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How to Perform Self-Hypnosis for Health and Happiness

We face a multitude of problems in our daily life. They range from mental to physical and have consequences on our day to day operations. Most of the time, without looking at it, we drive ourselves to someone who could help us out. To seek assistance from a professional is favorable, but most of the diseases are created by our own will and can only be treated by ourselves without the assistance of anyone else. Instead of being dependent on help, here is how to perform Self-Hypnosis in order to achieve a higher state of well-being.

A brief introduction to Self-Hypnosis

Without going into any silly connotations or claims held about Self-Hypnosis, we should focus on what it is about. Self-Hypnosis is a state of mind which you induce on yourself; this takes you to a state of trance and possibly makes you feel as if you are in another dimension. It is an exploration of your consciousness. Self-Hypnosis also involves the control of your inner subconscious, and you can easily exit the state by your own free will.

Self-Hypnosis allows a person to concentrate on his/herself and feel strongly about his/her abilities. The senses are heightened at a point at which they feel confident and better. Self-Hypnosis is found to be very fruitful against problems like Stress and anxiety, addiction issues. Depression, Chronic Pain, and most common weigh problems as well. Most of these problems that we face have a deep-seated truth about it in our consciousness. They are the product of our own will, and it’s through Self-Hypnosis that we can fully become aware of it and treat it with ultimate care.

Step by Step Guide to Perform Self-Hypnosis

Self-Hypnosis, as mentioned, is a challenging task because it requires full concentration and focus on the entire process and the experience of traveling into your deep subconscious might not be an easy one. Therefore, to make it a worthwhile experience, here are some of the following tips for you to follow before you induce yourself in the hypnotic state.

Pre-Requisite – Be positive

It is easily said than done. Before starting the procedure, you should know hypnosis doesn’t take negative for starters. It means if you start by telling yourself that you are not anxious, or you never felt tensed, etc. it merely would transform into ‘I was stressed and I’m going to be feeling tense again.’ This type of transformation is called the law of reversed effect. Self-Hypnosis Professionals have strictly advised against it. Instead, start with positive sentences like ‘I’m doing fine, my body is calm and at peace’ etc.


State your query in the now

This is an especially key factor to consider for Self-Hypnosis. While moving into the self-induced trance mode, you need to state all your suggestions to yourself in the present tense so that it becomes more active. For example, I will be more confident can be said as I am becoming more confident, etc.

Believe in the truth

Your consciousness can distinguish between what’s right and wrong, meaning you cannot easily fool it. It will know whether you are saying anything by heart, or you lack the courage to believe in it. Therefore, try to think about what you say about yourself. Instead of telling yourself that you will be doing good from now on, try to believe in it without making it sound so skeptical.

Ultimate focus

Lastly, address each one of your problems one at a time. The more focused you are on single matters, the better and effective the results will be. If you want to have a better sex drive or lose weight, even treat your addiction, then focus on the goals which you need to achieve to address that issue you are facing.


These 4 steps will help you to put yourself in the right state and achieve self-hypnosis.

Step #1: Find a comfy private space

To start, you need to sit in a quiet and relax place. Try to find a private space in which you will have no interference of any kind. Lose all forms of distractions, including your phone. Try to relax your body and feel your soul getting relaxed as well. The entire Self-Hypnosis process will require 15-30 min, so be ready to dedicate that time. Furthermore, try to sit instead of laying down.

Step #2: Relax your body and soul

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is a technique with which you can calm down your body and prepare it for Self-Hypnosis. You can also utter the word ‘sleep’ to yourself many times slowly to see its effect. The idea is to focus so that you lose all distractions. Therefore, focus on a single-point till you feel disconnected with everything and connected with your mind only.

Step #3: start focusing on your suggestions

This next step is critical to the whole Self-Hypnosis. This requires you to focus on your suggestions to yourself. As we mentioned the criteria for an effective Self-Hypnosis are keeping the suggestions in the positive and present tense. Therefore, repeat with yourselves loudly or silently. For instance, you are dealing with anxiety. You can repeat the suggestion ‘I am becoming calmer and more confident in social situations’ and focus on it.

Step #4: Time to Exit

You can deal with a multitude of issues in your self -hypnosis state but focusing is of the main concern. Whenever you are ready to exit the trance state, you need to it this way: “five… I am going to exit this state… Four I’m awakening… three… I’m awake…two…. Awake…One and wide awake.”


To put it simply Self-Hypnosis is one of the easiest and simplest methods to cure yourself of the many big diseases given that you are ready to focus and willing to deal with your problems; otherwise, it is a long, arduous task which is difficult to complete. Hence it depends on you on how to deal with your issues. Being your therapist is always rewarding and Self-Hypnosis done rightly for healing yourself is beneficial in all aspects to life.


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