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You want to forget about how life last year went crashing down, as it was devastating for many people and incredibly surreal. The start of 2021 has not been overly impressive either, but there are so many reasons to believe it will improve as the year progresses. This will be the year that finally you will be able to take control of the pandemic situation thanks to effective vaccines rolling out, which will only increase as the year progresses.

However, whenever hardships happen, there will always be grief and lessons to be learned. Even though things, for the most part, will improve as the year progresses, there will still be plenty of challenges. And when it comes to those challenges, there also are lessons to learn. What lesson do you need to learn this year? Let’s find out, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – To Not Be Afraid to Be More Vulnerable

Aries is known to be a fiery hot sign and bold. That is why those with the sign put up a brave front and appear to have everything under control during times of crisis. However, the matter is that Arians are human just like anyone else, which means they experience fear and vulnerabilities just like others do.

Therefore, the lesson for Aries for 2021 is not to be afraid to show their vulnerable side. If you are an Aries and you are reading this, have a good cry, and do so in front of your friends so they can support you. The last year has been challenging. It is no good to bottle complicated feelings in until you allow them to explode with anger.

Taurus – Focus on the Present

Taurus is known to be steady and, at the same time, stubborn. There is nothing wrong with being stubborn at all, as that can be a good thing for focusing on attaining goals. However, the one thing Taurus tends to do is to worry about the future.

Overthinking about the future and worrying about it can be paralyzing, and the best thing to do is focus on the here and now. The future is changeable, and no one can really accurately predict what will happen.

Gemini – Do a Year-Long Spring Cleaning When it Comes to Friendships

Gemini is a very sociable and friendly sign, and those with the sign tend to befriend those who are not deserving of their friendship. Therefore, they can become friends with toxic people. If you are a Gemini, take the time to evaluate your friendships. Think about those who benefit you in any way, as well as who drain you. Who are the emotional vampires of your life?

The emotional vampires of your life are the ones to remove from your social circle. Don’t feel bad for cutting them off. They are not suitable for your mental health. You deserve to be with those who build you up and give you something back.

Cancer – Remove Anything from Your Life That You Don’t Like

Cancer is the most emotional sign of the zodiac and tends to be very mothering to putting their needs last. Therefore, Cancer tends to stick itself into situations that they dislike to please others. If you are Cancer, does this resonate with you? Because this is the year to begin removing anything that does not make you happy.

For instance, did you buy a wardrobe because you thought someone important to you liked how the clothing looks on you even though you don’t like it? If so, you will want to change that. Donate the clothing that you don’t like and start buying ones that you do like. If money is a problem, you can always find good-quality stylish clothing from thrift stores.

Leo – Let Go of Thinking About Those Who Hurt You From the Past

If you are a Leo, you would undoubtedly know that the lockdowns and the other challenges you faced over the year have gotten in the way of your peace. You tend to overthink about being liked, as that is your nature. In addition to that, you tend to hold grudges based on the fact that your sign is a fixed sign. You may be dwelling on old friends who hurt you in the past by taking advantage of you. You may also be thinking of your exes.

The lesson for this year is to work on letting go of the memories of those who hurt you and let you down in the past. That goes for exes, fake friends, and anyone else who purposely upset you. It will take work and time to do that, but it’s essential for your well-being.

Virgo – Start Being More Cautiously Optimistic

Virgo is a highly analytical sign that means this is the zodiac sign of those who tend to overthink and fall into the trap of obsession and negative thinking. It is hard not to think negatively since last year was full of so much doom and gloom with a raging pandemic and many losses.

However, life won’t stay this way for good. Nothing good lasts forever, but at the same time, nothing terrible does either. If you are a Virgo, work on being more cautiously optimistic about anything with a glimmer of hope. I agree with thinking in a realistic manner; however, remember that the pandemic won’t last forever, and nothing negative does either.

Libra – Patience Is A Virtue

Libra is all about balance and cause and effect. That means if Libra works very hard, then there can be the expectation that rewards will be reaped immediately from that to keep the balance. However, it is always important to remember that Rome was not built in a day.

If you are a Libra and you struggle with patience, for this reason, remind yourself that great things take time to build. You don’t experience overnight success with a newly created business. Or, if you made an art masterpiece, not everyone will notice it immediately. Those things happen in due time, which is unfortunately much later than the timing you would like it to happen.

Scorpio – What Others Think of You Is Not Your Business

Scorpio is the most intense sign, and those with the sign want to remain mysterious for a reason. That is because of being so naturally private. However, the one thing that Scorpio doesn’t hide well is that they really do care so much about what others think of them. That is because they tend to behave passive-aggressively towards those who they believe dislike or judge them. If you are a Scorpio, you cannot disagree with that.

It is not healthy to allow the idea of someone disliking you to consume you. Remember that everyone is not liked for one reason or another, and you are not an exception. You also have others liking you and focus on them. What others think of you is not your concern unless they go out of their way to hurt you, which most will not do.

Sagittarius – Be Easy on Yourself

Sagittarius is the most optimistic sign, and you would never know that they are quite hard on themselves at the same time. If you are a Sagittarius, that will resonate with you. You become down on yourself if you find out that you are not the most likable person in the world because you want to make others happy.

You have an ambitious nature, and you get very down on yourself if you don’t succeed with something. Remember, you are human; you are not perfect. Be nicer to yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Do your best and remember that not everyone will like you, and that is expected.

Capricorn – Don’t Hesitate to Start Over Again

Capricorn is highly ambitious and does not like to accept failure. However, failure is a part of life. And if you are a Capricorn, you know this fact deep down even though you don’t like it. However, the only thing you do to yourself is stress yourself more if you stick to something that is clearly not meant for you. You will work day and night to attain an unrealistic goal, but that only makes you more miserable and not functional.

Capricorn, this is the year to stop doing that and not hesitate to start something again. Don’t hesitate to let go of tasks that are not meant for you and revise unrealistic goals. Don’t ever be afraid to start your life over if you are on the wrong path.

Aquarius – Don’t Wait Around for Things to Appear

Aquarians are big dreamers and tend to dream without putting much action into making dreams happen. If you are an Aquarian, you may agree with this fact; as you know, you need to take action a lot more than you do.

Therefore, this year’s lesson is if you have a goal or a dream, go after it. Don’t wait for opportunities. Build doors to them instead. The same goes for waiting for a friend to message you instead of being the one to message them. If you want to talk to that individual, send them a text!

Pisces – Don’t Blame Yourself for Everything That Goes Wrong

Pisces is an imaginative water sign that can get lost in emotions. If you are a Pisces, you can agree that you can be quite hard on yourself. If something that is out of your control goes wrong, don’t blame yourself for it. It is not your fault if a loved one is upset over something that happened that has nothing to do with you.

Don’t take responsibility for anything that you have nothing to do with at all. You may want to help those who are hurting or upset but remember that you are not the cause for it. Even if you unintentionally upset someone, don’t apologize to them ten times and dwell on feeling guilty.

Life is difficult, and the fact is that if you don’t work on mastering those lessons, that will make life even harder for you. Even if things in life magically improved overnight, you would still struggle if you kept up doing the things that make your life more difficult.

Remember that it will take time to master any lesson, as you will always be a work in progress. However, make a vow to yourself to work on these issues daily, and forgive yourself if you slip up occasionally.

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