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Vesta in Astrology

The Meaning of Vesta in Astrology

Do you know what Vesta astrology is? Well, Vesta is associated with sexuality and mending, it motivates your ability to concentrate. But now you want to know what is the meaning of Vesta in astrology? Read on to find out!

History of Vesta

Vesta is an infant planet in your own birth graph. We link her with the Vestal Virgins of Ancient Rome, who loved Vesta in their sanctuary, under the specialist of only one man, the Pontifex Maximus. The all-female condition and the power and control issues with the male in control, give us Vesta’s significance.

These were six hand-picked ladies, picked by the Pontifex Maximus (the main cleric of Rome) and after the season of Augustus, from 27BC-AD 14, the Emperor himself. They were matured somewhere in the range of six and ten. They must be free of physical or mental deformation. They needed consent to be virgins, for no less than 30 years.

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Vesta ruled fire and Romans believed that as long as the virgins kept the fire alive, Rome was ensured. Letting hallowed flame to blow out would prompt the Vestal responsible for being stripped and beaten. This is the history behind Vesta astrology.

Vesta and Saturn

Vesta Astrology depends on a Roman family tree, and Saturn is the dad of Vesta. Maybe it’s not astounding. He is a sign of fear, and the Vestales were without a doubt living in fear in their temple. In the meantime, men were scared of being blamed for engaging in sexual relations with any of them.

In your birth chart, you will see Vesta symbolized by a little flame image – the holy fire. Vesta is about the ‘heat’ which can emerge in all-female conditions where there is a rivalry for male endorsement or male consideration. This space rock requires extraordinary care, except if you need to be sent back into the Middle Ages during the dark days.

Vesta in the Signs and houses

By sign and house, Vesta guides you where you will face gender political issues. In the circumstances with one male – and at least two females – need to be careful when Vesta shows up in your birth horoscope. If you discover Vesta in Cancer and the Fourth House, your family will be ruled by ladies/young ladies with one man – mostly your father– the only male.

If you discover Vesta in Leo and the Fifth House, at that point, a child might be destined to a single mother with little girls/sisters for the company. If Vesta is in Libra and the Seventh House, you may draw in love triangles – the great ‘other lady’ situation.

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Having many females in your circle

If you are a lady, and you have a history of being in relationships with men who have previous spouses or girlfriends who can’t give up (and whom, unsurprisingly, they can’t leave), or you become hopelessly attached with men who are married or dating other ladies then make sure to check out Vesta in your chart.

Other asteroids are important too

Bacchus is important. In case you’re going to utilize Vesta in your astrology, you can’t let go of other space rocks as well, or without a doubt any of the other heavenly bodies of astrology. They all finish the Roman family tree of our planets and their nearby relatives. Bacchus matters the same amount as Vesta, particularly if you are perusing the birth graph of an indiscriminate man who can’t commit to one person. It might be that his pleasure standard (Bacchus) is attached to his need an Electric Ladyland.

Not being able to settle down with one woman

Men who are religiously chaste (in some cases truly so) frequently wind up around ladies. Why such a large number of female companions? Why such huge numbers of gasping admirers? Maybe this is on the grounds that the power of playing Pontifex Maximus to the ‘virgins’ originates from never really picking one to be the favorite one. When a decision is made, the game is finished. How can you tell if a man has a Vesta issue? Easy. Unite with the other ladies and see what happens when it’s (every one of you) having a joke around him. Vesta men will in general run shouting from women’s liberation as it can feel so undermining.

Vesta in your horoscope

Vesta astrology can produce an extremely agonizing, even harmful environment. In present-day life, we need to discover innovative and careful approaches to adapt when Vesta is in the house. At times, staying cautious is all you need. Simply understanding that you are having transits to your Vesta can prevent you from getting tied up with a possibly poisonous circumstance (if you are a lady) when a former lover needs you to wind up with his new family.

Avoiding Vesta

If you are a man, how would you handle the female over-burden that can happen when Vesta turns up in your graph? As with everything in vesta astrology, the initial move towards taking care of these chart designs is realizing they exist in any case. In some cases, avoiding Vesta games is basically the best thing to do. What’s more, obviously, you can likewise cross the path to keep away from the next Vesta type you meet. Ladies can showcase the harmful side of Vesta’s merciless female aggressiveness and disloyalty, the same amount of as men can showcase the power-stumbling, controlling side of this example, as well.


Now you have an idea about Vesta in astrology and how they are linked with one another. You can check your chart to find out in which house of yours is Vesta found so you have a clue if something related to that happens and if you are a guy you can try avoiding Vesta if it’s in your chart.

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