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Tip of the Week, April 30 – May 6, 2021

Back-to-back conjunctions in Taurus are a central theme this week. First, Mercury aligned with Venus on April 25th for their 2nd of 4 conjunctions. It might be imagined that these two inner planets form conjunctions all the time, but their rhythmic, cyclic patterns are quite irregular. From our geo-centric (Earth-centered) perspective, Mercury can only ever be 28, and Venus 78 degrees away from the Sun. Due to their respective retrograde cycles, when conjunctions will occur is not so easily predictable. The main point here, is that when they do form a conjunction, outer synchronicities will occur at that time period, encompassing about a week or so, and it marks a new cycle linked to the sign, degree and overall backdrop of the rest of the planets producing a very specific theme of influence. In a Birth Chart, this aspect usually manifests as some form of creative talent, again depending on the degree, sign, house position and the chart observed as a whole. This represents the holistic perspective.

Conjunctions activate new cycles until the next conjunction occurs. Due to their frequency regarding making conjunctions, which are 2 to 4 per year, these cycles are not long. Yet, despite their relatively short duration, the themes they will form are measurable in terms of outer synchronicities. The main point in this instance is the conjunction on April 25th is destined to stimulate a markedly strong emphasis on critical thinking.

At this crucial time in history and on a global scale, this specific emphasis is much-needed. The key to freedom is directly linked to our willingness and ability to take responsibility and not to defer it to people who do not really know and should not, therefore, idly trust and this implies critical thinking. The game of monopoly is too prevalent in the world and so too is the desire to win at any cost for some people organizations and networks. This desire is all part of the game of life and so too is strategic, critical thinking, just as is true of competitive games.

The other main story features the Sun conjunct Uranus on April 30th no less, taking center stage. This is an annual event with it advancing each year about 8 degrees. Yet, despite the repetitive nature of cycles it should be clearly understood that since Astrology is about observing any moment in time as a whole, which includes all the planetary alignments featured. In other words, this Sun conjunct Uranus is qualitatively different than last years’ or the year before that or next year and so on… Like a new player on a sports  team, at one level they all  appear quite similar yet are, of  course, distinctly different. Take the renowned soccer player Lionel Messi, for example.

This time, the Sun/Uranus conjunction on April 30th is at 10 Taurus. This degree also reveals an activation of a whole new level of critical thinking, contributing to the Mercury/Venus conjunction. So, both conjunctions share a key common denominator linked to the influence of Virgo, which is the sign of analytical and critical thinking that is necessary in many instances ranging from science and engineering, to politics and sports. Critical thinking includes challenging what we have learned with opposing evidence, and questioning the reliability of our sources. Genuinely thinking critically is actually a rarer inclination and ability than is commonly assumed, and may indeed be deemed an art.

The next time Mercury and Venus form a conjunction is in just 1-month on May 29th at 24 Gemini 31, due to fast-traveling Mercury slowing down prior to turning retrograde which occurs just hours after the exact conjunction. Thus, it occurs with Mercury stationary, prior to turning retrograde, which has the effect of strengthening the potency of Mercury and in this case Venus too and the conjunction they create together. The stationary retrograde effect can be compared to pressing down firmly as with acupressure. The exact degree reveals the precise pressure point and the deeper science/language/logic of Astrology refers to the entire meridian system it implies, as the metaphor goes. Yet, this metaphor is closer to reality than it may seem since meridians are an integral feature of holism and may be understood as a fractal principle, or the principle ‘wholes-within-wholes’, all of which are features of the greater whole which is the recognition that division and separation, although apparent, are ultimately illusions.

On a final note and speaking about illusions, the conjunction of Mercury and Venus in late May will activate a strong Piscean influence. What is noteworthy about this is that Pisces is the polar opposite sign to Virgo. On the low side, Pisces symbolizes illusions, delusions, self-deception, denial, escapism, brainwash, overactive imagination, hysteria and subconscious beliefs that influence perception. On the high side, Pisces is symbolic of the powers of imagination, spiritual realization, seeing through the illusion of materiality, mysticism, compassion and religious dogma transcending spirituality.

Of further interest and note is the fact that on May 14th, Jupiter enters Pisces and will be there for just 2-months due to turning retrograde, and then it will re-enter Aquarius in mid-July and complete its cycle though Aquarius for the rest of 2021 until December 29th. The main point for now is that this first official entry on May 14th represents a core theme of the influence of Jupiter in Pisces. I will bring more attention to this soon. Briefly and most positively, Jupiter in Pisces will manifest as a powerful spiritual impulse, yet it comes with a dark side, as well…

Michael O'Connor

Michael O’Connor is a full-time professional Astrologer and Life Coach serving an international clientele with 25 years of experience. His work is supported by ongoing studies in spirituality, the human potential movement, and the psychology of self-actualization geared towards personal health and professional fulfillment. Dedicated to his clients and consistent with his focus, Michael has helped thousands of people to achieve greater self-awareness, inner peace, and empowerment, and both personal and professional clarity and success. Michael’s background includes a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and certifications in Life Coaching, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Birth Order Psychology, and 25 years of advanced spiritual studies. Michael O'Connor Website

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