July 19, 2024
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What Would it Look Like to Date Your Own Sign

What Would It Look Like to Date Your Own Sign?

As we know, in Astrology, your own sign is a variable, which means that you’ll either hit it off with someone of your sign, or you will not get along with them.

This is likely because they are too much like you. The loophole is that male and female sign types are very different, and in this article, you will learn how.

As well as what signs of the same sign do work well together…or can work well together.

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Zodiac signs compatibility

Aries meets Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19)

She’s as equally hard-working as he is. The key thing is making time for each other. It’s important that they don’t compete with each other because that will only lead to trouble. She’s more conventional about love than he is. He doesn’t need marriage to complete him, he may not even want kids, but can give you forever if he’s really in love. It will be hard here because neither are giving up emotions and feelings. They will thrive on action and the act of love that they give to each other. Expressing similar sexual tastes and hobbies will form a good structure for this relationship to thrive. Together, they can build an empire. Together, the sky is the limit. As long as they don’t let anger and frustration destroy what they have.

Taurus meets Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

This is an earthy combination, of two people who together have a lot of common sense. They have a lot of the same wants, needs, and desires. Together they will feed each other hot sex and delicious food. Fighting won’t be often, as they tend to both have a fixed perception of things, but when they do fight, both are so stubborn that it can last longer than desired. When it’s right, the love will overcome any hiccup that comes their way. This is a power couple full of dedication and loyalty. It can happen, and has happened, but can also be unlikely to happen because Taurus is so often attracted to difference. Taurus likes to walk on a new side of things and go to places that Taurus simply cannot take you.

Gemini meets Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

As a mutable sign, there are bound to be clashes, which I have witnessed, but for the most part, Gems love Gems. There’s something about the Gemini energy that tends to unite them. For one, Gemini is attracted through strong mental energy. Who else to be wittier to the Gemini than another Gemini? Brain-wise, they really connect, and physical attraction will grow stronger. If you’re a Gemini and another Gemini crossed your path, you likely didn’t forget them, and many of them ended up becoming your partner. Ensuring that both Geminis are faithful sexually and emotionally devoted, is key. As strong communicators, they need to learn how to talk to each other, and not just behind the other’s back. Gemini is the king of saying things they don’t mean in the moment, so they’ve really got to decide how they feel and try to stick with it long enough to make something happen. I know of one Gemini/Gemini couple that dated for over a year and lived together, but it did not end in harmony. It ended in things you don’t ever want to talk about again, secrets, lies, and rumors.

Cancer meets Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

In terms of wanting the same things and being emotionally supportive of one another—this is great. Each Cancer is so caring, nurturing, and protective of the other. The trouble lies in their emotional core. Both are too sensitive and will be sensitive to the other. While artistic times and inside jokes will manifest, these two find that without a backbone in the relationship, they can’t stay steady. Cancer needs a strong partner to secure their emotions and mood changes, which is why another Cancer may not do the trick.

Leo meets Leo (July 23-August 22)

This isn’t impossible, but it requires a lot of effort on each of their parts. First, there is the matter of trust. Leo woman can be open, and talkative, and outgoing while Leo man can be social, but also very private about a lot of things. Leo woman has to respect Leo man’s need for complete trust. Both will be affectionate and expressive and loving. Leo holds their love in the highest regard when they are in love with them, but Leo needs validation and attention from their partner, and if they don’t get it, they will look elsewhere for that ego stroke. In terms of being good to each other, there is no issue, but Leo likes to be the best, and living with another Leo can make them feel inferior, especially if they are really great. Leo man in turn can feel rebuffed by his attention-seeking lady, if he really loves her, it doesn’t bother her. It also wouldn’t bother a Leo lady if her Leo man had a need to shine and be the center of attention. An outgoing Leo and a chill, modest Leo could make it work, but sometimes too much Leo is a dangerous thing, and sometimes Leo is better off with another, less bold fire sign, an air sign, or even a water sign.

