Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019

Why the January Full Moon Is Called the Wolf Moon?

We have come along many names of the Full Moon. But have you ever heard of the Wolf Moon? The Wolf Moon also called the Super Moon can be seen rarely and it’s in January this year as the New Year kicks in. However, you will be able to see a Wolf Moon and a Blood Moon together known as the Super Blood Wolf Moon during a lunar eclipse.

But you must be wondering what is a Wolf Moon and what important part does it play? Well, it is linked to your 2019 future. Keep reading to know how.

What is a Wolf Moon?

Well, the Super Moon also known as the Wolf Moon occurs during a total lunar eclipse this year. This is when the moon revolves around the earth in an oval shape and when it’s closest to the earth it appears increased in size and brighter than before. The expected Super Blood Wolf Moon of 2019 will be visible on January 20-21, depending on your time zone.

With its enlarged form and brightness it won’t be hard to miss with the naked eye. If you’re on a roof at night or driving down a dark street, the more luminous Wolf Moon will be there to lighten your way on this day.

Why is the Super Moon called the Wolf Moon?

You must be wondering where the Wolf Moon got its name. Well, the term originated from Native American tribes and early colonists when they wanted to keep track of seasons. In the movies or if you are out camping you can hear and see wolves howling during a Super Moon and are expected to be howling at the moon because they raise their heads.


However, the difference is that they tend to howl louder than usual. There is also another reason for this name; it is discussed that with the Super Moon it can affect our future in 2019 too. It is said to affect our relationships and emotions, giving you a chance to monitor your behavior and take control accordingly.

Wolf Moon Symbolism

As associated with a wolf, they are communicative, resourceful and strategic within their pack. They communicate with their pack and solve their problems with unity. Similarly, the full moon suggests that we should overcome our challenges by involving our close ones.

Another trait of wolves is that they are expressive in terms of body language. A single look could mean something. During the full moon, you can observe your own behavior and see what they express and how you can change to make yourself look more authoritative or more welcoming.

Being resourceful is another characteristic of wolves. Although the month of January is hard due to the cold, wolves handle it very easily with the available resources. This gives us the idea to make use of our available options in life. Now you know what a Wolf Moon is, so take advantage of it next week.

Names of the Wolf Moon

A full Wolf Moon is also known by other names as well. Some include the Old Moon, Ice Moon, Moon After Yule, and Snow Moon. If you didn’t get the chance to see the Wolf Moon, you can search for Wolf Moon images on the internet.

The Blood Moon

The blood moon is the one that occurs at the time of the total lunar eclipse or during the Super Moon. With the Super Blood Wolf Moon, this January here is an insight on what is a Blood Moon.

Blood Moon doesn’t mean that the moon is bleeding or anything, but it’s just a color it’s giving away. This is when the earth is between the moon and sun so the earth’s shadow falls on the moon and the sun’s light indirectly falls on the moon giving it a red color.

The Blood Moon is not easy to spot; it can only be seen during a lunar eclipse that occurs very less frequently than solar eclipses. It can be seen with a naked eye and does not require any sort of special device to view it. There are also numerous myths regarding the Blood Moon that are believed by various people of different religions.

Effects of the Wolf Moon

The lunar eclipse can influence your relationships with your friends and family. You will be focused on yourself that will allow you to point out the flaws in your close relationships. You may want to carry out a Wolf Moon ritual during this time to avoid anything bad and get rid of the disharmony in your relationships with others.

You can monitor your body language during this period and find out ways in which you can make yourself look more authoritative or more sensual the choice is yours. Make use of the wolf’s traits during the wolf moon, which will help in the coming months of 2019.

As the month of January is here, the total lunar eclipse is right around the corner. You can get the chance to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon next Monday. Now as you know what a Wolf Moon is and what significance it holds in terms of you and your private life, you can plan for 2019 accordingly.


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