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Mercury in Aries: April 3 – April 19 

When Mercury, the planet that rules over our mind, moves through Aries, we undergo a period where we are restless, impatient, and possess a sense of urgency. We do not want to take our time to think things through and reflect, and we expect to see instant results. Others might find us to be slightly overbearing during this time, as we are very pushy and forceful when we want other people to listen to what we have to say. If others do not want to listen to us, we can quickly lose our cool and end up yelling at them!  

Nothing is sugarcoated, and we tell everything exactly how it is. We have little patience for people who are slower than us or who are overly needy and emotional, and we will not make any time for people who demand a lot of our time and energy. As a planet of logic and intellect, Mercury operates well in Aries, allowing us to get to the point of things fast. When in an emotional sign like Pisces, which comes before Aries, Mercury does not operate at its best, so we can now expect the mental confusion to leave our minds, and everything will be made much clearer!  

How to avoid issues & use your full potential?

Mercury in Aries is the best time to tackle new tasks and challenges, as you possess a fresh perceptive with a lot of focus. We see life through a child’s eyes, so everything we deal with that is new to us will be exciting, and we will learn a lot. It will be much easier to stand our ground now and to fight for what we believe in, as we will not let anyone walk all over us. Even if we need to stand our ground and argue to make sure our side of the story is presented, we will have no fear to do this as we know now what we rightfully deserve.   

It will be best to remain focused on initiating our tasks and projects during Mercury in Aries and avoid getting involved with other people’s projects. Mercury in Aries is a great time to begin something new, but it needs to be in relation to a long-term goal we wish to achieve and accomplish. If we help others initiate their projects now, we will be disappointed that we didn’t use this vital energy for ourselves and our own projects later on. The time to focus on other people’s projects will come. Focus on what it is you want to achieve now and initiate this while Mercury is in Aries.  

How it will affect Your Zodiac Sign?

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius 

If we have previously been nervous or afraid to say certain things to certain people, we can be assured Mercury in Aries will remove this sense of insecurity, and we will tell it like it is. Any sense of feeling unable to stand up for yourself and voice what you want and need will be removed, and we will be increasingly more confident, bursting with inner power and self-assuredness. We will be increasingly more competitive. If we have felt intimated by others or specific situations before, we will not back down or feel intimidated by others while Mercury moves through Aries.  

We will have many more ideas than usual, as Aries is a cardinal sign, we are booming with new concepts and plans! Try to write all your ideas down, as you do not want to overlook a good idea now while you are distracted and busy working on something else. We become increasingly frustrated with anything that is slow, delayed, and takes a long time to complete now. Our patience is running thin, and we only have time for success and achievements! Anything that weighs us down, we will simply ignore and not deal with now. There is no need to second guess yourself while Mercury is in Aries. Act on your impulses now, and you’ll be surprised to see what you are capable of. 

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Pisces 

Mercury in Aries can leave some of us feeling more agitated and hot heated. Our patience is running very thin, and almost everything we disagree with seems to get our blood boiling. We feel a strong need to “win” any argument, and we can quickly end up in some severe arguments or disagreements with people that are quite important in our lives and who mean a lot to us. It will be challenging for us to swallow our pride and let ourselves step back and let others be “right.”  

It is crucial to allow ourselves to still let others into our decision-making process now. We can be somewhat irrational, as we want to acquire that which we desire; however, others can stop us from making silly decisions that we will seriously regret in the long run. When we do not accomplish what we wanted to, we quickly jump to the next thing, not thinking clearly or planning effectively. This can be avoided by listening to other people’s advice and not thinking we are always right.  


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