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Virgo meets Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

This can be a very practical, sensible, and earthy pairing. As a sign of service, each Virgo will try to please the other. These two will have a lot of things that are strictly between them. They may get into a routine with their love that becomes predictable, and sometimes boring. Virgo will want to stray away from the critical Virgo energy. They might get sick of the cold that Virgo expresses on the regular. The need to break free and be appreciated as-is will cause problems here. Virgo might long for some excitement, or for someone understanding. Instead of getting into trouble, Virgo might want to unwind, and vent in a casual and free-spirited setting.

Libra meets Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

This can be a fun, short, yet memorable affair. This is because Libra is not always on the road to a relationship, which is why two Libras involved could lead to a whole lot of nothing. If sparks do fly, and Libra can hold Libra’s interest, these two can make for a chill, charming, and artistically talented pair who know how to dress, enjoy the moment, and frown upon things like romantic labels or labels of any kind. This is kind of a hippy love, but it’s love no less, and Libra likes that no one is rushing them or trying to control them. Libra will enjoy riding along with you, no seat belt, but an open heart and a wandering mind. This could be great, until that question sinks in, “what are we doing, and where is this going?” The responsibilities in a relationship were never attractive to a Libra, but when you get to this point, then you will see just how much your Libra’s love means to them.

Scorpio meets Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

This could be a very serious, sometimes silent, and often deadly romance. Scorpio and Scorpio get along great as friends, but in love, it can become quite intense. Scorpio loves deeply and with a strong intent to somewhat own their partners. Communication might be complicated as Scorpio is the sign of secrets. In order to work, Scorpio has to trust their Scorpio mate and try to open up to them. Scorpio is not the best at expressing love through words, instead, they show love, which is why Scorpio is such a sexual sign.

Sagittarius meets Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

This is where young hearts run free. Together they can have a lot of adventure, sex, and fun. When it comes to the emotional aspects of the relationship, they will come to a crossroads. Sagittarius needs to be entertained in love, they need to be captivated—they need to know they can trust you. So if both partners are Sagittarius (people with trust issues), then they will not let their Sagittarius partner in. If they are able to express love to one another, they have the potential to make it work, but it’s a lot of fire, at times, it gets too hot, and each will look for a place to cool down or grab some air. Explosive arguments can also take place, especially when either of them gets a hothead. Sagittarius can be intense, and if one partner is more chill than the other, intensity can lead to trouble early on.

Capricorn meets Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Capricorn can be called boring because they stick to the basics, which is why meeting another basic loving partner could be really good. On paper, they both want the same things. They both want success, money, love, property, and family. Seeing someone share your views can be great, and it might seem like you fight about nothing, until you come to learn how stubborn both of you are. You might find that you’ve both been hiding your true feelings from each other. You may long for a reaction or some excitement that your partner can’t provide. Plus, you notice their kind of bossy and controlling, and you want to get your own two cents in. You realize you’re not the type to be told what to do, you tell people what to do. The clash of the captains can occur here, so just be careful and ensure that your voice is being heard and that your needs are being met.

Aquarius meets Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

I know of an Aquarius/Aquarius couple, and they have been together for two decades. Most common people wonder why they never got married or why they don’t have kids. That’s just the way Aquarius love. They might want kids, but they don’t need a piece of paper to prove that their love is forever. Aquarius and Aquarius simply know that there is no one else out there for either of them. In this relationship, it’s okay if female Aquarius has male friends or if male Aquarius has female friends. Together as a couple, they are very friendly and usually very adventurous and social. This won’t work out if one Aquarius is too emotionally reserved, and can’t attach, or open up. Aquarius will still see the good in you, even if they acknowledge that they can’t give you what you want long-term. The real truth, if Aquarius is coming back, and keeps coming back, it’s a sure sign they are falling in love or forming interest. Aquarius will woo you for a night but definitely will not stick around unless they really like you.

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Pisces meets Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

These two will have much to chatter about. They can get up to all sorts of fun, as their mental banter is usually pretty strong. Pisces women want that fall to the floor and sweep me off my feet kind of love. Pisces man doesn’t really fully understand love, but he understands lust and often leads with his libido as opposed to his heart. Pisces guy might be hard to get full commitment from. He can be sneaky and a cheater. Pisces need a sense of direction—they need someone to follow. With two Pisces you could literally just be swimming in circles.