July 19, 2024
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How Altruistic You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign

How Altruistic You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Do you always put your needs first before everyone else? Or do you always ensure everyone’s needs are taken care of before you tend to your own? Maybe you fall somewhere in between those extremes? Some of us are very altruistic or selfless, and others are not so much. The ideal thing is to fall somewhere in between.

The thing is, if you constantly put your needs on the backburner, then you will burn out and become resentful of sacrificing yourself all the time, so you meet the needs of others first. You know the saying that you cannot pour from an empty cup. The ideal thing is to find a balance when it comes to altruism. How altruistic are you based on your zodiac sign?

Aries – Me First Attitude but Can Cheer You Up

Aries, it is not a surprise that you have the stereotype of being selfish. That is because you are highly competitive, and you will go after what you want before you allow others the chance to do the same thing. You also value your opinions more than anyone else’s points of view. If something does not go your way, then you become hot-headed. However, there is one area where you can be altruistic.

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You may want things to go your way, but you will go out of your way to cheer someone up if they are in pain. You will even drop something you are doing to run over to your friend in pain to get their minds off their sorrows. Therefore, whenever someone is having a hard time, they know they can count on you to take their mind away from it.

Taurus – They Need Their Comfort but Can Be Extremely Reliable

Taurus, you long for stability and security, as well as comfort. While Aries is the one that will drop everything they are doing to help cheer up a friend in pain, you will not do that. Not if doing that disrupts your routine. That means if you watch a particular television program each night, you cannot have anyone interrupt that. That means you will not answer phone calls or texts from someone who needs you. It is not that you are purposely selfish, and it is not that you don’t care. But your need for stability and routine is intense.

However, at the same time, you are reliable. If you do happen to pick up a phone call or answer a text from someone in need, you will reply by telling them you will speak to them at another time. You do follow through on your promises.

Gemini – Altruistic Only When They Want to Be

Gemini, you have the reputation of not being reliable because you change at the drop of a hat. You are not purposely that way; your mind is constantly at work, and you can be pretty indecisive. That means if a friend or a family member calls you up needing some company, you will be there for them and listen to them.

However, if something enticing distracts you, you will end up bailing on them to go after the thing that distracted you. For instance, if your friend called you up upset because of breaking up with their partner, you would be there to listen. However, if you look at your smartphone and see an interesting article title, you will tune out your friend and begin reading the article.

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Cancer – Can Be Either Too Altruistic or Too Cold

Cancer, you have the reputation of being the most selfless type of the zodiac. You are the one that will take in a friend in pain to serve them dinner at your home to provide them with comfort. You are probably the type that would want to adopt every stray animal that you see. However, you are also practical and logical as you influence your opposite sign, Capricorn, which is why you will not do that.

However, if anyone you went out of your way to help did not reciprocate or clearly took you for granted, you can become stone cold. You love being there for others, and you don’t hesitate to put your needs on the back burner, but if you don’t get the appreciation you need, you will never help them again. In fact, you may ghost them and never allow them part of your life in the future.

Obviously, this does not apply to children, animals, and those who are extremely vulnerable.

Leo – Can Be Highly Egotistical but Is Equally Generous

Leo, you have the reputation of having the strongest desire to take up the spotlight. You are also the one who needs plenty of admiration and attention, and others can see you as obnoxious because of it. Even though you have a robust egotistical side, you also have a beautiful side that others don’t know when you don’t keep your ego in check. You are incredibly generous and caring.

You may love to be in the spotlight, but you also are never oblivious to the needs and pain of others. Like Aries, you will go and cheer up those in distress. You will be the one to surprise them with gifts, and you will also be the one to take them out for a meal, even if your funds are tight. However, like Cancer, if anyone takes advantage of your kindness, you will shut them out – and complain to others about that!

Virgo – Selfishly Altruistic

Virgo, you have the reputation of being the one to want to serve others, and you also have the reputation of being overly analytical. Even though you are all about providing service, you have expectations. You do not mind going out of your way to help someone, even if it inconveniences you. However, you do keep tabs, and you keep score on how much you do for others. That means you expect something of the same value in return. You are very similar to Cancer and Leo in this regard.

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Therefore, you may help someone in need out of the goodness of your heart. What they don’t know is that there are strings attached. If they do not reciprocate when you are in need, you will not only judge them for it but remember never to help them again.

