July 22, 2024
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how old is your zodiac sign

How Old is Your Zodiac Sign?

The 12 Signs of the Zodiac wheel can be viewed as a representation of the different cycles of life. We all go through different ages and experiences, starting at Aries, the infant, and moving through each sign of the zodiac, learning the lesson it teaches until we reach the final cycle, which is Pisces.

Each sign has its unique lessons that need to be learned, and it is said that we are only able to function at our best ability until we have manifested the abilities of our sun sign in this life.  

It is said that one can perceive how old a person’s soul is through their sun sign. The 1st few signs in the zodiac wheel such as Aries, Taurus, and Gemini are young, fresh souls.

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The last few signs on the zodiac wheel such as Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, have already experienced the lessons and values of the previous signs, and are thus older, wiser more experienced souls.

So, how old is your Zodiac Sign?

Aries: 0-1 – THE INFANT

Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac. This is when the soul gets placed into the human body and it enters the physical world. This world is strange and unknown to the new soul, as it spent a long time in the spiritual plane, and it needs some time to adapt to the physical environment and develop their senses.

They do not have much control over their impulses yet and are not fully aware of themselves or their surroundings. The only thing known to the infant is their instinctive needs such as hunger and thirst, and the only way to receive what they need is through screaming and crying, as they still need to develop communication abilities.

Taurus: 2-3 – THE TODDLER

Taurus is when the infant gets a little older and starts developing their senses. They now have the ability to walk, see, and hear, however, their communication still requires some adaption. They are very aware of the here and now, and life in the present moment.

They do not have much of an attachment to the past or future, and the present moment and developing oneself in it and learning is what this age and sign are about.

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Gemini: 3-6 – PRESCHOOLERS

The Gemini age cycle is when the toddler has learned how to use its senses and is now fully able to make use of them to look, walk, talk, listen, taste, etc. The communication ability is usually developed last, and once it is developed, we will wish it never did! This is the age when a child is very vocal and expressive.

They will also jump from one activity to the next due to having short attention spans, and it can be challenging to get them to sit still and listen, as they just want to experience everything.

Cancer: 7-13 – THE CHILD

This is when the preschooler starts to learn to control their emotions better. During this age, there are fewer temper tantrums, and the emotions are more under control and internalized. This is when the child learns how to separate themselves and their emotions from their environment.

This is a very sensitive age, as cancer are still like sponges, taking in everything around them and they are very susceptible to outside influences. At this age a person lacks the maturity to work through and understand their emotions, however, they are able to contain them more effectively.

Leo: 13-18 – THE TEEN

This is when the child becomes aware of their physical appearance and social standing. Leo starts developing more friendships and is directly influenced by their peers. This is when they want to build a positive social image, and when they create the persona that the world perceives them through. Usually, this age is when a person’s rising sign becomes prominent in their personality.

Virgo: 19-23 – THE YOUNG ADULT

Virgo is when the teen has to start gaining a sense of responsibility and order, as they are no longer under the wing of their parents. This is when a person has to leave the secure foundations of their family home and cannot rely on the fact that they are young and carefree anymore.

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They need to study and work in order to survive and have a future and this is the age it gets realized. This is when most of us develop our work ethics, start working toward our careers, and start becoming more responsible.

Libra: 24-29 – THE LATE TWENTIES

During this time most people would have studied and entered some kind of career path. Most people would have some form of a foundation built for themselves. Now they can start looking at developing romantic relationships, as they have already finished the tasks and duties and responsibilities that come from the previous sign.

Libra is now able to communicate more effectively socially, are able to discriminate, and also have a better understanding of the social needs of others. At this point, we realize that the only way to succeed is through hard work and perseverance. This is usually when most fall in love and get married and form some kind of partnership.

Scorpio: 30-40 – ADULT

At this age cycle, one realizes that we are not young anymore, and life is about death and birth. We understand that birth is vital for the future of our existence, and it is also the beginning and purpose of all life, During this age, we become more preoccupied with birth, and most of us will start having a family and focus on bringing new life into the world. Scorpio also realizes that we have a greater purpose, and we reach a higher form of maturity.

Sagittarius: 40-50 – MIDLIFE

This is when we start seeking the truth, or our higher purpose. We have been told many things, we have been exposed to different experiences throughout our life. Many beliefs and opinions have been presented to us. At this age, we start to let go of the expectation to adhere to the traditions and standards of society and we look for our ultimate inner truth.

At this age we become wiser, as we understand what is important in life, and what is not. We have very little tolerance for nonsense. Sagittarians are the truth seekers, and these people want to know what the meaning is of everything.

Capricorn: 50-60 – FIFTIES

At this age we know who we are, we know what we are capable of, we know what we have built, and we bask in the glory of our creations. We have worked hard for what we have, and we appreciate what we’ve got.

This is the age where we have already worked hard for years, we’ve gone through developing our senses, learning, creating our identity, starting a family, earning wealth, and this is when we get to enjoy it. Capricorn spends all their life building a castle and in their old age, they finally get to enjoy it. This is the phase right before retirement when we start finishing off our worldly duties and prepare to relax.

Aquarius: 60+ – THE ELDER

At this age, a person is the wisest they can possibly be. They have experienced all the lessons in life, they have been through hardships, and they have grown. There is nothing more for them to learn as they have the ultimate understanding and consciousness of how things are supposed to work.

They’ve made their money, made their status, had their kids, enjoyed their retirement, and now is when they can look back at what they have created. At this age, people are humbler and more caring, and this is why Aquarians are the loving accepting individuals they are. Therefore, many Aquarians are geniuses, as this sign symbolizes the wisdom gained from all ages.


Pisces is when the soul finally leaves the body. This is the point where there is no more to experience, and they have learned all they possibly can. Every experience that is part of the human journey has been experienced, and they are now finally able to move on to the place all the souls go when they leave.

They have detached themselves from the physical body, and they are in the spiritual realm. Some are getting ready to be reincarnated again, and to go through the life cycle once again, just for the fun of it, and to make themselves even wiser, and some are just hanging out in the spiritual realm, maybe having some cookies and tea.

Pisces are not part of the human experience anymore, they are the souls. This is why Pisces people seem otherworldly, and they have an inclination to be spiritual.