July 13, 2024
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How Your Moon Sign Can Make You SOAR

Find out How Your Moon Sign Can Make You SOAR!

Many of us begin our early adulthood with hopes, dreams, and beliefs.  Most of us fervently believe that we can transcend the ways of our parents; whether our plan is to be more successful, wiser, and more enlightened or simply to follow our dreams and have more fulfilling lives. At some point, however, often after the Saturn Return, which occurs between the ages of 28-30, we start to ‘grow up’ and sometimes this also ensues in us losing faith in the magical lives that we envisaged for ourselves. 

Sure, we’re probably still more experienced and enlightened than the previous generation – having learned from the mistakes of our elders.  However, when we experience the intensity of bereavement, perceived failure, heartbreak, and other difficult life experiences we become jaded. We may become so embittered too; so, eradicating the spark of our individuality and sullying the connection to our soul path.

How Do We Keep the Faith?

It’s true many people do end up growing more and more like their parents, echoing the same wounds and turmoil that they witnessed in their early lives. However, by choosing to be self-aware, reflective, and honest with the self it is entirely possible to actualize ALL of your plans and hopes. 

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How your Moon Sign can make you SOAR

First, though, we need to identify the childhood patterns or adult habits that we tend toward and that hold, and drive us to repeat the mistakes we witnessed in our youth. By looking at your Moon sign we can begin to identify the blocks and begin the unraveling process which leads to healing.

Moon in Aries

Freedom is so important to you.  It’s not that you shirk responsibilities, or detest routine as such, it’s simply that what you dedicate yourself to needs to be on your terms.  Compromise feels like a failure and giving up to you and you like to live vividly and actively, taking a back seat and awaiting the dictates of another, simply does not align with your soul vibration. 

We live in a very hierarchical society which can be confining and suppressive.  Chances are as a child you were told that you have to ‘play by the rules’ and that you need to earn your liberty and status ‘the hard way’ just like everybody else.

It’s so important that you don’t replay those words in your head, holding yourself back will take its long-term toll on your health as well as your happiness.

You can drive your life in the direction that you want.  Look into implementing the Law of Attraction daily and learn to implement affirmations that echo your dreams and the best view of yourself. 

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Moon in Taurus

Solid and reliable, you offer a support system to those around you and often find that you are the one that others offload onto.  It can be tiring and draining but you find it difficult to turn people away, as you deal with things a little bit more objectively than most.

(the Moon is said to be exalted – at its best – in the sign of Taurus).

As a child, you were praised for your good behavior and recognized as consistent, but often overlooked in terms of your emotional needs, as you’re really not the type to ask for help.

It’s important to your path that you learn to receive as much as you give and start to weigh up the close relationships in your life and whether they serve you.

Generally, you will doggedly pursue your dreams; the main issue is that your tendency to put others first often results in your sidelining your own needs.  Remember the happier and more fulfilled you are the more that you have to give.  Learn to put yourself first and things will start to fall into place for you both in your inner world and in your life in general. 

Moon in Gemini

You love to cross-examine information, listen to differing views, and conglomerate information.  For this reason, school was probably quite difficult for you.  So often we are told that in order to pass such and such exam, then we must quote this particular source, cite this particular experiment, or analyze this classic poem.  None of which helped to develop your true nature or confidence.

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The more we are told that we are ‘wrong’ the more difficult it can become to fulfill our true potential and to believe in our inner voices. 

Chances are you are witty, funny, and intelligent, and yet you find it difficult to shine in a world which thrives on divided and polarised perspectives. 

For your soul to shine, you need to remind yourself that you are unique; are all the more intelligent for your desire to learn, and that you can inspire others to break free from their narrow minds by taking life less seriously and celebrating difference, and learning.  Humour is powerful and intrinsic to your soul. 

