Number 3

Searching through the internet for horoscopes and such, many times you would have come across a concept such as that of a lucky number. Let us tell you; there is a whole subject dedicated to numbers, called numerology. And people interested in that go on looking for numerology number meanings to understand better what purpose their life brings forward and how they can achieve it to their fullest. In this article, we explain the personality and life direction that is brought forward by the number 3.

Numerology number 3

Numerology Number Meanings: Number 3

In numerology 3 has quite a name for itself. This is because of how the number 3 is quite popular in general as well. If you were to notice, 3 is the last number that describes anything in their top tiers. An active example is that of the Olympics. Every sport has only three winners in the end. This gives its very specific aura to the number 3 meaning. There have been several proverbs and sayings too that incorporate the number 3 and show how it is important in life, culture, and literature. All in all, 3 is something that has been a part of our lives for quite some time and will most probably stay forever.

What is my numerology number?

Before we go on to explain in detail the meaning of number 3, we feel it is important that you know how various numbers come under the umbrella of numerology and what they mean. Most commonly known are the life path number and the personality number. Each one tells you more about whatever they are named after.

As such, a personality number requires your name, while your life path number requires your date of birth. There are countless online calculators that can tell you, your numerology numbers in a matter of seconds. It is only after you know your number should you come to pages like these for more information. So, suppose you need to know more about numerology number 3, this page is the right one for you.

What does 3 mean in numerology?

There are a lot of different directions to take when answering this question. For starters, 3 numerology is not as simple as you might think of it to be. Number 3, as we said before, is the divider between two worlds, one of the top level and one of the average people. In this way, many also see it as the bridge of communication between the two levels because of how it is connected to both.

In a corporation, for example, a number 3 person can be expected to be very good friends with all the people at smaller level positions, and at the same time have his or her way with the bosses too. This, of course, comes with its own set of challenges. The primarily challenge to face here is an identity crisis. A numerology number 3 person might get confused as to which sector they truly belong to, in their attempt of being good with both. This might lead to inner problems and catastrophe and stop the number 3 person from being their true self.

The Solution to the Problem

The solution is very simple. If you are a number 3 person, you need to realize that in the end, you are always counted as one of the top level people. If there comes a moment like a French revolution in your office (however unlikely, you have to consider the possibility of it for this), all of the staff at the bottom will consider you part of the top shelf. And even if you have a friend or two in there to save you, they will not be listened to in a mob. So with that gruesome and somewhat unsettling example, we hope you now understand that your place truly is among the leaders and not the followers. It is up to you to run that smoothly, so you never have to face a revolution, then again.

More about Number 3 in Numerology

One more thing that is very typical of a number 3 person is their strong and great creative ability. These people offer a perspective to everything that nobody could ever think of. The drive behind this is their extreme and hard passion for bringing about change in the world and making things fresh and more appealing than they already are. Some numerologists even claim that there is no better profession for a number 3 person than marketing or advertising because of their creative surge. However, we advise you always measure your strengths and weaknesses on a personal level too so that you can always explore fronts that are not discussed in numerology articles.

Number meanings in numerology tend to see a lot of different directions. In terms of compatibility, number 3 people are generally attracted to other people of the same number. Although many numerologists claim that the like poles repel theory works in this subject too, 3 tends to be an exception to it. This is because, in an environment where they are always trying to be the friend of the top level as well as the bottom level, it is a blast of fresh air when they get to see someone who is not above or below them but resonates at a frequency just like theirs.

That being said, number 3 is a very important part of numerology and people who belong to it should consider themselves very lucky. It is obviously something to remember that sciences like numerology are never the final answer, and it is your personal observations too, that play a major role in discovering your personality. Numerology is just a tool to aid to it.

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