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I extend my best wishes to all you as we begin our journey into the New Year. 

2022 is a Universal number 6 year and it represents “Universal Love & Harmony”. It is a refreshing new start for those on a path of renewal and integration. This vibration points to the development of our intuition and the connection with beings from higher dimensions. 

Hello and welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier, the author of Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the Fifth Dimension, and The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking.  


Number 6 and the Frequency of Universal Love and Harmony

The changing of the universal number frequency this year could not come at a more opportune time. The frequency of Universal Love and Harmony also Blesses us with romance, balance,  beauty, health, and unity with family and friends.

It is the Number reminding and strengthening our connection to the Ascended Masters, intuition, and all beings from the higher realms. It especially points to the crucial activity of carving out the practice for self-love this year. 

The number Six represents our attention to the empathic lightworkers. These people are especially known for their ability to nurture and care for all sentient beings. They are hands-on people in their chosen occupations and have a strong sense of responsibility to assist the less fortunate and make a difference in our world.

Because Universal love and harmony always start with the embodiment of yourself, this year you are encouraged to go deeper into the area of self-love and self-nurturing. 

Find ways to incorporate domestic bliss into your life. This could include decorating, cooking, entertaining, gardening, and choosing a new wardrobe that fits your new transformation. Wherever you live in our world, this is the perfect time to reset your personal Theme.

The number 6 represents the alignment and power of our Christ Consciousness because when it flows in balance between the material and spiritual worlds, it brings us into harmony with our life mission. 

The month of January brings into a Universal number 7 month. Right off the bat, we are catapulted into a spiritual vortex represented by the characteristics of the number seven. We can utilize this energy by maintaining self-reflection and setting our intentions inward to manifest a heart-based productive month of solitude and servitude. 

The personified energetic blueprint you create through the birthing process is called your Soul Life Path or your resonance frequency. It is the vibration the Universe recognizes to ignite the fires of your living breath, burn a path that forges and sets the direction for your life’s mission. 

Your life Path number is calculated by adding your day, month, and year of birth. Reduce the total to a single digit unless it is a Master number of 11, 22, 33, or 44.

The Messages for January 2022

Here are the Soul Life Path messages for the Month of January 2022.

Soul Life Path Number 1

Summon your intuition this month and listen to the inner voice that calls to you. Oftentimes, you hear this voice but second guess its messages. Practice following through with your first hunch when it surfaces because when you take action on your intuition, it grows stronger. Develop your sensitive nature and learn to use it on a daily basis. Trust that you are divinely connected and that this gift has been with you all your life just waiting to be activated and utilized. 

Soul Life Path Number 2

You are very task-oriented and this makes you good at any job you set your attention on. This month, the focus is on your personal freedom and how you express your essential self while operating through daily circumstances.

Notice your unique approach to problem-solving and explore new ways of creating freedom while dealing with life’s challenges. Shake things up a bit and change your routine. You will notice that things will get done even though you allowed yourself to go off course. 

Master Number 11/2

How can you invest in yourself this month to make life a little more exciting and beneficial to your spiritual growth? Carve out some extra time to read that book you bought, listen to that lecture that you have saved on your computer, attend a concert and dance, meet that friend for lunch that you ran into over holiday shopping, and try out that new recipe for healthy living. Nothing changes if nothing changes, and this month allow yourself to change just one thing for your betterment. 

Soul Life Path Number 3

You are a channel for creativity and express yourself best through the arts. This month your future vision will gain more clarity by removing any clutter blocking your view. This could be in the realm of thoughts, emotions, or physical debris that got tossed to the side during the holiday festivities. Take the time to forge a path of simplicity by consciously setting the intention to make room for yourself to grow. If you have too many things obstructing your intuition, you won’t be able to see your inner vision clearly and you won’t be able to take advantage of the answers coming through from spirit. The investment will definitely be worth the time and effort. 

Soul Life Path Number 4

If you have been thinking about starting your own business or taking the steps necessary to go in this direction, this month’s energy supports you.

All of the necessary components will fall into place effortlessly if you put your intentions on serving the greater good. Look for the signs that surface or present themselves to you and trust the process while moving forward. You have worked hard to get to this place of growth and opportunity. The Universe wants you to take advantage of making your dreams a reality. 

Master Number 22/4

Your primary focus will be on independence and how self-mastery offers you the opportunity to attract interdependent relationships.

When two complete people join together to exchange their gifts while giving and receiving in perfect balance, you achieve a collaboration of greatness that grows and expands beyond the planetary dimension and raises the vibration of the planet. You will resonate with highly vibrational people this month that reflect your spiritual accomplishments and desire to move forward on the anticipated projects that you have been working on. 