Moon in Cancer

 Belonging is a very strong focus in your life.  You love to fit into a network of people; whether this is a team or having your place in the family, the connection is ultra-important to you.  You probably felt that you didn’t have the opportunity to be a child and were like a mini adult feeling a sense of responsibility to solve others’ problems, which at times has caused you to put your own needs on the back burner.

Remember adulthood lasts longer than childhood, so why not chose to live your older years with youthful exuberance instead?

It’s very important to your soul path that you learn how to say no and to create boundaries.  You are very intuitive and when you are centered you know exactly what you wish to do and how, it’s only when you are drawn into dramas and pushed by others’ demands that you lose your focus and path.  Confrontation can be scary, but once you learn to assert yourself and be honest and candid about your need for space/respect you will feel your heart soar and your childlike innocence return once more.

Moon in Leo

You were born to be on stage and yet so many of you are incredibly shy and recalcitrant.  When you perform whether through music, acting, or even creating amazing food, you are in your element.  People want to look at you and you, in turn metaphorically shine when in the limelight. 

Chances are in youth you were either noticed and complimented too much or overlooked and not encouraged to show off your unique talents.  Hence the fact that you feel a sense of reticence to express something that comes so naturally to you. 

Performing doesn’t need to be your chosen career; your chart may show much more powerful predilections. /However, for your happiness; joining a drama group, creating comedy, painting murals, singing, or making knitted animals – whatever you feel you can use to express your talents – will lift your soul.

Creativity and allowing your soul expression to be seen are so much a part of your path, you deserve all the attention you can’t help but naturally attract, as there is a purity about you that uplifts the world.  

Moon in Virgo

For all that you may wish to be spontaneous, secretly you love to plan ahead and weigh up options in detail before you make decisions. 

For this reason, you tend to appreciate facts, details, and verifiable evidence, as these allow you the luxury of being able to relax and not have to expend too much energy.

Of course, as life would have it, you didn’t feel that you had the chance to plan and control your environment as a child and this can cause you to be quite suspicious and uncomfortable around others who do not put in the time or research to validate or explain their behavior. 

You are an adult now, but you don’t have to be a ‘grown up’ you can do anything you want!!  You no longer have to listen to or follow the dictates of anybody else.  Even if you are in a close relationship, it’s important that you set up your life so that you are not controlled or restricted, because, in fact, freedom is incredibly important to you. 

You need time and space, and so long as you make your own choices; you will thrive in life.  Ensure that you liberate yourself from those who wish to dictate or alter the directions of your gut feelings and give yourself the permission to soar. 

Moon in Libra

Harmony is so important to you, but although it’s something that’s natural to your core, you do have a tendency to be brought into others’ concerns and lose your way.

Integrity is a keyword for you, you are so kind that it’s easy for people to take you for granted, and after a time you end up jumping through hoops for them, at the detriment of your own needs, desires, and instincts. 

Beauty and aesthetics are important for you to surround yourself with, as when you see the ugliness in the world, it depletes and distresses you profoundly.  It’s important for you to learn to strike out on your own, and not to feel beholden to your friends and family more than necessary. 

Try to allow yourself the time to be inspired by your own creative expression and to share that with others because without a doubt, you are talented also!

Switch off your phone/computer and learn to be in the moment with your lovely, kind, and uncluttered thoughts.  You will find that your true spirit is always within grasp when you step into your solace.

Meditate on “The Hermit” card from the tarot pack to retune and uplift. 

Moon in Scorpio

‘Letting go’ is so much a part of your life path, but it’s often what you find the most difficult.  You will have been encouraged to be a little unnaturally responsible in youth and feel a duty to others that clutter your thoughts and intuition.

You have a natural psychic tuning which could either be second nature to those around you in your youth, or the opposite but, either way, co-ordinating your choices via your inner gut feeling and external synchronicities is both uplifting and healing for your soul.

You do tend to accumulate the stresses and strains of the world, due to pressures in childhood, and for true liberation sitting with your pains and traumas will be the healthiest way for you to find inner peace.  You do like to be analytical anyway and have a gift for psychological profiling, so develop your understanding of life. 

