July 16, 2024
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Protective Crystals

The Best Protective Crystals for Your Home

Sometimes, in spite of all your efforts, you might still be out of luck, unable to collect as much money as you want, to bring your projects to a successful end, or to make your wildest dreams come true… Maybe your misfortune, rotten luck, problems, and troubles of all kinds are connecting to your home or your environment! Among the many powers to be found in precious stones and crystals, some of them have the ability to protect your home and living quarters. There are gemstones of protection, against negative terrestrial waves as well as against negative waves coming from human beings. Now find out about the gemstones that might be useful to protect your home, your workplace, or any place when you spend a large amount of time… 

Why should you protect your home against negative vibrations?

A great number of vibrations run through the universe. We are constantly receiving some of them through a flow of positive (and sometimes negative) vibrations. As such, telluric energies (coming from the earth) can influence the vibratory state of your home or any place you go to. You cannot escape all the energies around you, whether at work, at home, or anywhere you spend a lot of time…

And so, depending on where you stand, you often unknowingly receive vibratory influences coming from underground or from people you meet. This is why your problems might be connected to the place you live in. This is when you need to find the best protective crystals for your home.

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Hartmann Grid and Curry Grid: vibratory fields that you cannot escape

Whether you like it or not, you are constantly affected by several networks of invisible waves running through the earth. They are also called telluric fields, electromagnetic networks, or cosmo-telluric networks. The most famous of these vibratory fields are the Hartmann Grid and the Curry Grid, named after the physicians that found out about them.

Hartmann Grid

The Hartmann Grid is a network of electricity that is part of the earth’s energy field. It crisscrosses over the earth. It can be compared to a great invisible net with a mesh connected through intersecting conjunctions called Hartmann knots.

As for the Curry grid, it is a network of magnetic origins with radiations triggered by the interconnection of the outside shell of the globe rubbing against the inner, solid core. This rubbing generates a field of earthly magnetic energy influencing your body, your mind, and your physical environment, starting with your home.

If you are located on one of these kinds of energy knot crossings, whether on the Hartmann Grid or on the Curry Grid, you can experience symptoms like headaches, depression, dark thoughts, violent emotions… Likewise, according to some researchers, these knots might have an influence on serious illnesses like autonomic nervous system afflictions and could trigger or exacerbate some kinds of cancer.

The problem is that these places accumulating harmful vibrations are invisible and cannot easily be detected on your own. Moving away or changing your job might be even more complicated.

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Crystals and Gemstones: a good way to protect your home against bad vibrations

To fight against any energy pollution problem, you might call a geobiologist, a specialist in this kind of vibratory pollution. This field of discipline studies the influence of the environment on human beings and buildings. In Asia, this science is called Feng Shui. Case in point, in most Asian countries you often call a Feng Shui specialist before starting any construction work for a building, home, or office in order to avoid building them on places where negative energies are gathering!

All the specialists in geobiology know – and use – the properties of precious stones and particularly of crystals in order to protect you and your home from negative energies.

The main crystals and gemstones to cleanse and protect your home are azurite, amethyst, malachite, Celestine, pink or smoky quartz, Selenite, rock crystal, agate, black tourmaline, tiger’s eye, citrine, orange calcite, fluorite, jade, and lapis lazuli!

You thus have a large panel at your disposal to choose one according to your feelings, affinity, and to the other properties of these positive gemstones and crystals for your home, but I will nevertheless offer my personal top 5.

The 5 best gemstones and crystals to protect a home

Even though there are many different gemstones and crystals that might protect your home, some of them are particularly effective when you need to protect and cleanse your living room or home.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is considered to be one of the most effective gemstones to protect your home, but also your body and mind against negative vibrations, either cosmo-telluric one or those sent against you by ill-intentioned people. Tourmaline can also protect you against the waves radiated by common household items, like mobile phones, electronic appliances, computer screens, WiFi networks…

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Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz will radiate invisible waves or protection throughout your home from the place where you have displayed it, which is why it is best to put it in the center of the area you want to cleanse and/or protect. Smoky quartz repels negative waves coming from people that want (or try) to abuse you and feed off your positive energies. Likewise, smoky quartz stabilizes your aura and your energies. It will help you ground yourself and find your own place in this world.


It contributes to the cleansing and elevations of the vibratory level of a place. Amethyst balances the energies in place and institutes an atmosphere conducive to the activities performed in these places. If it is a living room, you will feel good and it will restore your energy. If it is a bedroom, you should sleep peacefully. If it is an office, you will work efficiently there… 


Selenite radiates positive waves all around, allowing a proper flow of energy within a room or a home. If the energies were stagnating or blocked, Selenite puts it back on track in order to establish a harmonious atmosphere conducive to physical or psychic recovery or relaxation. Shaped as a lamp, this gemstone radiates waves of regeneration that also make it easier for you to fall asleep.

Pink quartz

It radiates cleansing energy in any room it is set in, as well are directly connected rooms. Pink quartz facilitates making up with someone, especially strengthening romantic longevity, and making seduction attempts easier. Pink quartz is also recommended in bedrooms in order to facilitate sleep and guard yourself against negative energies in the night. It can bolster your confidence.

User guide to protect your home using gemstones and crystals

Using these five gemstones and crystals is very easy. You can either place one or more in the central room of the place you wish to protect (or in every room) or wear one of them – or all five – on you whenever you travel. In that case, you can simply put them in a pocket or wear it directly like on a necklace, earring, bracelet, ring…

Cheap gemstones and crystals that are easy to find!

As you can see, there are many kinds of gemstones and crystals that can protect your home. They can be found in their natural state (rough), polished (rounded), or set on a piece of jewelry. Trust your intuition and feelings to choose them. This is important.

It should be noted that these gemstones and crystals are easy to find and quite affordable in many specialized occult or new age stores. You can also buy them online though you should favor serious websites that provide high-quality natural gemstones and crystals, in order to be sure that you are acquiring a mineral with unaltered powers of protection.

These purchases will be a bargain for you, especially since these crystals will protect your body, mind, and home and share their cleansing abilities with you for the rest of your existence, they can help even to have your best personal year yet!