July 19, 2024
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Cancer Love Languages

The Love Languages of Cancer

The love languages of a Cancer placement have to do with gentle nurturing and fostering emotional connections.

This moon ruled water sign is often thought of as the divine mother of the zodiac because of its relationship to caregiving, nostalgia and homemaking. When it comes to love, Cancer loves hard and once they love you they will love you forever (even if it hurts them to do so).


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Sun in Cancer: acts of service

The sun sign is the center of the chart, the same as it is the center of our universe. This placement highlights our core values and characteristics and how those things create the foundation of our lives. A Cancer sun values emotional bonds and being able to hold space for others since they are such innately nurturing people.

When it comes to the acts of service love language it can sometimes be hard to compete with the ever giving Cancer sun native, but as their partner you should know better than anyone else just how much of a people pleaser a Cancer sun can be! So, show them how much you care by helping them bake the pies for the bake sale, picking up their mother’s dry cleaning when they accidentally forget, and then afterwards running them a bath at the end of the day to let them know just how much they mean to you.

Moon in Cancer: quality time

Your moon sign is the biggest indicator of how you prefer to nurture and be nurtured. As the ruling planet of Cancer, the concept of nurturing is integral to every aspect of a Cancer native’s life! Often a Cancer moon finds themselves in the role of the caregiver in their lives. They are comfortable being the shoulder to cry on and often encourage others to let their emotions out. Just as much as they have the capacity to hold space for others, they expect the same level of emotional intelligence in return. They don’t share their problems in the hopes that you’ll help them find a solution, they just need a shoulder to cry on, so practice your active listening!

Quality time for a Cancer moon should always be distraction free, so that means screens should be put away and listening ears should be on. Sharing personal stories from your day, and also from your past, is how you build up your emotional connection with a Cancer moon. Cancer is a very nostalgic sign, so they will often want to talk about their past (with rose colored glasses on) and when you do the same it will help them to feel more included in your life.

Mercury in Cancer: words of affirmation

Mercury is a very important placement to analyze in any relationship since we all know the relationship adage, “communication is key.” I would like to add that, while communication is key, comprehension is just as important, luckily both of those skills can be found in your Mercury placement! Cancer Mercury communicates through stories because stories are a more creative way of communicating and sharing information. Facts are often less important than feelings for this Mercury sign. Feelings are far more truthful.

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Cancer Mercury is about vibes as much, if not more so than it is about the words you say. I’m sure we all remember our parent’s saying, “I don’t like that tone” to us when we were teenagers, and it’s true that the way you say something is just as important as what you are saying. Your Cancer Mercury lover is going to pick up on the emotions behind your words, so when they ask how your day is, be sure to be honest with them because they truly want to know!

Venus in Cancer: gift giving

Venus is the planet of love and aesthetic attraction. This placement in your chart shows you what you find beautiful in the world, as well as what draws your attention towards other people. Understanding your Venus placement will help you to better understand what kinds of qualities you are looking for in a partner.

The gift giving love language is often misunderstood, many people deeming it gluttonous and greedy, but it’s much more than that. Gift giving in this context is about the fact that your loved one was thinking of you while you were apart and wanted to show you a token of their affection. For Cancer Venus specifically, giving and receiving trinkets and tchotchkes is the way to their heart, especially if they are beach themed. A shell, mermaid statue, sand from a beach you vacationed on together on your honeymoon, a cool rock, a shiny gemstone are all top tier Cancer Venus gifts to give!

Mars in Cancer: physical touch

Mars is often thought of as the planet of war, and that’s because the red planet is most closely related to our primal desires and impulsive actions. Looking at humans for the animals we are, our only real purpose is to survive, eat, and procreate, and we find the motivations for those things in our Mars placements.

Mars isn’t always happy in a water sign like Cancer since it is more intuitive and less impulsive driven, however when it comes to the love language of physical touch Cancer Mars truly shines! This is because physical touch as a love language isn’t about just sex, it’s about building intimacy through physical connection. For your Cancer Mars lover this means that cuddling watching movies on the couch, holding hands while walking in the park, stealing kisses throughout the day, and placing a hand on each others thigh while eating dinner are going to be the constant and necessary reminders they need to know that you’re in it for the long haul.

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