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Introducing Astrology & Herbs. Discover what to grow based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Thyme

Aries is known for its independent nature, so it needs a plant that is on the low maintenance side. A perfect and delicious option is Thyme–tough as nails, unique, and requiring little water and care. This leaves Aries free to do all its warrior tasks, as its Thyme stays on guard in the corner of the home.

Taurus – Stevia

Earthy Taurus is the green thumb of the zodiac, usually enjoying an abundance of plants in the home and in the garden. A perfect pairing for sweet-tooth Venus ruled Taurus is the Stevia. It can be used as a natural sugar substitute. These plants are a bit like their cosmic Taurus counterpart–a little subtle and stable, persistent and practical–and they grow pretty much in a straightforward, just leave them on a sunny windowsill. This plant is perfect for the Bull as not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also brings out their latent gardener within.

Gemini – Rosemary

A bit like the effusive Gemini, if given an inch this plant can take a mile. Outside Rosemary tends to procreate and take over a garden area quickly. However, when indoors, it can be easily controlled with care and regular pruning. These plants look great in hanging baskets, perfect for this air sign that likes things breezy. Rosemary is also known to boost focus so can help with any indecision this sign can be prone to have.

Cancer – Peppermint

This is a power herb well known in feng shui to not only bring peaceful and wise energy into your home but also to attract luck, great health, and love. Aside from the promise of prosperity, this plant offers beautiful green foliage. Like its owner, Cancer, they require deep watering and lots of nurture.

Leo – Basel

Leo is the royal sign of the zodiac, and it needs a herb to match its regal status. What better match that Basel, known commonly as the Royal herb. Basel is a striking indoor plant that’s surprisingly easy to grow. It bursts dark green beautiful strappy leaves and has a lovely fragrance. Like Leo, you can’t help but notice its foliage—and it’s goes in food and drinks. Perfect to this sign who loves to entertain.

Virgo – Alfalfa

Virgo is the most conscientious of the signs. Indeed, attention to detail and care is what Virgo does best, which makes the opulent though fussy Alfalfa a good match. As you will be growing these from seeds, it requires careful measurement and planning. They also sprout quickly so they need a lot of attention and care. No worries: Virgo loves attending to rules and procedures which the Alfalfa–with its demands for water and specific sunlight regiments–has in spades.

Libra – Lemon Balm

Libra, the sign of the scales, needs balance and harmony at home. A little Lemon Balm plant in the Libra home will bring beautiful foliage and enviable Instagrams. Besides tasting and smelling good, lemon balm is also meant to be powerful for the skin and prevent drying. Excellent for this beauty-conscious sign.

Scorpio – Bay Laurel

Can be used dry or fresh, the Bay Laurel also has a very strong protective energy. The look and shape will be attractive to the Scorpio who likes things with a bit of mystique. It can also grow in the shade. Plants that grow in adversity are believed to be the plants for Scorpio.

Sagittarius – Cilantro

Cilantro, once established, can tolerate being left alone for a bit, so it suits the adventurous nature of the Archer who can be free to jet off to wherever they need to go at a moment’s notice. Like Sadge, it has an intense, complex flavor.

Capricorn – Oregano

Oregano is a perfect herb for the Sea Goat. It is also meant to be very auspicious and give off nourishing “chi,” perfect for the austere temperament of Capricorn (who sometimes can be more glass half empty rather than full.) It is a perennial herb, meaning it is slower growing and needs a more permanent home No matter: Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and excels in the virtues of patience.

Aquarius – Sage

Sage is perfect for the innovation-loving Aquarius: studies have found that this herb not only boosts your memory and creative vision but is also a natural mood booster.

Pisces – Lavender

Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac, so put the sleep-inducing Lavender on your windowsill near the couch or bed, and drift off into daydreams and visions of disport, as the Lavender’s purple flowers suffuse the air with whimsy. Also, perfect to add to dishes if you are feeling adventurous or to spruce up a Gin & Tonic.

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