Stress Management


Are you struggling to cope with the pressure? These powerful suggestions will dispel your fears and help you relax.


After being surrounded by nature, the sound of serene waves, the banks of beautiful rivers to the height of majestic mountains guided by two metaphorical stories that will make you feel like dreaming. Your intuitive intelligence, spontaneity, and self-confidence will be reached out but most important, your natural stress-relieving behavior. Slowly, you take control of a small aircraft and fly around the clouds of your life, like a pilot in control of their own destiny. This recording has powerful suggestions which will help you to release any worries or anxieties that have been weighing on your mind.

Product type: MP3

Duration: 47 min 
You will get: 

  • 1 recording 
You will need: 

  • Headphones and a quiet place 
The download will be available immediately and on your account page.  
IMPORTANT NOTE: This recording should not be a substitute for any form of treatment or medical monitoring. Please, if you’re currently being treated for anything related to your physical and mental well-being – do not stop your therapy program and do not stop taking any medication prescribed by your doctor. Medicine and medication will not interfere with the efficiency of this recording.