Libra – Very Altruistic but Mostly Because Of Avoiding Conflict

Libra, you are one of the most charming ones around. You love to socialize, and you value your relationships. And you are also highly giving and selfless. Plus you are naturally that way, and you also give for another reason that is not beneficial to you. You do everything possible to avoid confrontation, so you would instead put your needs on the backburner than express them.

The problem with this is when you are selfless by keeping your boundaries open for the sake of not wanting to have a conflict, you will end up becoming resentful. You will become resentful because of always ignoring your needs while you take care of the needs of others. That will cause you to act in passive-aggressive ways, which will inevitably cause a conflict that you have wanted to avoid for so long.

Scorpio – Not Altruistic Until They Are in Protective Mode

Scorpio, you are known to be very intense, secretive, and passionate. However, you are highly self-serving, and you will not give anything of yourself so quickly. You keep your boundaries up firm and high, and you will not do anything for anyone if it inconveniences you in any way. However, there is an exception to that. If someone who you love and trust or anyone vulnerable is in danger, that is when you will go out of your way to protect them.

It takes a long time for anyone to gain your trust and love. However, once they have it, you see them as an extension of yourself. That is why you will go out of your way to protect them. However, you do have a soft spot for children, animals, and those that are vulnerable and defenseless. That is why you will go out of your way to protect them, even if you don’t know them.

Sagittarius – Friendly but Very Self-Serving

Sagittarius, you are a lot of fun, and you tend to cheer people up with your humor and optimism. However, you also have a strong need to explore and go on one adventure after another. You will need to fulfill that before you go out of your way to help anyone in need. Therefore, that means your friends and family cannot really count on you if they are in trouble.

For instance, if you are away traveling in a foreign country and a family member calls you from home telling you that they are in a troubling situation, you will not end your trip for that reason. Instead, you have plans to explore the foreign surroundings further before heading back. Once you are home, then you will be around to help.

Capricorn – Giving with Advice but Otherwise, They Are the My-Way-Or-The-Highway Type

Capricorn, you are highly ambitious, and you are laser-focused on your business and goals. Therefore, the only thing that concerns you is attaining your goals, your business, your success, and taking care of your family. You do not comprise very quickly as earth signs tend to struggle with that, particularly Taurus.

However, that by itself does not make you the altruistic type as you have the my-way-or-the-highway mentality. However, if you see someone who is struggling with work-related or needs advice on some life skills – you will not hesitate to give that. You may even share a secret with them that has helped you get through some challenging life situations. You may be overly concerned with your success and life, but that doesn’t mean you want to watch others struggle either.

Aquarius – A True Humanitarian

Aquarius, you are the one that marches to your own drum, and you have an unusual way of thinking and seeing things. You are progressive in the way you think. You are also very detached. However, you are probably the most altruistic sign, perhaps even more so than Cancer. You deeply care about the environment, and you will be the first to be there participating in nonprofits. And you are a good friend to others even though you keep to yourself, and you are very independent.

You will be the one to donate plenty of money and your time to charities. There are never strings attached, which is why Aquarius is really the most altruistic sign of the zodiac. You also are well aware of your boundaries and don’t have a problem with conflict like a Libra. If you cannot give of yourself at a particular time, you won’t. However, you are not the type of friend who will offer a shoulder to cry on because emotions overwhelm you. Unfortunately, your friends cannot count on you for that, but they understand why.

Pisces – Can Be Both Selfish and Selfless

Pisces, you are known to be dreamy, spiritual, artsy, emotional, and caring. You will go out of your way to help others in need. The same way Cancer would. You are also the one who is a humanitarian at heart and will offer your friends a shoulder to cry on, unlike Aquarius, because you understand emotions. However, at the same time, when it comes to you being wrapped up in your emotions, that is when your altruistic side closes.

If you are upset over something, in particular, you will focus on the sadness and become wrapped up in the drama that comes with your feelings. That will cause you to withdraw from others, and when you are in that mode, no one can count on you. But unfortunately, you also tend to play the victim card when you get into that mode.

As previously mentioned, most people tend to fall somewhere between being entirely altruistic and completely self-centered. Really, that is the best way you can be. A little bit of selfishness is healthy and necessary for your wellbeing, as long as it is not pathological. But, at the same time, you don’t want to be altruistic to a fault to the point where you are completely neglecting all of your needs.

Since you influence your sun, moon, and rising sign, as well as influential houses in your natal chart, you may find yourself having a variety of traits that make you both giving and selfish. The important thing to always remember is to never forget about your boundaries and your needs before going out of your way for someone else. You cannot be altruistic if you have nothing to give, after all.