July 19, 2024
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What does it mean to be a Cancer?

If you’re one of those special souls born between June 21st to July 22nd, then you’ve been blessed with an incarnation within the 4th sign of the zodiac, commonly referred to as THE most psychic of the 12-house family.

Why are Cancers the most psychic you ask ? Well, keep reading to find out :


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Cancer Etymology And Origin

The word Cancer comes from the Indo-European word to scratch or carve, later translated into Latin as crab. Cancers are in a way historians. Not necessarily historians of language or words, but of memory. Of feelings. Of emotions. They are a powerhouse of emotional depth with a wide range available for you to relate to and heal from. Because you see, real history isn’t just facts, who won which war and what happened in what era. Real history is soul history. It’s Akashian Records’ history. It is channeled from the ethers onto this material plane. It is Source, carved onto Earth.

The Emotional Depths Of Water Signs

All water signs bring a certain understanding and mastery when it comes to the emotional realms of this earthly plane. They are not always aware of it, especially if they’re relatively young in their spiritual evolution, but that is the nature of water. It doesn’t really see itself. It likes to hide from the light, deep within the ocean blackness or underneath the trees and caverns, going underground as it flows down the river stream. Water just seems to have a tendency to go where the shadows are. Not wanting or needing any external light. The question is why. Well. That is because water is light. Both the human body and brain are composed of 80% water. The molecular structure of water is what carries information around. What carries energy aka emotions aka light around. And sometimes we can only understand the light through its mirror opposite, the shadow.

The Importance Of Emotions And Spirituality

Commonly referred to as the astral plane, the emotional world is the world of moving energy. E-motion. Energy in motion. And the key word here is motion. Most people are stuck with emotions that aren’t even theirs. Energetic attachments that linger within one’s auric field and prevent the individual from evolving or advancing upon the true spiritual path. Stuck in drama. And just like water, when energy is not in motion, it becomes muddy, it becomes dirty.

Unfortunately, in our times, there are still little to no teachings when it comes to emotions. And the ones that are currently available are still seen from a very human, attached perspective. Not really seen as actual Source energy. Hopefully, the water experts will change that… for humanity’s sake.

Cancers, where are you?

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The Cancerian Gift

Water beings don’t simply take care of others, but they adapt or center themselves around them. Holding the counterbalancing frequency needed for the Middle Way to occur. While the other elements tend to force their shape onto the world, water is the one that adapts to its surroundings. Cancers, being the first water elementary we encounter upon our zodiac wheel, is a cardinal sign. Cardinal meaning initiators. Initiators of change. Here to bring that initial push, trigger, or gateway for the seeker to walk through. Not necessarily the one to carry you all the way, unless of course you’re part of her or his inner circle, but the one holding the energy for you to make that initial step through the door. That initial much-needed pivot. It’s like you’re going in a certain direction, walking on a certain timeline that might not be the most optimal for you, and boom. You meet a Cancer and everything changes. The ship is steered in a different direction.

A Cancer will help you see what’s been hidden from you for so long. The Scorpio will carry you through. And the Pisces will end the job. But it all starts with the right empathy, the right Love, the right environment. Because you see, Love is simply an equation. And if you put the right ingredients in that equation, you receive it. And there seems to be no limit to how much Love can be produced and received.

And within this equation, Cancers play a key role. They can generate vast amounts of compassion, empathy, and nurturing qualities for those that are within their close circle. And as a result, healing occurs.

But unlike Pisces which have a global care, Cancers are more catered towards local care. Just like a crab, there’s a soft interior but it is heavily protected by an exterior shell. And quite a tough one. And to receive the magical energy of the Cancers, you must be worth it. You must be within their inner circle and be seen as an essential part of their home. Otherwise, you’ll just be faced with their tough shell. And you ain’t getting through easily. Unless you’re valued.

Ruled by the Moon, one can see why they are seen as the gateway to mankind. The Moon was always seen as a portal for the soul to ascend through from our forefathers. Ruling and moving emotions through its cyclical rhythm and allowing humanity to slowly transcend itself.

Professional Cancerian Career

Cancers make great psychologists, teachers, work-from-home mothers, and really anything that has to do with the transference of emotions. They are deeply authentic and aren’t scared to share who they are and how they feel with the world. Look at Kurt Cobain (Cancer Moon & Jupiter.) Deeply authentic. Deeply raw. You can always rely on a Cancer if you need emotional guidance. Emotional authenticity. They’ll give you the real deal. Pablo Neruda, the national poet of Chile and a 6x time Cancer in the 5th house of creativity famously said:

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“It’s through metaphor, not rational analysis and argument that the mysteries of the world are revealed.”

So be metaphorical. It is your gift. Cancers are dreamy like Pisces’, but with the appropriate boundaries and action to get things moving. So my dear Cancer… get things moving. Identify this watery gift that has been placed upon you and together with this strong willpower that you inherently have (Cancers ruled by the willful Chariot in tarot) go out and create. Start with a traditional humanitarian career or do something of your own. You’re a special bread that intuitively taps into the future like no one else. So tap into the future and bring in what’s coming. It’ll first come from you before it spreads to others in our society.

Cancer Weaknesses And Coping Mechanisms

  • Tendency to identify others’ emotions as their own. Caring too much and losing themselves within the other. It is key that a certain understanding of energetic boundaries is achieved and the proper setting of them. Otherwise, you’ll just live in the conversations in your head.
  • Codependency. Unless the Cancer is aware of who he or she is and how this world functions, they’ll also get lost in the emotional energy of their relationships. Unable to see where they end and the other begins. They must see emotions for what they are. Source energy just moving through.
  • Perfectionism of integrity. Sometimes they’re so caught up in being real, authentic, and not hurting others that they get paralyzed. Unable to see that it is the raw, authentic expression in the moment that creates liberation and not their perfected action.
  • They can be quite cold when they’re done. If they’re done with you, they’re done, and you’re getting that external crab shell from that point forward. This can come across as too much for some. Seen as avoidant or defensive. They could intead inform the other person they’re done, but if you ask a Cancer, they’ll probably reply something along the lines of: “It is what it is”.
  • Being complacent because it’s nice and homey. Lingering onto comfortable emotional states instead of going where you’re needed. This is key for Cancers. You are the water well of the village. Go where people are thirsty. You are vital to the well-being of the clan.
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How To Cope With Cancer Summer Season

In the famous words of our beloved Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars Lana Del Ray:

“I got that summertime, summertime sadness, oh, oh-oh, oh-oh.”

And this is what this summery energy is about, for everyone but especially Cancers. You are to appreciate and stay curious about any emotional state. Learning to be comfortable with the full range of the spectrum of emotions and be willing to go through whatever experience is necessary for your evolution. Sadness is simply the other side of the coin of happiness. One brings the other. And if you have been living in an environment that prioritizes one set of emotional experiences, well it’s time to expand. People often say things like:

“Oh no, it’s Cancer season, I’m gonna be sad.”

But instead, a true master of the earth planes says:

“Well, I might be sad and that’s okay, I’m going to feel a different way and that will expand me”

If you’re in the ocean and there’s a wave coming, it’s safer to dive straight into the middle of the wave, than running away from it. If you run, you’ll get knocked over. So stay. And dive straight into the wave. It’s time for you to become who you have always been.