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How to Manifest Money Short Term?

The approach you would have to manifest money in the short term and the long term must be two different things.

To build a stable, financially abundant foundation takes time and patience, mindset changes, lifestyle changes, and generally more work. Whilst I encourage this, and you’ll likely be wanting long term money, sometimes we do just need to manifest money in the short term to be able to pay a certain bill or get ourselves out of debt before it becomes a serious issue.

Manifesting money in the short term is easier (in my opinion) as it requires less work, but it does require more inner work.

A Spiritual Concept

The interesting thing about manifesting money is that it’s like having one foot in each world.

Money is a 3d thing, it’s a materialistic concept which belongs to the Earth. It’s rational.

The art of manifesting is a spiritual concept, the work is done from within you to create external circumstance. Manifesting money requires you to be in balance, so you can access both these worlds. On the practical, earthly side of things – to make money we would simply pick up an extra job or do some freelancing work.

There are restrictions which may block people from being able to do this. Time restraints, mental health, exhaustion. That is where we would use our spiritual knowledge to help us.

Acknowledge Your Ability to Make Money

The thing we must focus on when these blocks are in our way from receiving money is the root cause of why we can’t find the time, or why we are so down and burnt out. This way, we claim and acknowledge our power and our ability to make money.

When we focus on lack or worry, or shame about not having money/ how we can make money/ where it will be coming from and when we will have it by; we create resistance to receiving the money. We aren’t doing anything about obtaining it, instead, we are just reiterating and reaffirming to ourselves that we are stuck and powerless. These beliefs are simply not true.

The Need

Your first port of call when manifesting money, in my opinion, is to focus on how much you need and why you need it. Affirm to yourself that you are valid in wanting this money and that it doesn’t make you a bad person to want money.

We are conditioned to dislike money, feel greedy for wanting money. There is such negative energy put on money. To go all the way in and change your beliefs on money entirely would be a long-term thing. If you’re just looking to manifest money in the short term, writing down and reasoning as to why you’re wanting money will help make you realize that it’s okay for you to want it. You deserve money, everybody does.

Identifying the Reasons

The second thing I would then do is identify why you aren’t making money. Time constraints, beliefs, exhaustion. Then ask yourself, why are these things blocking my way? Why do I have no time? Why aren’t I finding these opportunities?

Sometimes, it’s more straightforward. You might find that you’re just not looking in the right place for jobs. Other times, it might be that you’re not in the right head space. You might feel stuck, down and out because what you’re doing isn’t helping you to become your best version. Your energy is spread too thin amongst all your obligations and when it comes to money, you feel too defeated to do anything about it. Perhaps you’re being inauthentic, and you don’t truly believe you’re worthy enough to obtain this money.

Open & Decide

In any case, what boils down to is that you just aren’t open enough. You just do not believe that the right opportunity will come up for you because you’re living in a box of rules. It’s okay, too. You don’t even realize that you’re living in this box of rules. What’s important is that you stop living by them.


So, here are the steps of how to manifest money in the short term as an overview.

1) Decide how much you need, and what for.

2) List what’s stopping you from creating this money.

3) Decide how you would like to make this money and open up to receiving.

In the third step, you can be as specific or as general as you’d like. You could say, ‘I will pick up this money by getting hired to work this freelancing gig that I applied for’. Alternatively, you could say ‘I will pick up this money by getting someone to approach me for a paid favor’. Then, believe it. There is no reason why this would not work out for you.

When opening up, at first, you might feel like the most deluded and crazy person.

Manifesting (to an extent) requires you to have blind faith. Once you have set your intentions, wait to receive them rather than doubting that you will – or feeling the need to be reassured that what you desire is coming. It already is. This is usually the most challenging part of manifesting (for a lot of people) because a lot of us aren’t used to getting our own way.

Manifesting is 50% about intention/belief and 50% about putting yourself out there.

To receive your manifestation, you will need to be in the right place at the right time. This could be on LinkedIn, Facebook, indeed, or just in town meeting a person who might just be your next employer. You would do this just by following your guidance. To know what your guidance is, just listen to the way that you feel. That is how it all ties together.

I hope this might help someone, happy manifesting.

Rebecca McPhillips

I'm a 20-year-old tarot reader, blogger, astrologer and reiki healer living in England. Spirituality and how it works practically is something that has always fascinated me, and it's what inspired me to start my own blog I love writing and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I like sharing.

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