July 16, 2024
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How You Treat Your Ex Based on Your Zodiac Sign

How You Treat Your Ex Based on Your Zodiac Sign

It is sporadic for anyone not to have an ex-partner. That means it is infrequent for someone to meet their high school sweetheart and to marry them without dating anyone else at all in their lives. However, it can happen from time to time. Those who never had a relationship at all don’t count. Therefore, most people have at least one ex-partner. They talk about them depending on the type of people they are and the type of relationship and breakup they had.

Some people who had amicable breakups realized that their partners were good people, but their relationship was dead, and they remained friends with their ex-partners. However, that may be the exception and not the rule in most cases. So, let’s now take a look at the zodiac signs and see how they treat their ex-partners.

Aries – May Struggle to Let Go of the Ex

As the first fire sign of the zodiac, Aries is passionate and intense. When it comes to breaking up with their partners, they may struggle to let go of the relationship. This is especially if they still feel connected and feel passionate about the connection. The Aries, however, never gives up easily. If they find anything left that could be salvageable in the relationship, Aries will still cling back to the ex-partner even if the ex-partner clarifies that the relationship is over. Eventually, the Aries will give up and find someone else and forget about their ex-partner.

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Taurus – All or Nothing

The Taurus is notorious for not letting go and can even be clingier than Aries if they refuse to let go. That is mostly the case if the ex-partner dumped the Taurus, and that can be quite devastating to them because they refuse to give up on a relationship even if it is no longer salvageable. However, if Taurus was the one who did the dumping, then Taurus will have no problem with letting the relationship go. In fact, Taurus may even be the one to ghost their partner and make themselves unreachable. That is why with Taurus, it is all or nothing. Taurus will not give up on a relationship that has gone sour, or they will ghost their ex-partner.

Gemini – Is Friendly with the Ex but Saddened by the Breakup

One thing you may think about Gemini is that they will find it easy to break up with a partner and move on quickly. It may appear that way on the outside, and they will even be friends with the ex-partner. Deep down, however, the Gemini hurts. The Gemini is very sentimental about the relationship and saddened that it did not work out. They will also be very envious of their ex-partner’s new love interest. But Gemini will not show that. Gemini will also not admit that because they don’t connect well with their emotions.

Cancer – Won’t Have Anything to Do with the Ex and Will Isolate Themselves

The one thing you know about cancer is how intense their emotions are, but that doesn’t mean they want others to see them. Breaking up for Cancer is difficult whether they are the ones who initiate the break up or if they are the ones who their partners dump. Cancer will appear strong on the outside but will hide and cry in private. They will also not want to see or talk to their ex-partner at all after the breakup. Cancer will also take a long time to heal after the breakup before they go out and date again.

Leo – Nice to The Ex in Public but Not so Much in Private

Leo is normally blunt and honest to a fault. However, when it comes to breaking up, that is a different story. That holds true if Leo was the one who the partner dumped. That would bruise Leo’s ego, but Leo also doesn’t want to appear weak. Leo will be the one to announce that they broke up immediately, but they are handling it well and surviving. When Leo sees their ex in public, they will be friendly to them.

However, in private, that is a different story. Leo will not hesitate to tell their ex-partner off because of hurt feelings. If Leo were the one who dumped their ex-partner, there would not be any hard feelings unless the ex did something to anger Leo, which caused the dumping to happen.

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Virgo – Avoids the Ex

Like Gemini, Virgo does not like to show their emotions, and they struggle with connecting with them. Therefore, Virgo appears to be cold and unfeeling, and overly analytical on the outside. However, deep down, Virgo is sensitive. If Virgo breaks up with their partner or their partner dumps them, they don’t want to dwell on the hurt feelings. They want to move forward. That also means they will not talk to their ex and not have anything to do with them at all.

The only times they won’t choose are if their ex lives on their street or works in the same building complex where they cannot avoid each other. However, Virgo will ignore them and pretend they don’t exist. If they have to interact with one another at a rare time, Virgo will be cold but cordial and will keep any conversation to a minimum.

Libra – Kind to the Ex but Hurting

Libra can be known to be overly kind and caring. Relationships are essential for Libra, and it is rare for Libra to initiate a break-up. However, if they do, they are as kind and soft about it as they possibly can be. They also will be kind to their exes. However, if the partner is the one who initiates the break-up, then Libra will do anything to try to hang onto the relationship.

