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Have you been experiencing an acceleration within time and space lately? Like a vacuum cleaner has been busy removing the debris from your life and maybe for the first time in a long time, you can finally clearly see the ground underneath your feet?

Hello and welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier with Egyptian Numerology bringing to you the intuitive life path messages for July 2021… our number three Universal month.

Universal Number 3 Month

With the current calendar month of July, we have the number seven and when we add the universal number five year it totals to the number 12. We reduce the number 12 to a single-digit number by adding 1+2 = 3 and this is how we get the number three for our Universal Month.

But in Egyptian Numerology, the number 12 is significant in and of itself. So, I want to talk a little bit about the power within this number before we reduce it to the number three. Because if you are sensitive to energy and I know most of you are, then the energy of the number 12 will be the undercurrent of what we will be experiencing all month. 

Number 12 in Egyptian Numerology

In Egyptian Numerology, this is the number expressing self-mastery. The number 12 not only holds the frequency of a destiny trigger but also represents a maturation and spiritual cycle year, months in a calendar year, hours on the face of a clock, the number of Jesus’s disciples, and the number of members on a court jury. The number 12 is strongly associated with the heavens— the 12 signs of the zodiac, and the 12 stations of the Moon and of the Sun. The ancients recognized 12 main northern stars and 12 main southern stars. Most important, in Egyptian numerology, it is the number of an accomplished spiritual master. I do believe that we are all spiritual masters expressing life through our own personal adventures.

The number twelve carries religious, spiritual, mythological and magical symbolism, generally representing perfection, entirety, or cosmic order.

In Egyptian numerology, the number 12 is a particularly important cycle number. I call it the “portal of transportation” because it has the mighty force of allowing the universe to project timeline influences that trigger our destiny. I discuss this topic in detail in my book The Path of a Wounded Healer.

The number 12 in Egyptian Numerology is the number for self-mastery when dealing with the ancient numerical Sacred Initiations.

So even though this month is a number three universal month, we have the powerful overtone and undercurrent from the number 12.

Let us take a look at the meaning of the number three. This is a much-needed and well-received vibration this month because it is a lighthearted, easy-going, loving, and creative energy. It encourages us to express ourselves, speak our truth, and engage in self-loving activities. 

When serving the number three’s highest vibration, we become the messengers from the higher realms. The essence of number three is the trinity: body, mind, and spirit. It is the threefold nature of divinity, and when these are connected, they form a triangle current of sacred energy. With your acute sensitivity and empathy, you are an endless channel of creative energy with the ability to express yourself through various art forms this month.  The number three energy carries pure passion from the sun and is a continuous current of light, love, and laughter. Three represents expansion, expression, and communication, along with the talents of your heart’s desire. Three also relates to giving outwardly, to openness and optimism. It inspires your sensitivity, intuition, empathic nature, and psychic abilities while demanding that you experience your gifts on a deep and intimate level while expressing them creatively through the feelings of joy…and then share them with the world. 

Life Path Messages for this Month

We have had so many activations this year alone including the recent eclipse, solstice, full moon, and last month’s 66 portal opening.

We could use some downtime and respite from the fast-paced energy clearing and transformation cycles that have been an ongoing tradition this year. 

Here are the intuitive messages for our life path numbers. If you are a…

Life Path Number 1

Music carries inner wisdom, and it connects deeply with your soul. You are intelligent, intellectual, and strong mentally. When music enters your orbit, it facilitates a heart connection that is healing and beneficial to your creative process. 

This is important for you to integrate and implement this month. If not daily. What song would best describe you and your life at the present moment? This is the month to listen to different vibrations and sounds and find what resonates with elevating your energy field.

If you cannot find a song that fits the title of your theme in life, then you are encouraged to write your own song and lyrics. 

Life Path Number 2 and Master Number 11

It is time to take off the coat of armor and any other hardware used to protect yourself. There is no room for fear, doubt, anger, and frustration this month. . All of these are heavy emotions that only serve to weigh you down. It blocks your creativity, psychic abilities and connection to the Source that frees your spirit to manifest the productivity within the calling of your life.

Keeping the channels open is always a priority but this month you are being asked to go above and beyond to not only protect the portals but open new ones.

Be aware of the intensity of the energy around you. Wherever there is light, darkness is around the corner.  When Divine Timing knocks, be ready to answer the door.

You need to be able to move lightly in the world and channel the higher Wisdom from the outer realms.

Life Path Number 3

I used to belong to an indoor volleyball team called “Child’s Play”. I named our team this title because I wanted the players to remember that life is not a competition. At the heart of all activities, we can find our inner child and remember to play and have fun.

If there is any area in your life that you lack confidence in, go back to your original nature, your child nature, and know that no act in life is final until you come to completion. 

You are enough at all times. Not just when you do your best but in every breathing moment.

Trust that your sensitivity and vulnerability are rare gifts belonging to the light of Spirit. Not every gift needs to find a grand purpose to be useful but if you could channel your abilities into one Superpower, what would it be? Find your inner strength and become a powerhouse of energy. Use it to express yourself and believe in your greatest manifestation.

Life Path Number 4 and Master Number 22

There is something you have been needing to communicate and have not had the right opportunity to step forward. This month encourages you to find an honest approach to express yourself.

