July 19, 2024
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how would you handle an apocalypse

How Would You Handle an Apocalypse Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The idea of an apocalypse happening is not a far-out thought. You have seen how devastating this worldwide pandemic has been, and it just appeared out of nowhere. So that means anything can happen that can turn the world into one giant wasteland unexpectedly. That could be a nuclear winter, an asteroid suddenly hitting the earth, which astronomers may not detect, and the list can go on. Therefore, it can cause many people to die and cause much destruction to make settings unlivable. However, there will always be a few survivors, and if you are lucky enough to survive an apocalypse, let’s find out how you would do that based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Creates A New Society

Aries, you are a leader, and you know it, and you are also fearless, which is why the Emperor of the Major Arcana of the tarot has the association to your sign. You are not going to crumble when there is an apocalypse. Instead, you will pull out your inner resources, become a leader quite fast, and create a new society for those who survived the apocalypse. You will figure out a way to create comfortable settings (as much as you could), and you will expect cooperation from others because no one will defeat you, and you can make a change for the better in this type of situation.

Taurus – Stay in an Underground Bunker

Taurus, you cannot handle change and uncertainty. However, you are also a survivalist by nature, and that is why you would have a plan if a sudden disaster occurred. You would immediately head to an underground bunker if an apocalypse happened. Even though the sudden disaster would throw you significantly since you cannot handle disruptions, even mild ones – you have it within you to remain determined to make the situation work. That is why you will do what you need to do to get used to staying in the underground bunker even though you are disrupted by losing your beloved home. You will find a way to not only make it work but handle it well.

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Gemini – Find a Way to Adapt

Gemini, you are naturally versatile, and that is also because your sign is mutable, and that is a good thing when it comes to adaptation, even to terrible situations. You know that this disaster occurs, and the first thing you will do is gather information on how to make the most of it and what you can do to increase your chances of survival. Sure, you will be upset to lose your home, as anyone would be regardless of their sign. However, you also know that there is no time to focus on the grief, and you will learn what you need to do to adapt to the new and very unpleasant circumstances since you cannot change them.

Cancer – Making Sure the Family Has Care

Cancer, you are the maternal figure of the zodiac, and your world involves your home and family. During an apocalypse, your home will likely be damaged, and that will be distressing enough. However, you will actually put your emotions aside until you know that your family is okay and receives the care they need. Once you see they are okay, you will let every emotion out because you have to, and you will be grieving over your lost home for a long time. You are going to need your family’s support, and you will provide it for them too.

Leo – Help Others Find Safety

Leo, you are the one who loves to be in the center of attention. However, you also have a generous and warm side to you. That is why you will be the one to ensure that others around you are led to a safe place. You will come up with strategies to help guide them to safety as well so you can feel good that you have helped them, and let’s face it – you want to be seen as the hero during an apocalypse. At the same time, if you don’t receive the accolades you want, you will become arrogant during a stressful time.

Virgo – Mourning

Virgo, you are highly analytical and organized, and you do not usually like to show your emotions. However, after facing an apocalypse, you will end up not having a choice. You will show emotions as you will make it known you are mourning over the losses you endured. And you will grieve, and you may even say a speech in front of survivors about it. Plus, you will also be there for those who are also struggling with grief because of losing so much in the disaster. You will also encourage that everyone works together to help recovery happen.

Libra – You Try to Keep Peace Among Others

Libra, you are all about peace and balance and justice. Therefore, the one thing you will do when an apocalypse happens is to do your best to encourage others to remain civil and try to keep the peace. That is because you know that fighting and arguing will never get anyone far, even when they are afraid. So instead, you will stay calm and encourage others to work together so they can get through the aftermath of the disaster. You know that if everyone cannot work together, it creates more imbalances, which is not what you want to happen.

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Scorpio – You Do What You Need to Do to Survive

Scorpio, you are passionate, secretive, intense, and you are exceptionally good at getting what you want and need, even if it means you have to be deceptive. Therefore, you will do what you need to do to survive after the disaster, and you will also do what you can to protect your loved ones. That means you will find ways to steal shelter, food, and other necessities from others, even if it means putting someone else at risk. When situations like this happen, your survival instincts kick in strongly. And that is what happens to anyone in a severe disaster, as you go back to the caveman days. The difference is that yours are much more intense and will not hesitate to show that you are one of the fittest who will survive.

Sagittarius – You Will Flee

Sagittarius, you are one of the most adventurous people around that has a happy-go-lucky personality. Therefore, you will use the apocalypse as an opportunity to find out how other parts of the world have been affected. What will you do? You will flee the premises no matter how risky it is to do so. Your curiosity will not stop you from doing so. Therefore, you will leave the area even if it means you will get hurt, and you will check the other places out. You may even discover a part of the world that has not been affected and will help your comrades and family get there for safety.

Capricorn – Create A Communication Network

Capricorn, you are practical and ambitious, and you also know how to keep your emotions in check even during catastrophic times. That is why you will use your practical side to create a network for communication with other survivors to ensure that others are coping well with the situation. However, there is one issue that Capricorns will face, and that is having survivors’ guilt. Especially if they lost their loved ones in the apocalypse, they would mourn over the past but know how to put that all aside when working with other survivors.

Aquarius – Take Off to Think

Aquarius, you are the progressive and innovative type which is why the first thing you will do is after the apocalypse, you will run to somewhere almost untouched. You are not doing it to escape from the mess. Instead, you need that space to think about something innovative that you can do to help. That is your humanitarian side having a significant impact on you, which is why you need to take that time to think. Once you figure a solution out, then you will run back and announce it to those struggling. They may like your idea, and some may not, but even those who won’t like it will go for it because that is all they can do.

Pisces – Look for the Light

Pisces, you are known to be idealistic, but here is the thing, everyone needs hope right now, and if you can make the hope sound realistic enough, then that is what others will grab. Of course, you will mourn your losses, and you will become emotional. However, once you have a moment, you will look for the silver lining because there is always one in even the most catastrophic situations. Unfortunately, losses can’t be recovered. But aside from that, the thing will only go up from there, which is how you will handle the situation.

The last thing anyone wants to ever think about is an apocalypse happening. However, you know that it can happen at any time unexpectedly. There is one thing that the pandemic has taught people: anything can literally happen out of nowhere and change your lives drastically. That means you have to be open to the idea of anything happening too, and that is why you will need to get survival equipment because you never know. The last thing you want is to be utterly unprepared if something catastrophic happens, and unfortunately, if it happens, many people will be in that position.

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