Medical Astrology and the Art of Healing

Our belief system depends on rational thinking and thoughts. We as humans tend to believe things that have the slightest possibility to exist around us and are part of the reality. The science of astrology has existed since a very long time, it is hard to believe how planetary motion can be associated with different diseases and their apparent likelihood, but the ancient humans did their research and found a correlation. They were successful in their methods, and the medicinal sciences flourished with its contribution from astrology.

The Horoscope and Association of Signs

In Medical Astrology which has been growing since the time, it was transferred to Europe by the Arabs. The zodiac signs are associated with different organs of the body with certain characteristics about a related disease. They are given as follows.

1. Aries

Organs: They govern the head face and eyes.

Characteristic function: Aries with their fine intellect have a way of channeling negative energy into positive energy. This is one of the main reasons why in Medical Astrology its effect on the brain and its function is obvious. It deals with the physical energy of the head. Aries main area is the mental energy which it facilitates.

Diseases: The diseases it pertains to are headaches, fever, and inflammations.


2. Taurus

Organs: Taurus is more related to neck, larynx, and tonsils.

Characteristic function: The raging bull has always been able to cooperate and bring about the best in people around them. Therefore, in Medical Astrology, Taurus uses recuperative forces to restore health after illness. They have an aura of healing.

Diseases: goiter, thyroid disease, and other throat infections, etc.

3. Gemini

Organs: Gemini the twins’ rules over arms, shoulders, muscles, and even lungs.

Characteristic function: the survival of humans is through breathing. Breathing is the primary element of living. Gemini sign in Medical Astrology governs the breathing and respiratory system.

Diseases: Gemini is associated with nerve disease, anemia, and asthma.

4. Cancer

Organs: Cancer the gentle zodiac governs Breast, stomach, and the upper part of the liver.

Characteristic function: Every form of life requires nutrition and food. If taken in the right proportion, it would not only help in growth but also eradicate illness by keeping an individual healthy.

Diseases: it mainly deals with affections of the Digestion and liver-related problems.

5. Leo

Organs: The noble Leo concerns with the main heart, spinal cord, and spine.

Characteristic function: The role of Leo is prominent and crucial in Medical Astrology. The Leo sign is always associated with leadership qualities. When it comes to Medical Astrology, they are supposed to distribute, validate, and asses the vital forces in our physical body driven by heart, spine, and spinal cord.

Diseases: Leo diseases are the most critical of all. It got heart diseases and circulatory diseases.

6. Virgo

Organs: Virgo mainly reigns over the alimentary canal, intestines.

Characteristic function: Virgo is known to be taking too much burden on their shoulders but never letting those negative energies out. They have always maintained themselves and focus on their goals. Similarly, in Medical Astrology, Virgo can absorb all the important ingredients of our nutrition and leave the waste. They also clean the food by unleashing certain bacteria to eat off viruses or any other bacteria, but also to digest food.

Diseases: Virgo list of disease is mainly filled with Digestion.

7. Libra

Organs: Libra’s affect the skin, kidneys, loin, and appendix.

Characteristic function: Libra has an element of fluidity in their nature. Their flexible nature allows them to go with the flow and be generous most of the times. Their release of negative energy from life is what makes them unique. In Medical Astrology, Libra controls all the fluids of the body. It is their job to treat any liquid and then excrete it later.

Diseases: Libra are always affected by kidney related issues.

8. Scorpio

Organs: Scorpio mainly governs the reproductive organs

Characteristic function: Scorpio has always able to stand out as a person to influence others and inspire.  In Medical Astrology, its role is in production and recreation organs, which allows it to look over the birth of children and to repair the human body.

Diseases: Scorpio, as mentioned above, has diseases pertaining to reproductive organs.

9. Sagittarius

Organs: Sagittarius influences the hips and thighs along with sciatic nerves.

Characteristic function: Sagittarius has practicality in nature. In Medical Astrology, they tend to be associated with nerves of the body controlling the joints and hips for better walk and posture.

Diseases: Sagittarius can also predict or be associated with accidents by falling and other dislocation incidents. Along with gout, rheumatism, etc.

10. Capricorn

Organs: Capricorn governs the knees and joints of the body. It also has influence over hair.

Characteristic function: Our body cannot function without storing energy for us. Most of the work we do is a direct release of the chemical energy that is converted into mechanical form. It would be impossible for us to operate if there is no energy stored in us. Therefore in Medical Astrology, Capricorn governs the reservoir of energy which is used to store it in our body.

Diseases: Capricorn is more worried about skin diseases

11. Aquarius

Organs: It mainly concerns with the lower body including the lower legs, calves. Also, the circulation of blood.

Characteristic function: Aquarius sign is responsible for excreting all the toxic materials from the body and making it clean and pure.

Diseases: Aquarius deals with some important diseases which include that of the nervous system and muscle related diseases in lower legs and calves.

12. Pisces

Organs: Pisces control the feet and toes.

Characteristic function: Pisces sign is mainly responsible for the perspiration and lymphatic processes, which involves the removal of excess fluid and the transport of other types of fluid towards the heart in the vascular system.

Diseases: Pisces deals with colds, influenza, and mucous discharge related problems.

In Medical Astrology, the planets and the signs alike are responsible for determining the ability of our body to function. It is determined by drawing a birth chart, and then the patient’s disease is treated with certain predictions and interpretations. This proved to be quite helpful in curing illnesses of that time.


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