This could be communication to your family, loved ones, employer, neighbors, community, or humanity at large. 

You are encouraged to write, sing, paint, speak or use any other form of direct approach to get your message out and delivered. 

Remember that honesty without love leads brutally.

What role do honesty and compassion play in your life this month? When combined, they can move mountains. Could this message be directed to yourself or to another?

It is your magic wand this month in order to manifest, transform and create a higher version of truth.

Life Path Number 5

This is a powerful and spiritual time of year for you. The eclipse, full moon, and solstice backs you up to catapult you into the stratosphere in whatever intuitive direction you are being called to follow.

Whether business, relationships or purchasing property, this month gives you a thumbs up to move forward. Trust your impulsive nature and take action.

You have had an abundance of radical opportunities to move forward this year. Time to check in and ask yourself how you are doing? Are you sitting well with all the changes occurring in and around you? Do you need some me-time to evaluate the progress you have made so far? Is there some area of your life that needs your attention? Use this enormous opportunity to improve any dysfunction pending on the back burner. Sometimes anthills look like mountains when we allow distractions to divert our attention. You have the power to overcome all obstacles this month. 

Life Path Number 6 and Master Number 33

Take inventory of your home, relationships, and projects that you are involved in. This month calls for purging and removing what doesn’t belong in your life anymore. You have grown in leaps and bounds these past six months and if you take the time to do some much-needed re-arranging, it will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.

The Universe is asking you to make room for more uplifting and refreshing experiences in your life. Remember that nothing changes if nothing changes. You are good at collecting things. This could refer to ideas, perspectives, beliefs, or material items. Yes, they were useful and served a purpose once upon a time but if they are just taking up space now… then it is time to chuck it out. I see an abundance of opportunities waiting to be filtered into your life, but you need to make room for them to find a place to settle.  

Life Path Number 7

Channeling higher wisdom comes to the Life Path 7 in various modalities. It is an intuitive and creative expression that gives your soul strength and unique vying perspectives.

Your challenge for this month is to set an intention on solving one dilemma in your life. This could be personal or collective. Every day take a moment in the morning, meditation is best but not necessary, and state your intention. Watch throughout the day what the Universe brings to you.

Manifestation wants to occur in your life, but it needs clear intention and direction. The mystical powers of your endearing heart want to come out to play this month. Let them show off a little and become the alchemist of possibilities. If you could change, manifest, or create one thing this month, what will it be? Keep a daily journal and log the universal activities as they appear through various means of expression. 

Life Path Number 8

The number eight is here to learn the balance of energy flow. This is found in all forms of life: giving and receiving, action/ rest, creative expression/ meditation, and being able to recognize your reflection as you look out into the world while owning your power as the ultimate creator of your life.

This month list all the positive things in your life that you have attracted into your sacred space and find those same aspects within yourself that manifested as your reality.

All the loving people, special animals, your work, passions, money, nature, and environment, and all the endless possibilities that stem from your magnificent energy field.

Take a moment or two and feel your deep-seeded gratitude and then radiate it out into the Universe. Really see it working in your life and own your participation in the intricate web of physical reality. Sometimes all you need is a moment of clarity to appreciate the alignment of your energy force. 

Life Path Number 9

Self-mastery is important to you because the number 9 loves completion and self-mastery is the completion of your evolutionary spiritual cycle here on earth.  For you, this is not only a means of personal satisfaction but a road leading to a dimensional ascension.

This ascension could refer to another dimension or it could mean another phase of planetary development. Nonetheless, you innately feel the acceleration of energy in and around you.

This month is a social month. The answers you seek will come through people more than the usual portal or channel of elevated consciousness. Be opened to connect with like-minded individuals and new acquaintances. It may be a little out of your comfort zone, but you will intuitively be drawn to circumstances that will solve a mystery or two. Let your playful nature lead the interactions you have, and you will refresh, revitalize, and rekindle many childhood memories. 

This concludes the Intuitive Soul Life Path Messages for the Month of July. I wish all of you a fun and lighthearted month ahead. If you want to learn more about your Life Path, I will be offering a free Webinar Masterclass coming up. I will release the details as the time approaches. You can also visit my website. Thank you for your participation. Namaste’

Sara Bachmeier

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. Being a small and conservative tourist town, I felt most comfortable being a “Closet Spiritualist.” I have a teaching degree and the birth of my daughter inspired me to follow my passion to create and open a pre-school called “Readiness Daycare” under the Waldorf philosophy. In 2016, I took an intensive course in Egyptian Numerology taught by Dr. Sharon Forrest. I have always been drawn to Astrology & Numerology and this modality connects the two as a metaphysical and esoteric science and philosophy. After the course, I spent a year to advance my spiritual directive and wrote the book “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into The Fifth Dimension”. I offered Chart Readings and started a 90-day online program called “Uncover & Discover your Soul Life Agreement with Egyptian Numerology”. I am publishing my second book this year called “The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the asking”. My goal and Mission is to help individuals awaken to their unique gifts and abilities, point in the direction of their “North Star” which guides them on their path to explore, expand, and evolve into their Soul Life Purpose in this incarnation. Namaste 🙏 Sara Bachmeier Website