Life Path Number

Numerology is a science that has begun to gain immense popularity among the general public these days. Part of it is thanks to various online numerology calculators that have helped bring the knowledge right to your laptop or mobile screens without any hassle. With these, people are ever increasingly trying to know their daily lucky numbers and improving their luck by incorporating these numbers into their lifestyle.

However, numerology is not just related to a daily lucky number; it also uses your name or date of birth to assign a particular number to your personality that determines your overall approach towards life. These can be compared in a way to the zodiac elements when it is their role one is talking about. One such number is the life path number.

Numerology Calculator: Life Path Number

As is evident from its name, the life path number is something that brings out the person’s approach to life, or the direction that the numbers have planned for his or her life. Although it is not strictly assumed that the number’s decision is final, it is a compelling observation. A simple Google search of My Life Path Number or what is my life path number will get you to one of the many online numerology calculators that will tell you your number in a jiffy.

Numerologists have categorized life path numbers as single digit entities from 1 to 9. However, there are also two other power numbers that are 11 and 22. These are double digits because numerologists believe their power is too much for a single digit to harness.

Although there is a manual way to go about discovering your life path number, something that most numerologists in the market will do for you, we recommend you use a life path number calculator online, so that there is no doubt left for a mistake.

Life Path Number Compatibility

Compatibility is another issue that can be addressed by the life path number. We have seen many couples who take the aid of zodiac signs in order to strengthen their relationships and discover how well they are for each other. Let us tell you; there are more ways to see that. Matching life path numbers mean so much compatibility that it is hard for you to imagine. There are also other ways that help determine which number is compatible with which one, and that can be asked for from a numerologist.

How to find your life path number?

If you are interested in how to calculate your life path number, as we said before, there are countless numerology calculators available online. These are also very diverse, so you have to be very specific in what you want. Since numerology umbrellas various other numbers too, which include a daily lucky number, a personality number, and others, you have to be clear that you are looking for your life path number.

A simple indication of this is that the numerology calculator will ask you to put in your date of birth because that is how you find your life path number. The method for this is very simple. Open a webpage that has a life path number numerology calculator. Input your date of birth in the space provided, and click on the button for the go ahead. The web program, with assistance from numerology knowledge of centuries, will use the calendars to bring up your life path number. In this article, let us get you introduced to all the numbers in the life path series and what they actually mean.

How to calculate Life Path Number

Before you can move on ahead with learning about the various life path numbers that there are, let us give you a little tip on how to calculate it yourself, in case you are out of internet reach and you or a friend absolutely needs it right there and then. After all, who knows what your next camping trip night might need for an activity?

To find out the life path number, you need to reduce the units of your date of birth. Each unit will be reduced to a single-digit number, otherwise, known as a master number. The master numbers of the three units (days, month, year) will be added to show a single-digit number, which will be considered as the life path number.

For example: Let’s suppose you were born on the 10th of November in year 1994

Day Reduction: 10 is reduced to 1 (1 + 0 = 1)

Month Reduction: 11 is reduced to 2 (1 + 1 = 2)

Year Reduction: 1994 is reduced to 5 (1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 23) (2 + 3 = 5)

Adding the master numbers: 1 + 2 + 5 = 8

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The life path number will be 8.

There are other methods of finding your life path number; they will give you a single-digit number as well. However, the process of those methods is considered wrong; it will lack the same spiritual push that a life number with method would have.

Life Path Number 1

As you may have already expected it to be, the number 1 is very unique. It speaks of unity, and the uniqueness of its own because there is literally no other number like this one. Throughout history and in the future too, this will remain to be the number signifying the topmost order, which is why anyone with this as their life path number is a born leader. Their skills are especially honed to cater to the needs of those who have trouble standing up for themselves. The only challenge for them is staying true to their cause and never misuses their powers.

Life Path Number 2

After a clear understanding of what is a life path number, this must be pretty exciting, getting to know each of the life path numbers individually. The second life path number meaning actually goes on to the concept of pairs and dependence. This is how the world works too, in fact. The people with this as their life path number tend to find balance in all kinds of situations. Their political lenience is also often centrist. However, this might get them in troubles at a lot of times too considering how people expect them to be on one specific side at all the times.

Life Path Number 3

If a numerology calculator tells you that your life path number is three, you can be happy. For starters, this is the divider between the average and the top tier. The most common top classification you have ever heard of is being in the top three, be it any sport’s world cup, or even the Olympics. This is why three is considered in numerology to be a life path number that guarantees its person to be part of the greater good and enjoys the front seat while at it.

Life Path Number 4

If there ever was a responsible citizen, it would be a person who had 4 as their life path number. The observation is simple because all the signs clearly point towards it. These people are the ones who respect rules the most and would never do anything to go against them. Although, the challenge lies in them even ignoring their principles in favor of rules established by the society, which is something that many people do not consider a good habit.

Life Path Number 5

Freedom, liberty, and creativity are what describe you if a numerology calculator tells you that your life path number is 5. These kind of traits are very rare to find all together in one person. This is why it might sometimes get a little difficult for you to socialize because people think of you as too educated or too exposed. This is your only real challenge in life. You know that you are a tad bit above the average Jimmy, and your challenge is to be comfortable and make the other person feel comfortable with you at the same time.

Life Path Number 6

Being the most responsible citizen is ground into the DNA of a number 6 person too. It is just that they will never be willing to let go of their principles in favor of it. These people love justice and equality and make it their mission in life to fight for it.

Life Path Number 7

This is bound to put a smile on your face because 7 is considered to be a lucky number in nearly every culture that exists in this world. Add to that the fact that all famous sportsmen have or had the number 7 on their jerseys when playing. With that being said, you can be relaxed that all luck comes to you unfiltered, and whatever you choose to do in life, there is an unseen force helping you along.

Life Path Number 8

The number 8 is a very organized, and well-settled number to have as your life path. It is also worth noting that all the buildings in the world that radiate positive energy are octagonal in their bases, as the Mughal Architecture. Anyway, this balance radiates from your life, and you always present yourself as this composed, calm person who knows and has control over everything going on in their life.

Life Path Number 9

Nine is the last of the single digit numbers in the life path series, and as you would expect, it puts a cap on all the numbers by summing them all up in itself. If we were to make a guess about what the most obvious qualities of a number 9 person would be, we would say being trustworthy. This is because at the crux of it all, being reliable is what matters the most in any walk of life. If the people around you trust you with anything, it is a clear indication that you are a person best suited for the job.

Power Numbers 11, 22, 33

Last but not the least comes the power numbers. Quite frankly, thank your lucky stars if you put your date of birth in a numerology calculator, and it tells you that your life path number is either 11, 22, or 33. This is because numerologists believe these numbers hold the key to harness the power that regular single digit numbers cannot.

We told you that a number 1 person is a born leader. Imagine that, but twice as good. 11 is normally considered to be twofold of all the qualities of a number 1, plus its additional traits. These power numbers do not only give their people an extra edge, but they also challenge them with more difficult situations as compared to their colleagues. This is why it might be enjoyable, yet equally difficult being a person of the power numbers because they require immense challenges in terms of emotions, in addition to physical strain in life.

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