July 19, 2024
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Celebrities Who Believe And Use The Power of Astrology

Dua Lipa recently appeared on an episode of Dish. She said she has a tight bond with her Astrologer. She prefers to talk to her Astrologer about her problems. And she does not want to see a regular therapist. She is not the only celebrity that seems to follow the power of astrology. Here is an astounding list of celebrities. They understand and believe in the incredible power of astrology.

Dua Lipa

We know Dua Lipa for her strong interest in the power of astrology. She integrates it into her personal life for guidance and self-understanding. And she is a Leo. She closely identifies with her zodiac sign. She uses astrology to guide her career and personal life. Dua Lipa has even said she prefers consulting her astrologer to traditional therapy. This shows she values astrology’s insights. She has mentioned astrology many times in interviews. This suggests that it is a key part of her worldview and decision-making. It’s worth noting that one of her hit songs is “Levitating,” a clear nod to her love for the cosmos.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox has publicly stated that she is a self-proclaimed witch. She has a very open mind, and it is clear that she uses all kinds of divination tools to help her navigate her life. From using crystals, seeing psychics, and understanding Astrology rather well. She is a Taurus, and she has a strong interest in the power of astrology. She has talked about natal charts in interviews. In a British GQ Style interview, she even analyzed his natal chart. He’s her ex-partner, Machine Gun Kelly. This showed her knowledge and skill in this area. Additionally, she briefly discussed Ellen DeGeneres’ natal chart in 2012 and expressed her love for astrology on Conan O’Brien’s talk show a few years later. It’s evident that she is well-versed in this subject.

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Bella Hadid

We often associate Bella Hadid with a mystical and enchanting aura. During interviews, she often talks about her love of crystals, oils, and astrology. She even launched her own perfume brand with oils called Orabella. Bella’s openness to self-discovery reflects her deep involvement in a spiritual journey. These interests are interconnected with her overarching spiritual perspective. Additionally, she has shared astrology on her Instagram. She discusses transits that will impact everyone. It’s clear that Bella deeply believes in astrology. She thinks it can offer deep insight and guidance in her life.


Anna Taylor Joy

Anna Taylor Joy showed her openness to the power of astrology in a video for Elle magazine. The AstroTwins read her natal chart. This indicates that she has at least a casual interest in astrology and was willing to engage with it as part of her feature with the magazine. She also clearly has an understanding of the Tarot as she briefly talks on this in the video, relating it to her sun sign of Aries. Having a natal chart read often involves exploring personality traits and life trends. It sees them through astrological signs and planetary positions at birth. It can be revealing and personal. I am sure she left this reading with some valuable insights about herself and a greater insight into the cosmic forces at play in her life.


Erykah Badu

We know Erykah Badu for her soulful music and spiritual beliefs. She is without a doubt the most Pisces, Pisces I have ever seen. Her interest in the spiritual aspect of life is very clear in her life. As for Astrology, she is quoted as saying, “Astrology is this whole pseudoscience that kind of explains the personality of the human being by way of atoms and ethers. In astrology, they say that we’re affected by the constellations, they give off these small energy bursts or vibes that go into the subconscious mind and other shit, and makes us personality-wise who we are. I love astrology.” when asked if she believes in Astrology.

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Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has many interests. She has a open mind about spirituality. Plus, she has gone as far as having segments on her talk show about the power of astrology. She has often discussed her own experiences with it. Drew is also a Pisces, which makes it quite obvious why she would be so open to Astrology. She perfectly embodies the dreamy and intuitive nature of her zodiac sign. She just recently mentioned being a Pisces on her interview with Bella Hadid. Both contribute their people-pleasing tendencies to their Astrology signs.


In Conclusion

There are many celebrities who believe and use the power of Astrology. you have to wander if using this tool is part of the success and fulfillment they have achieved in their careers and personal lives. It is evident that astrology has a significant impact on the lives of these celebrities, guiding their decisions and providing them with valuable insights.