Astrology Podcast – The First New Moon of the Astral Year

Welcome back to the weekly podcast! On this podcast, Hillory Skott will talk about using the energy of the April 5th New Moon to unleash your brave inner warrior. It is also time to set the ground to carry on all the ambitious initiatives you have in mind for this year.  Don’t forget to pay attention to the right moment, since the key is the timing.

Try new things, even if they are not inside your nature

Map your objectives. But don’t discard anything just because you seem not able to fulfill something or you don’t have the talent to do something. There are many new things that you can learn. But you will only know this when you decided that is time to take the first step and jump into the water.

The New Moon in April will provide you with the clarity to understand what is key for your development.

The importance of the Nodes

During this period the Moon is on Aries, but it is not the only one. The sun is also there, while there are other movements that are related to the nodes. It is very important to understand the role of the nodes in the cosmos. Especially since the nodes are a kind of portals that creates conjunction between your past and your future. The nodes are also the gateway to new experiences that will make your soul grow.


Pay close attention to the Piscean energy, is not completely over yet. Don’t forget that with the Piscean energy there is an element of deceit. But don’t throw the towel so easily, the oneness of the universe will end up showing you the way.

Hillory Skott

Hillory Skott is the host of the popular Everyday Astrology Podcast, she has been writing on the current planetary conditions since 2009. She is a guest writer for in5d.com and keeps a busy online global consultation practice. She is the Author of the Little Zodiac series and the EveryDay Astrology Planner and coloring book. She lives with a grateful heart in the mountains near the coast of British Columbia Canada with her handsome handy Hubby, their warrior artist Daughter, and three fabulous doggos. You can contact her at www.Hilloryskott.com

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