By releasing your past pains and fears, you will find truth, clarity, and the beauty of our inter-connected quantum existence.  Use your wisdom, you have the magic.

Moon in Sagittarius

You learned how to make people laugh from day one, and it’s your skill and your talent in so many ways.  Of course, it’s not your only talent, you are probably unusually bright, learn, and can assimilate knowledge much more quickly and intuitively than most people.  Plus, you are always the person that everybody wants to invite to the party, it sounds idyllic, doesn’t it?

The issue is that you are so good-natured people take advantage of your goodness and because you are so keen to uplift everybody and bring energy into the room you forget to look after your own needs, feelings and vulnerabilities. 

You’ll drop everything to help somebody in need, but rarely do you feel that you have anybody you can turn to and count on.

It’s true you will always experience great fulfillment from your knowledge and ability to make others laugh, but your true happiness lies in personal expression and forming close, trusting bonds.  If you can find a partner, close friends, or family members who you trust enough to open up to, you will start to feel more connected to the world. 

Look for those who are as kind and giving as you, they are your tribe, and they are your happiness.  You need love as much as we all do but you deserve it more than almost anyone, your kind giving soul. 

Moon in Capricorn

Achievement is important to you and deep down you do like it when people admire your victories and deem you to have status or enviable talent. 

In fairness, you tend to work very hard to reach your goals and you do deserve the success that you attain but the admiration that you attract only creates a limited amount of happiness.  In early life, you were probably taught that if you work hard, you will be rewarded, and you probably had the type of parents who oriented their gifts and praise towards your schoolwork and/or grades.

For you to experience true happiness, you need to turn your sense of attainment into a more internal measurement.  Perhaps you could reward yourself for meditating every day, or for carrying out random acts of kindness. 

The truth is you have a soft heart, and you love to make people feel great, just for existing!  By gearing your goals towards the impact, you make upon your physical and mental well-being and also the impact that you have on those around you, you will experience true happiness. 

Moon in Aquarius

Although you appear avant-garde and a little eccentric, you are quite traditional and conventional at heart.  Keeping a balance between internal quirky, ideas-based inspiration; and loyal, reliable people in your outer world is very important. 

You have always felt a little separate and aloft from the rest of the world, and your childhood reflected this to you.  It is important for you to maintain your independence to a point, but, in a way, that is following the ‘easy route; and may lead to stagnation and depression.

If you can take a leap of faith and find the courage to allow your favorite people; particularly a partner, close to your heart, you will feel so fulfilled.  Secretly you wish for the love and intimacy of being able to be your true, authentic self without the fear of being judged and it is possible. 

The important thing is, to choose people based on how their energy feels when you close your eyes.  Your intuition will not fail you and your true comrades in life will be recognizable by their solidity, kindness, and accepting nature. 

Moon in Pisces

Your dreams and imagination are more real to you than the outside world sometimes.  You have this enviable way of going within and experiencing your creative visions, just as vividly as those which are real.  You were born with extra sight; an ability to see beauty more deeply or hear music more meaningfully and that is wonderful. 

The difficulty for you is that the reason you dipped into your dream life as a child, was because there were many things that you wanted to escape from.  You feel conflict strongly and no matter how tough you may have become as an adult you thrive in a harmonious and more natural environment.

Surround yourself with beauty, plants, and animals as much as you can.  You regenerate from the earth and are inspired by the kindness and innocence of animals.

It is so important that you don’t let the ‘real world’ create cynicism in your beautiful, pure soul.  Put aside some time every day to be in nature and allow your creative talents to flow and touch those around you and celebrate your innate, almost extrasensory ability, to recognize magic, beauty, and purity. 

I dedicate this article to my beautiful friend Krystine who left this world in 2019.  The word SOAR was one of her favourites, and we used to discuss Astrology and Moon signs for hours. 

She will forever be my inspiration and angel guide. <3