Mercury in Pisces, March 15 – April 3, 2021

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While Mercury, the planet that rules over our mind, moves through Pisces, our mind becomes somewhat of a dreamscape filled with ideas and thoughts that make us feel happy and at ease. Mercury in Pisces is when we create our reality; therefore, anything you engage with that you tell yourself you like, you will enjoy. If you tell yourself you do not like something, you will not like it. It is easy to change our lasting perceptions regarding specific topics now.

The way we allow ourselves to feel and think about the particular thing will have a lasting impact throughout the year. There is no better time than now to focus on positive thoughts, as any energy and time given to any negative thoughts and emotions will eventually spiral out of control and stick with us for a long time.  

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Our approach to life is not very rational and logical, and we tend to cloud reality with our subjective way of viewing things. Everything we are faced with now will be clouded by some personal thought or emotion, and it can be tricky to just see things for what they are.

It is essential to cultivate a sense of depersonalization to our approach in life while Mercury is in Pisces, as not everything exists to challenge us or offend us. Realize that everything is existence merely is, and our reaction toward it points to an unhealed part of our emotional body that we need to deal with. Our reaction and emotion toward things have nothing to do with that thing, but it shows that we need to resolve unhealed parts of ourselves.

While Mercury is in Pisces, try to swim in the ocean as often as possible. Being in water will have an exceptionally mentally detoxing effect on you.  

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During Mercury in Pisces, the way we perceive the world and others is a reflection of ourselves. If you mainly notice the negatives around you, it points to many negatives within you. The same goes for if you see good and beauty around you during this time, you possess this beauty and good nature within you. It is essential to pay attention to how you see the world now, as this will show you how you feel about yourself.

We might experience some incredibly vivid dreams, and while Mercury is in Pisces, our third eye is more active, which leads us to dream more than usual. Daydreaming will also take over our lives, and we can often find ourselves slipping away into our fantasies and dreams while we have to deal with actual reality.

We will become more willing to learn about things we had convictions about before, as our minds are much more open and ready to explore. We will reach parts of our mind that we didn’t even know existed during this time, and we will come closer to understanding ourselves much more profoundly. It is much easier to understand things we weren’t able to before now, allowing us to expand our state of mind to consider many new possibilities. 

Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius  

It is easy to fool ourselves now. Maybe you think you look exceptionally styling, but actually, you are wearing a fashion disaster. You might think that someone has the voice of an angel, but it will sound like a crying goat to others. Do not get overly attached to your current perception of life around you, as it might not be entirely accurate.

We might think that we are rational and fair, but actually, we are totally out of line in other people’s eyes. Focusing too much on complex tasks that require intense analysis is best avoided now, as our minds are not at their peak when it comes to our ability to focus. Instead of trying to call a spade a spade, just let it be. Not everything has to be understood and defined.

Mercury in Pisces is a beautiful time to learn how to just exist within the world without having any thoughts or attachments to what is around you.  


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