Jupiter enters Pisces: May 13 – July 28, 2021

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Jupiter usually changes signs roughly every 12-13 months, so it is somewhat of a big deal when it does change signs. In this case, Jupiter will only enter Pisces for around two months, and then it will retrograde back into Aquarius. Shortly after that, it will enter Pisces again on December 28, 2021. Jupiter rules over how we learn and expand ourselves within our lives.

When Jupiter is moving through Pisces, we can only develop ourselves when we work on our spirituality. We aren’t as focused on growing ourselves financially and materially. If something causes us to give up our spiritual values but gain something physical, we would instead pass it up.

We become more focused on ourselves and our reality, and we do not overexert ourselves for others, saving most of our energy for ourselves. Others might view our decisions and actions as “crazy” or “mindless,” but to us, we know precisely why we are making the decisions we are, as we want to stay in proper alignment with our spiritual values as we grow in this world.  

How to avoid issues & use your full potential? 

While Jupiter is in Pisces, it is vital to identify which spiritual values you hold and whether they are focused on serving and helping the world or focused on serving yourself. During Jupiter in Pisces, you will identify where your real purpose lies, whether it is serving yourself, or others. Finding a balance between integrating both the ability to consider your own path, as well as the path of others, is essential.

During this time, we can often feel that if others do not have the same worldview as us, we do not know how to engage and be ourselves around them. Accept that there is no one truth and that there are as many perceptions of life and reality as there are fish in the ocean and stars in the sky. Allow yourself to go with the flow in this ocean of perceptions without anchoring yourself to one spot.   

How it will affect Your Zodiac Sign?

Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius  

Our emotional receptivity to others is much more increased now, and we will notice things around us we usually don’t. Finding ways to be charitable and to give a helping hand around you will go a long way now, even if you feel like isolating yourself and being alone. We can call out injustice and stand up for the underdog now, and the concept of power and control over others is warped and unattainable at this time.

Spending time volunteering at care centres, hospitals and charities can go a long way now and is an excellent way for you to give back to the world and clear out some of your bad karma. Learn to figure out how you can help other people improve their lives and empower themselves, that way; they do not need to rely on the charity and goodwill of others for their survival for the rest of their lives. 

Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius 

Our inner mystic will shine through while Jupiter is in Pisces, and our weird and wonderful side will likely become more evident. We will shock others with our beliefs and spiritual views of life, and some might think we are as nutty as a fruitcake. Do not let other people’s inability to see and connect with your vision get you down, and understand that we all uniquely view things based on our past experiences.

Spending time in meditation and self-reflection is essential now, and reaching out to others who can teach you how to let go, be in the moment, and be more accepting of your inner conflicts will go a long way now. Watch out for becoming overly infatuated by spiritual teachers and gurus who lead you to wisdom and insight now and realize they are just people just like you. The focus should be on you, and what they can teach you, not on them and how prolific/incredible they are. If any teacher focuses on them and not you, they are not the right teacher for you.


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