Soul Life Path Number 5

When was the last time you played like a child? The kind of play that requires no thought or strategy but allows you to be productive in the simple pleasures of creativity?  Like coloring in a color book, building sandcastles, shaping playdough with your hands, or playing with a kitten?  This month allow yourself to get lost in the ridiculous amusement of child’s play. Let the ball of string within your mind and body unwind and open your channels to the realm of spirit in a way that is vulnerable, innocent, and unrestrictive. This type of activity will balance out your energy and free up some creative space for future projects. 

Soul Life Path Number 6

Do you hear the call of the wild? This month nature beckons you to bring some of her resources into your home. Get involved in Feng shui and decorate your home in balance with the rhythm of your soul. Add a water fountain, candles, plants, or an indoor herb garden to your living quarters and watch how your life changes when you live in harmony with the elements. You can even invite nature spirits to protect your home and family. This type of activity will help you integrate health and happiness while adding beauty to your everyday life. 

Master Number 33/6

You are asked to work closely with the archangels this month. They will be sending you signs, symbols, and synchrony throughout your day and even enter your dreams at night.  You are sensitive and intuitive and this month you will have an opportunity to expand your awareness even further with their help. They have an important message for you, and this will entail specific instructions on how to create an opening for you to channel your creative gifts and talents. It will be something different from what you are used to, but everything will fall into place when you allow yourself to connect. 

Soul Life Path Number 7

The law of impermanence comes into play this month for you. This means that nothing lasts forever in the physical world. You may have experienced some loss recently and the grieving process weighs heavy on your heart. It is time to examine your attachments and let go. This is not an easy task for anyone but once you learn this lesson, it will make life more bearable in the future. The most important lesson here is to honor the present moment each time it is presented to you and find security in knowing that you can maintain your balance in this place of sanctuary. Everything goes through a transition, and you too will someday transition to a higher and loving place of being. 

Soul Life Path Number 8 

This month you are being asked to balance the yin and yang qualities of your being and integrate them into your spiritual flow. This means look at how you use your logic/ intuitive, confident/ generous, assertive/ receptive, rational/ emotional, strong/ flexible, firm/ gentle, and survival/ expressive natures. Are any of these out of balance or do any of these weigh heavier than the others? You are a master at expressing energy and by evaluating these qualities within the structure of your everyday life, you can gain insight into the flow of your energy and how it moves when activated. You have the ability to change any aspect of your behavior and allow it the freedom to support you in the realm of manifestation. Watch and reflect on how you respond to the stimuli of the outside world and have the courage to adjust your frequency to enhance your spiritual growth. 

Soul Life Path Number 9 

You have mastered many lessons in this incarnation and now it is time to summon your inner-author and write them down in a memoir. The healing that occurs during the writing process will assist you in solidifying all the blessings that have come through as you have met each life challenge with dignity and grace. 

Making sense of your life’s journey is valuable not only for yourself but for others who may rely on your wisdom and experience. You start by summoning the most emotional memory first and in this way, you will see how a pattern of events unfolded just perfectly to help you become the spiritual warrior that you are today. Nothing happens by accident although to some degree not everything can be explained. Sometimes we will never understand why things happened the way they did, but this doesn’t make it less of a personal heirloom to the body of your story. Write about it anyway and in this process, you may discover more than you think you know. 

This concludes the Soul Life Path messages for the Month of January. You can get a copy of my book on Amazon or my website and to learn more about Egyptian Numerology please visit my website

Have a beautiful month filled with glorious opportunities and harmonious possibilities.


Sara Bachmeier

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. Being a small and conservative tourist town, I felt most comfortable being a “Closet Spiritualist.” I have a teaching degree and the birth of my daughter inspired me to follow my passion to create and open a pre-school called “Readiness Daycare” under the Waldorf philosophy. In 2016, I took an intensive course in Egyptian Numerology taught by Dr. Sharon Forrest. I have always been drawn to Astrology & Numerology and this modality connects the two as a metaphysical and esoteric science and philosophy. After the course, I spent a year to advance my spiritual directive and wrote the book “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into The Fifth Dimension”. I offered Chart Readings and started a 90-day online program called “Uncover & Discover your Soul Life Agreement with Egyptian Numerology”. I am publishing my second book this year called “The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the asking”. My goal and Mission is to help individuals awaken to their unique gifts and abilities, point in the direction of their “North Star” which guides them on their path to explore, expand, and evolve into their Soul Life Purpose in this incarnation. Namaste 🙏 Sara Bachmeier Website