Mercury Ingress in August 2019

Three Times the Fun in One Month

Ingress results in a change in tone and meaning for a point, which is an energy shift designed to promote and continue growth as well as change on a regular and ongoing basis.  Each point moves at a different speed, so the ingress for Mercury, which is faster than Mars, happens more frequently and is part of a recurring cycle in which every point eventually “returns” to the same degree as part of its elliptical cycle around the Sun.  This article will look at Mercury’s ingress from Cancer into Leo (a second time) and Leo into Virgo in the month of August.

Changing the Tone, Changing the Meaning

On August 11 at 3:45 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) Mercury will leave Cancer and re-enter Leo. On August 29th at 3:47 pm Mercury will leave Leo and enter Virgo.  Mercury is the point associated with communication, local travel, learning, and information.  In Cancer the “tone” is emotional.  Because it went retrograde in Leo at an early degree (4d27m), the retrograde movement took it back into Cancer on July 19th. In Leo, the tone will be much more “excitable, creative, and entertaining”.

When it passes into Virgo, the tone will be amplified, like it was in Gemini because Mercury rules two signs, Gemini and Virgo.  Gemini is all about ideas, verbal communication, and learning. Virgo is about practical issues, problem-solving, and service.  Gemini “comes up with the ideas” and Virgo “explains how to implement them”; think of Mercury in Virgo like the instructions to put together a bike.

In Cancer, Mercury and its energy will connect us with our emotions and the emotions of people around us; we felt this energy last month and revisited the energy with the retrograde cycle.  This month will take us all the way through Leo, which can allow us to tap into some fairly powerful creative thinking and help “lighten up” and have fun before “buckling down” and doing what is needed when Mercury enters Virgo at the end of the month.

Mercury in Cancer

The time in Cancer can leave us wanting to “crawl in our shell” and keep the world out for a while.  Cancer energy is nurturing, and for the air part of Mercury’s nature this can feel “restrictive” or like “having to eat your vegetables before having dessert”.  When a point moves into a new sign and spends time there, certain actions and choices become emphasized. For the period between August 1st and August 11th, it is an excellent time to think about your family and your emotional needs.  This period will give us more time to connect with loved ones and retreat inside for some rest and healing (if you need it).


As with any material I write about regarding astrology, it is most useful if you know your own chart.  In my case, Cancer rules my 9th House of Mastership and Mercury will be passing through an empty Sign and House in my chart.  As a result, I am more likely to be activated by people around me who have strong Cancer energy in their chart, like my wife, who is a Cancer.  The period from August 1st to August 11th will have me re-thinking about my “philosophy” (9th House) of family and what I need to feel emotionally secure that I explored in June.

Mercury in Leo

When Mercury leaves Cancer and re-enters Leo on August 11th, it will go from water to fire. Mercury is the point that best adapts to other signs because it has rulership in both an air sign (Gemini) and earth sign (Virgo).  So, the water of Cancer and the fire of Leo do compliment aspects of Mercury.  When a point moves through a sign that is its “home”, it acts powerfully and naturally.  When it “visits” another sign the energy is forced to adapt, and some “adjustments” for points in Houses are easier than others.

Mercury is thought and Leo rules creativity and performance, so we have “thought” expressed through “performance”, like singing a song!  So, what should you “think about” or “do” with your mind and communication from August 11th to August 29th, when Mercury is moving through Leo?  Sing your song; dance like somebody is watching, and dance like nobody is watching … express yourself!  Arrange some game nights; write some fan fiction; visit a comedy club!

Mercury in Virgo

When Mercury enters Virgo, the tone will shift from “party, party!” to “its time to clean up the mess from the party”.  We have had our fun, now its time to straighten the house back up and get back to the business of responsibility and “ordinary” life. Mercury in Virgo brings on the most practical thinking and can be one of the best times to get organized.  Literally, clean your home.  Get all your paperwork (up to this point) in order for your taxes, so you are not dealing with a year of organizing at the end of the year. Fix things that are broken, do maintenance on things that need upkeep.

Mercury in Virgo is also one of the best times to think about your health. Review your diet, get a check-up, take inventory of what you eat and how much.  If you need to make changes, this period of time is one of the best to use to implement them.  Exercise is also important to review.  Are you getting enough, do you have a routine, do you need to make adjustments to the routine you have? Practical experimentation is another quality of this transit of Mercury.  Try new foods, try a new workout, and try out new people.

Philip Young

I am a spiritual adviser located in Cary, North Carolina. I earned my PhD in English from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1996 and had a career in academics until 2007, when I retired to become a stay-at-home father. In 2013 I “hung out my shingle” starting my business Black Unykorn Enterprises, LLC. I provide spiritual guidance using different tools: astrology, tarot/oracle cards, numerology, and past life regression (using muscle testing). With a home office, Zoom, WeChat, and WhatsApp, I work with local clients in person and distance clients from around the world. You can read about my practice and contact me through my website:

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