What’s Coming for Your Sex Life in 2019?

2019 has arrived! Everyone is hoping for a new start in their life, and your zodiac signs are one way of telling you so. Your love and sex life in 2019 can also take an unexpected turn according to your horoscope. So, read about your astrological sign and see what kind of romantic journey it brings.

The Planets and Eclipses in 2019

In 2019 Uranus will join the planet of love Venus on Feb 2 in Sagittarius, Aug 26 in Virgo and Nov 28 in Capricorn. Relationships will get a boost and will be filled with an adventurous vibe.

Eclipses will occur on Jan 5 in Capricorn, Jan 21 in Leo, July 2 in Cancer, July 16 in Capricorn, and December 26 in Capricorn. This will shift our perspectives on how we care for others thanks to Cancer.

Aries and Taurus

Aries- The romantic Venus will harmonize with Uranus in your sign, and you will have a chance to shake things up with your partner or create a bond with someone new.  Your ‘I love myself’ attitude and not depending on others will attract your partner towards you. With the majority of eclipses this year your relationships and career goals will be balanced, and by late fall you will come closer to partner.

Taurus- Your 2019 horoscope will bring you lots of romance. After March 6, you will be looking for new ways to express your love. Once you get out of your comfort zone, you will enjoy a more passionate relationship. According to your sex life in 2019, if you are planning to have a baby then around August 24 is the perfect time for that.


Gemini and Cancer

Gemini- with Jupiter in your marriage house throughout the year it’s a good sign for all kinds of relationships. Single Geminis will find their other half while married Geminis will be in lots of wedded feels the whole year. You will set your relationship at number 1 in your priorities list. That means love first for Geminis!

Cancer- If you have had trouble figuring out your relationship goals or other goals before then 2019 is the year to make things straight. The eclipses in your sign will introduce you to new romantic opportunities. You are in the position of writing your own love story and a whirlwind sex life in 2019.

Leo and Virgo

Leo-This year it’s time to get rid of toxic relationships and negative thoughts from your life to move forward. When Venus and Uranus light up your fifth house of romance, it will give you a sense of how great your love life will be this year.

Jupiter will enter your house of creativity that will make you try out new things. Regarding your sex life in 2019 if you want to try out new sex positions in bed, then this is the time to do it. Make sure to bond with your partner and also keep other things in mind too.

Virgo- 2019 is a fun loving year for all the Virgos. You might want to change your approach towards love and sex which might start some serious sparks around. Start making plans with your loved one and if you’re single don’t miss out on parties going on around you.

Libra and Scorpio

Libra: Libras you might want to start bonding with your partner. Clear up the feuds between you two to make some room for romance. According to your sex life in 2019, Venus will harmonize with Uranus in your house of emotional and sexual intimacy you will start seeing yourself and your partner in a new sexy way and might want to work harder to keep the passion between the both of you.

Scorpio: You will find yourself daydreaming about your past lovers, and these feelings will help you to shape your current or future relationships. But there will be some drama with your partner but Uranus will help to find solutions to those problems, and you two might start new paths together.

Sagittarius and Capricorn

Sagittarius: With Jupiter entering your sign, your love life will sure be joyous. If you’re single, you might go back to your past love. But if you’re a couple, you might want to start thinking about having a baby. It’s time you start listening to your partner, and you will feel more loved than ever.

Capricorn: You want to make things stable, but Uranus will make you do new things with your partner. According to your sex life in 2019, you may want to try new positions with your partner which you were shy from before or suggesting something romantic yourself. Single or taken you’ll keep the flame going.

Aquarius and Pisces

Aquarius: This year you will try to adjust to your new decisions and wanting to make your relationship work. By the end of January, the lunar eclipse will enter your house of partnership that will require you to finish a project with your current or ex-lover.

Pisces: 2019 is the year where your dreams might come true including romance. You will start getting what you want, for singles could be a first date or an intimate moment for couples. This year will be great for strengthening bonds for all Pisceans.


Zodiac horoscope 2019 will bring a turn in the sign’s love and sex life in 2019. All those people waiting for the New Year will be super happy to begin a possible new chapter in their life regarding love and sex.


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