However, they also know deep down that it will be futile. That is why Libra knows when it is time to let go and will be accepting and cordial about it. However, Libra will be in a lot of pain and will be experiencing much grief. Libra will also not badmouth the ex and will be kind to them if they see them. However, that will make a life for Libra quite painful if that happens.

Scorpio – Will Exert Power Over the Ex

Scorpio is intense and craves power. The thing about Scorpio is that when they are invested in a relationship or anything that brings passion, they go all in. But, at the same time, Scorpio is very observant. If their partner is losing interest in them, they will notice it. Even though Scorpio does not want to let go, they also have a lot of pride. That means if they sense a break-up happening, they will be the ones to beat their partner to it and call them out on the signs they have noticed.

Therefore, Scorpio will be the one to break up first in this instance. Otherwise, it is rare for a Scorpio to initiate a break-up unless the partner has been very dishonest. Scorpio also will ghost their ex, and prepare themselves to bump into them. If they do, they will make themselves look powerful and appear to they moved on. However, deep down, emotionally, Scorpio is devastated but will never show their vulnerable side.

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Sagittarius – Avoids the Ex at Any Time Possible

Sagittarius is a free spirit. You would think that nothing gets under the skin of those with that sign. They give off an overly optimistic vibe and have a hunger for adventure and learning. However, once they do get into a solid relationship, they are tied to that. The idea of losing the ties does scare them even though they don’t want you to think. If their partner breaks up with them, it will be excruciating for Sagittarius even though they will hide their pain.

Sagittarius is also blunt and will tell the ex-partner that they have no desire to maintain any type of friendship and will go through great lengths to avoid them. Seeing them again would be too tricky for Sagittarius to handle. 

Capricorn – Cordial but Struggles with It

Capricorn is a hard worker, and that means they also put everything into their relationships. Therefore, even if the connection fails, Capricorn will notice and try to rectify it as much as possible. That is because Capricorn is extremely afraid of failure, which is why they will do anything they can to keep a failing relationship.

However, when the breakup happens, that becomes a hit to the ego of Capricorn because it is a sign that they failed. Yet, at the same time, Capricorn is mature and will not show their hurt feelings to their ex or do their best not to anyway. That is why they will be cordial to them if they were to bump into them again. However, that would be difficult for Capricorn, which would result in them walking away.

Aquarius – Will Be Friendly to Their Ex

Aquarius, like Sagittarius, is a free spirit and is not the type to show their emotions because they don’t connect with them too much. The other thing about Aquarius is that they don’t like going into relationships if it means it will tie them down. However, when it happens, they enjoy the partnership. And when a break-up happens, Aquarius will hurt whether they are initiating the break-up or vice versa.

So, even though breaking up is hard for Aquarius like it is for anyone else, Aquarius does not like to acknowledge it because they don’t want to acknowledge their feelings. But, at the same time, they will stay friends with their ex-partners because they don’t see the point in not being nice otherwise.

Pisces – Wants to Be Friends Even if it Hurts

Pisces is a water sign like Cancer and Scorpio, which means breaking up will affect those with the sign the most. However, if Pisces breaks up with their partner, and usually it is the other way around, Pisces will experience a lot of pain from the break-up. Yet, at the same time, they will keep that pain inside and will insist on being friends. That is because even though that means they will no longer be in a romantic relationship, at least they can still hang onto their ex.

If the ex agrees to be friends, Pisces finds a way to accept the situation even if the ex goes into a new relationship which will sting the Pisces initially. However, if the partner chooses not to be friends, then Pisces will still find a way to keep them in their life, even if it means sending them a message on social media six months after the break-up to see how they are doing.

If you resonate with your break-up style and how you treat your exes after the fact, and it correlates with a sign that is not yours – that means other areas of your chart are influencing your break-up style. Even if that means the style does not correlate with your Moon and rising sign.

That means you could have Taurean and Sagittarian placements in your chart, but you are the type to maintain friendships with your ex like a Pisces. That means you have Piscean attributes or a Twelfth House stellium influencing you. That is just one example. Either way, breaking up hurts, but most of us experience it at least once. Therefore, for most, it is part of life.