July 19, 2024
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How Do You Express Sadness Based on Your Zodiac Sign

How Do You Express Sadness Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

You applied for that job you really wanted, and you found out that you did not make the cut. Or, you tried on your favorite pair of jeans, and you found out the hard way that they no longer fit you. Or you found out that a close friend or someone that you know that you were fond of recently passed away. What do those scenarios have in common with each other? They cause you to react with sadness.

Sadness is an emotion that many people prefer to ignore, which is not healthy. It is a human emotion that you feel as a reaction to grief, disappointment, or bad news in general. Depending on the issue that causes you sadness, you experience the feeling for a short time or for a very long time. Eventually, either way, sadness dissipates. How do you express sorrow? Let’s find out how you do based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Anything from Kickboxing to Breaking Something

Aries is a fiery sign that you would not think of being the type to become sad. You would imagine Aries being angry more than sad, given that passionate and aggressive Mars is the ruler. However, remember one thing. Arians are people just like you and me, and if you are an Aries, you will concur.

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Will Aries be likely to sit in a room and cry? No. Since Aries is an active sign, the way they express sadness is through action. They will cry and then do some kickboxing or get so upset that they break something or throw something around. That also sounds like anger, but when Arian does those things, they are often sad.

Taurus – They Isolate Themselves

When a Taurus is sad, they will not express it through kickboxing or breaking something like the Aries. Instead, they will isolate themselves from others and cry, and indulge in their favorite vice. You can picture a Taurus reacting to bad news by curling up on the sofa, watching Netflix, and eating a tub of Haagen Dazs ice cream or a bag of chips.

The issue with Taurus is that given the fact that it is a fixed earth sign, it will take them a very long time to let the sadness run its course. Eventually, it will, but not for a while.

Gemini – Becomes Quiet

Gemini is a quick-witted air sign, friendly, and can be humorous. It is rare to see a Gemini cry. However, that does not mean they are a stranger to sadness. Gemini tends to reject the feeling of sadness altogether. Instead, they dissociate, and as a result, they become reticent. You do not see your Gemini friend cracking jokes and being sarcastic in a loving way when they are sad. Instead, they clam up and say only a few monosyllabic words. However, their mutable nature helps them rebound quickly from it in the majority of instances.

Cancer – Plenty of Sobbing

Cancer is the most emotional sign as it is not difficult to imagine how a Cancer reacts when they hear or see something upsetting. They do not only cry, but they also sob uncontrollably. You can easily picture a Cancer curled up on the sofa with several boxes of tissues surrounding them and crumpled up tissues around them too.

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Unfortunately, Cancer can be too sad to the point that they are inconsolable. However, how Cancer expresses sadness is healthy since they can release it instead of holding it in. Remember that this is the most emotional sign of the zodiac, and the sadness will run its course.

Leo – Questions Why They Are Sad in a Theatrical Way

Leo is the sign known for wanting to be in the spotlight, but not when it comes to feeling sad. They want others to see them as cheerful and fun. However, when Leo reacts to something that makes them unhappy, they don’t accept that feeling too readily.

Leo will ask out loud why they should feel so sad when they have so many things going for them. The exception will be if they learn that someone close to them passed away, then they will embrace the feeling. However, if they receive bad news such as not getting the job they wanted, they will want to allow the sense of disappointment to roll away.  But they cannot do that. Instead, they question out loud why they are feeling pangs of sorrow when life, for the most part, is good to them.

Virgo – Sadness Puts a Dent Into Their Analytical Way of Thinking

Virgo is known to be the most analytical and meticulous sign. However, if Virgo receives news that makes them sad, they cannot think clearly. Sadness interferes with their ability to analyze, think clearly, and organize.

Instead, Virgo will chastise themselves for allowing any negative emotion to get into the way of their meticulous work because of their perfectionist nature. They will even tell themselves to snap out of feeling sad, but they cannot until the emotion runs its course. Eventually, they will accept that since they won’t think with a clear head until it does.

