your altar can be a small table that you have. Adorn your altar with sun symbols, such as sunflowers, yellow candles, and gold-colored decorations. 

You can also cover it with gold or yellow cloth. Incorporate elements of nature such as seashells, feathers, and fresh flowers. You can also put your herb bundles or twigs on your altar. This sacred space is a focal point for your Litha celebrations. 

Your altar can be a place for meditation, reflection, and connection with the divine. Another ritual you can perform is a tarot reading for Litha. And now, let’s perform a collective Litha tarot reading to see what energies you will face during the season. 

Your 2024 Collective Litha Tarot Reading

This Litha tarot spread is a four-card spread from the New Age Hipster. The first card represents what you need to give thanks for. The second card indicates the magick you must make for the new season. The third card indicates how to activate your inner light. Finally, the fourth card shows how you can keep shining bright. 

Before you do your Litha reading, you will want to smudge the area around your altar. Then clear your mind, shuffle, and place four cards on the altar. There is your reading. There are many Litha spreads instead of the ones I am doing. 

However, I chose this spread because it is simple, and you don’t need anything too elaborate. Now, let’s do the collective Litha reading. Here is what was pulled:

  1. What to give thanks for – Queen of Pentacles
  2. Magick to make – Ace of Swords
  3. How to activate your inner light – Nine of Wands
  4. How to keep shining bright – Judgement

Now, let’s dig deeper and elaborate on this message from the cards. 

Card One: Queen of Pentacles

The first card represents what you give thanks for, and the Queen of Pentacles came up. The Queen of Pentacles represents abundance, prosperity, and nurturing energy. This card suggests that you should give thanks for the stability and security in your life. 

It signifies the blessings of material wealth, financial stability, and a strong foundation. Express gratitude for the resources and support that helped create a comfortable and nurturing environment. 

Even if you have been struggling financially, as many people currently are, there are abundant areas of your life. All you have to do is look for them, and you will find them. That is what you express gratitude for at this time. 

Card Two: Ace of Swords

The second card represents the magick to make, and the Ace of Swords came up. The Ace of Swords represents new ideas, mental clarity, and breakthroughs. This card suggests that you focus on harnessing the power of your mind and intellect. 

It’s a call to make magick by embracing fresh perspectives, seeking knowledge, and communicating clearly. Use your mental agility and innovative thinking to manifest your desires and bring about positive change. 

The message, too, is to be clear on what you want to manifest. Clarity is what will help you bring to life what it is that you genuinely wish to. You can only create magick if you are not wishy-washy or clear. 

Card Three: Nine of Wands

The third card indicates how to activate your inner light, and the Nine of Wands appears. The Nine of Wands represents resilience, perseverance, and inner strength. This card suggests you must tap into your determination and resilience to activate your inner light. 

You may have faced challenges or obstacles, but this card reminds you to keep pushing forward. Trust your abilities, maintain boundaries, and stand firm in your convictions. 

You will activate and radiate your inner light by staying committed and not giving up. Remember that nothing worthwhile comes to you quickly.

Card Four: Judgement

The last card shows how to keep shining bright, and Judgement appears. The Judgement card represents self-reflection, transformation, and awakening. This card suggests that to keep shining bright, you must continue your personal growth journey. Embrace self-evaluation, release judgment, and allow yourself to be transformed. 

By being open to change, accepting your past, and making conscious choices aligned with your highest good, you will continue to shine brightly and inspire those around you. If you are upset about something that went wrong in the past, this is not the time to hang onto that. 

If you have regrets, don’t focus on them. Because, if you focus on those, you won’t allow that awakening to happen. This is the time to focus on moving forward.

Key Takeaways

Based on the Litha collective reading, you will want to ensure you express gratitude for your abundance. To manifest more, you must be clear about what you want. Allow yourself to gain new perspectives and knowledge to know what you want. 

Embrace that going after what you want will take hard work and overcoming challenges. Let go of what no longer serves you so you can allow an awakening and transformation during this season. 

Litha is the celebration of the Summer Solstice, the longest day and shortest night of the year. It represents the climax of the sun’s power and how light overpowers darkness. 

Litha has been celebrated for millennia as the sun has always represented warmth, fertility, and abundance. There are plenty of rituals that you can do to celebrate the Sabbat, even if you are not pagan. Hosting a summer barbeque is a great way to welcome the new season.