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Quiz of the Month: What Tarot Card are You?

Tarot cards reveal many hidden aspects of our personality. They can unveil precise information about ourselves that we are not even aware of. You can hardly guess what card will be on the top. But there is one thing that you can be sure of, the cards are the mirror of our deepest thoughts and fears.

See the card/s that represent you depending on the answers you give to the following question.


You are paying for the groceries and the cashier gives you back more than she should. What would you do?

Where would you go on a honeymoon?

Where would you like to live, if you can choose any place in the world?

What would be your worst nightmare on a blind date?

If you were an animal, which one would you like to be?

When you come late to work, you will…

Which book character would you like to be?

For you, the perfect wedding would be…

With which Beatle do you identify the most?

Which Tarot Card Are You?
You are the Hermit’s Card!

The Hermit tarot card is the ultimate example of a personal quest. Finally, honest enough to understand their own limitations, the hermit is trying to shut the world away for some time, long enough to focus on the problem they have to overcome without suffering from outside distractions. Read more about the Hermit card.
You are the Justice Card!

Tarot cards often embody great concepts that are particularly important and hold society together. The justice tarot card clearly fits that profile, since the use of fair laws and regulations that settle problems according to clear and objective criteria is one of the things that separate humankind from other animal species. Read more about the Justice card.
You are the Magician’s Card!

The magician tarot card comes from humbler roots. In many ancient variations of the major arcana cards, this is not a real Magician but an illusionist, the famous Marseille deck even names it “The Mountebank”. Occult studies in the nineteenth century, mainly in the United Kingdom, altered the magician tarot card meaning to turn it into a full-fledged mage wielding occult powers and having secret knowledge about many things. Read more about the Magician card.
Your card is the Fool’s!

While there are many different tarot decks, the common element found in most of them for the fool in tarot is a young, careless person, seemingly happy and unaware of a rather dangerous situation (often standing near a cliff, or next to wild animals, etc.). Read more about the Fool card.

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