Libra – Sadness Disrupts Balance, and They Feel Hopeless

Libra is all about balance, and that includes emotions. Whenever Libra is sad, they feel imbalanced, which can negatively affect those with this sign. Therefore, sadness is to blame for them losing hope and any optimism they feel. The way Libra reacts to sorrow, you can see them sitting on the sofa with the TV on, but they are not really watching the TV. They are sitting there staring at the wall, feeling numb.

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However, that does not mean Libra is not receptive to anything that brings them hope. A Libra will snap out of feeling so sad if someone provides them with hopeful news, and that is what they need to help them regain emotional balance within. That helps them bounce back.

Scorpio – Becomes a Sea of Emotions Until They Are With Innocent Beings

Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac. When a Scorpio deals with sadness, you can expect them to become highly emotional as it is a water sign. You can expect plenty of crying, and they will withdraw from others as well. However, Scorpio wants to heal themselves from being sad.

That is why when a Scorpio is sad, they know the best remedy is to spend time with innocent beings. They want to spend time with children, or the elderly, or with animals. That means if a Scorpio visits their baby niece or nephew or spends time with their young child, a grandparent or a great-aunt or uncle, or a pet, that can help them feel better. They help purify their emotions.

Sagittarius – Distract Themselves with Fun Activities

Sagittarius is such an optimistic sign that you would not think of those with the sign as being sad. When you think of Sagittarius, you think of them being the life of the party, going to parties, going on travel adventures, and looking at the bright side of things even if they are not traveling.

Here is the question. Whenever a Sagittarius is going to a party and being the life of that party, how do you know that they aren’t sad? How do you know they didn’t want to go because of wanting to escape feelings of sadness from receiving bad news? That is because Sagittarius does not want to be sad. They only want to be happy, which is why they indulge in fun activities.

Eventually, sadness catches up, and they don’t cry but will journal or go for a walk by themselves and keep to themselves until it runs its course.

Capricorn – Stays in Bed

Motivated and ambitious Capricorn will no longer be that way when they are sad. Capricorn loses every ounce of motivation and will stay in bed, or will at best, lounge around on the sofa to watch TV and do nothing productive. However, Capricorn, at some point, talks themselves into finding motivation again once the bulk of the sadness runs its course. They will slowly find it within themselves to get to work also and go after their ambitions too. They know that they cannot be sad and grieve forever. Being useful and productive is a part of Capricorn.

Aquarius – Disappears

Aquarius is one sign that does not want to face any emotions. However, there is only so much that they can do to escape their feelings. When an Aquarian is sad, they disappear, literally and figuratively.

That means when Aquarius cannot escape that negative emotion, they do not want anyone reaching them. They do not want anyone seeing them sad, whether they cry or mope. That means Aquarius will likely hide in their attic and basement as they express their sadness. After it runs its course, then Aquarius is reachable and visible again.

Pisces – Tries to Escape Sadness Until it Becomes Despair

Gemini and Sagittarius both reject sadness, and Pisces does the same. That is something those signs have in common is they are of the mutable modality. Whenever Pisces experiences feelings of sadness, they will dissociate themselves from that feeling. Instead, they will get lost in artwork, redecorating a bedroom, watching a movie, or reading a book.

However, once they get to a point where they no longer can escape the feelings of sadness, they begin blaming themselves for being sad. Pisces feel guilty for being sad, and then they end up experiencing despair and isolate themselves further. However, if they get in touch with nature and spend time near a stream or a lake, they can allow happiness to come into them again. Sometimes a good swim will help, as Pisces is a water sign after all.

However, if you don’t resonate with any of this, remember that your sun sign does not have a lot of influence. Your moon sign may have more impact on how you express sadness, given that your moon represents your emotional responses to external stimuli. Therefore, if you are a Sagittarius and you tend to cry at the drop of a hat, and your moon sign is in Cancer, that is why!

Remember, everyone gets sad, and there is no shame in feeling that way. It is a normal human emotion that everyone must express now and then because life can be disappointing and devastating.