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How to Perform a Money Tarot Reading?

Tarot card readings can be used to learn important information about yourself as well as the past, present, and future. People will perform readings to learn about love, careers, spiritual pursuits, and much more. Some people will even perform a money tarot reading in order to learn how to create wealth.

In this article, I’m going to explain several money tarot card readings that you can perform in order to learn more about how your financial situation will change in the coming months. We’ll look at how you can use a traditional 3-card spread as well as a money tarot spread that can cover varying time periods.

3-Card Spread

This traditional spread isn’t specific to a money tarot reading, but it can be easily adapted to answer questions of wealth or fortune. If you have a specific question related to your financial situation, you can ask it while shuffling the cards. If not, simply focus your mind on wealth. You’re then going to deal three cards.

The first card represents the past. No matter what card you play here, just remember that it’s in the past. However, this card can point to an aspect of your past that is influencing your present, and maybe even your future. It’s common for this card to represent an obstacle that we must cross or a trauma we must recover from in order to move forward.

The second card represents the present. This card will rarely reveal new information to you, but it can highlight flaws in your perception or even echo the meaning of the first card. Typically, it just reflects your current financial situation.


The third card represents the future. When performing a money tarot card reading, this is the card that many people fear. It reflects your financial situation in the future, but it can be a little confusing. Sometimes this card shows the future of the path you’re currently following, but other times it shows the future that will exist if you conquer any problem highlighted by the first two cards. This is something you’ll have to decide for yourself. Trust your intuition!

Instant Answer

Sometimes, depending on your current financial situation, it may not be necessary to perform a money tarot spread with 3 cards. If that’s the case, you may want to use just one card. For example, if you need an answer regarding whether today will be positive financially or not, or if you have a very specific question in mind regarding your wealth such as whether you’ll get a loan or promotion.

Some people avoid this type of money tarot card reading as there is a lot of room for interpretation, perhaps more so than with the 3-card spread. If you’re a beginner, this method might be a little tricky. But if you’re feeling confident, then there’s no harm in trying it out.

Start off by shuffling the deck. If you have a specific question e.g. “will I get the raise I’ve asked for?” then focus on it. If you just want a general understanding of how the day will go from a financial perspective, then you’ll need to focus on that. Once the cards are shuffled, deal one card.

Depending on your question, you may be expecting a yes or no answer. If that’s the case, you should consider each card individually. When you look at the card, does it feel positive or negative? Focus less on the imagery and more on the energy or vibe the card gives off. Then consider how bright the card is and whether that card has a specific meaning to you. If you carried out a vaguer reading, then you will have to interpret the card in the same manner you usually would.

12-Month Money Tarot Reading

The final method we’re going to explore is more extensive and in-depth than the previous two. It will require more patience and an ability to not only trust your intuition but also to see the bigger picture. We call this a 12-month spread, but you rarely carry it out in full. Here, you will deal one card for each month of the year, followed by two extra cards. The first of these extra cards reflect what you SHOULD do in order to create wealth, while the second reflects what you SHOULDN’T do.

Before you deal, you’re going to focus on your wealth for the rest of the year. Some people combine images in their mind in order to focus their energy on those areas. For example, picture a calendar with money on it or a bank throughout the 4 seasons.

If you’re doing a money tarot reading for the full year, you would deal 14 cards in total. If it’s already March, then you might choose to only do March-December, giving you 12 cards in total. Similarly, if you carry out this reading in August, you only need to do August-December and so you would deal 7 cards. A lot can change within the course of a year and so many people will repeat this money tarot reading throughout the year, just to make sure they are on track.

Each of the month cards is going to reveal what you can expect during that month as far as your finances are concerned. Sometimes, these cards will be advice rather than your fortune, something that you’ll have to interpret for yourself.

Clarifying Cards in the 12-Month Reading

Clarifying cards is a common practice, particularly when you’re performing a reading for wealth. Some cards are more difficult to interpret than others, and sometimes we need clarification, even when you’ve been reading cards for decades. Typically, you would leave all your dealt cards out and pull a fresh card from the deck, placing it below the card you’re struggling to understand. However, that isn’t always an option with a large reading such as the 12-month reading.

In this case, you would leave any cards you’re having problems with out, but you would return the rest of the cards to the deck, shuffling them, and then dealing one card per problem card. It’s advisable to take a photo of your original dealt cards, just in case you need to see the full picture of the reading again.


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