Scorpio 2019 Horoscope

Astronomically, the Scorpio lies between Libra and Sagittarius. What does that mean? Every zodiac’s constellation is located between two others. The concerned zodiac then inherits properties of both the neighboring zodiacs in addition to bringing its own traits and horoscope to the table.

In 2019 the constellations formed both by Libra and Sagittarius will be imperative to the year of the Scorpio. It is partly due to these two zodiacs that the year 2019 is an unusually interesting and memorable one. Continue reading to know more about the Scorpio horoscope 2019!

Scorpio Horoscope 2019 – Ruling Planets and Astrology

Having mentioned time and again how the Scorpio horoscope is directly affected by its rulers, we felt it was important to include and talk about this section in detail in this year’s free Scorpio horoscope. A ruler affects the horoscope of a zodiac majorly. Its movements, nature and related constellations play a huge part in determining a zodiac’s horoscope.

However, for most zodiacs, it is pretty simple to understand the effect it does have, for the Scorpio horoscope it is not so simple, and this is due to the fact that Scorpio has two ruling planets; both the planets being extremely different in nature. Where Pluto is distant cold and pretty neutral, Mars is raging, intense and violent in nature.

Scorpio Horoscope 2019: Pluto Transits

Both the planets contribute in their own ways however the Pluto’s contributions are more prominent when the Scorpio horoscope reading is taking place as opposed to the more intense mars. Although mars indicate intense and extreme personality elements to a scorpion horoscope, we haven’t yet seen evidence of these traits. However, the Scorpio oracle also indicates the presence of these traits and astrologers believe that if put in a situation where a Scorpio is pushed to exercise this side of themselves, they most probably will. The year 2019 has this test exactly in store for the Scorpio. The end of the year tests the limits of a Scorpio and the true nature of a Scorpio may be exposed.

Scorpio Horoscope 2019: Mars Transits

Although Mars is considered to not contribute much to the horoscope of Scorpio, it is known that it does contribute a little and that little being fiery, rage and passion. The year 2019 is the real test of a Scorpio regarding whether or not these contributions are legit and genuine and if they are, how to control them, process them and interpret them.

Scorpio Horoscope 2019: Challenges Ahead

The Scorpio will have to encounter many challenges this year. Some harder than the others. The traits of a Scorpio will be contributing directly to the problems at hand and to the solutions to these very problems. The negative traits that will be creating these problems are being stubborn and brave. These are pretty contradictory to the calm nature of a Scorpio; however, astrologers deem these to be traits inherited from the zodiac’s ruler mars.

In addition, the Scorpio horoscope 2019 further elaborates on how this side of a Scorpio is important for this year’s Scorpio yearly horoscope because this may be the very ugly side of a Scorpio that is to be the very cause of some similarly ugly and hard challenges. Some more of these traits have been discussed further to put into context the problems that are to be occurring.

Every individual has a positive side to them and a negative side to them. Similarly, a Scorpio horoscope has some negative personality traits that we are going to discuss however they are not to be criticized because to have negative traits is normal. Reducing them or working on them is acceptable but human beings are not entirely clean of negativity, and that is alright. Scorpio tends to be overly self-criticizing and distrusting of self and friends. That is definitely a trait that may cause hindrance in friendly relationships in 2019. Romantic relationships are safe from this trait of a Scorpio, and it is limited to friends and general acquaintances.

Scorpio horoscope also reveals the zodiac as being quite secretive. That may or may not be considered a faulty attribute however it is this secretive nature that gives room to hide the mildly violent and impulsive nature of a Scorpio. This violent nature is never really revealed and very rarely comes out. Unless a Scorpio is pushed to their limits, there is nothing to worry about. What is problematic is that the Scorpio horoscope 2019 shows this very nature at the danger of being exposed. The secretive nature might just prove problem worthy as this will come as a shock to friends and lovers and some might even feel betrayed.

Scorpio Horoscope 2019: The Better Parts of 2019

The Scorpio horoscope astrology is often dominated by incidents that constantly are proof of the flexible nature of the Scorpio. The Scorpio horoscope is intertwined with its zodiacs ability to adapt to new places, people, and situations. Constantly thriving for survival the Scorpio zodiac reading confirms for it to be the zodiac sign that has the highest survival instincts in comparison to any other.

Whether a situation requires mental adaptability of physical, the Scorpio is bound to be most suitable to do both. This is a skill that is lifelong useful however more in 2019 than ever because of the fact that towards November a Scorpio is vulnerable to some drastic changes where the fact that they can adapt well be really useful.

In addition to that, the Scorpio also has the ability to maintain a level head and remain neutral when determining or analyzing situations. Although often criticized, this property or trait of the Scorpio is to use full this year particularly due to the fact that this year is to be highly controversial on any subjects and a lot of changes shall be occurring in a time like this a Scorpio could really use the trait of remaining neutral and out of the way of controversy

Scorpio Horoscope 2019 – Love and Romance

To find a soul mate and partner is an important part of every person’s life. Understandably so, the Scorpio is very particular about finding a partner and longs for being content and satisfied. The Scorpio horoscope claims it to be most compatible with Taurus and Cancer. Why is this so?

The nature of cancer and a Scorpio are very similar. They are calm and collected individuals who maintain a clear mind and when it comes to intimacy, are extremely romantic and affectionate. Their partnership tends to work out with a deep level of unspoken understanding. They tend almost always to have a remarkable and understanding arrangement when it comes to a relationship. It is thus o surprise that cancer is considered compatible with Scorpio according to the Scorpio horoscope.

On the other hand, the presence of a Taurus in the compatible zodiac signs leaves us confused. The Scorpio horoscope 2019 should be explaining this in more detail, and for now, we would like to remind our readers of the myth stated above regarding the Scorpio constellations. Half of those myths focused on a deity or a goddess protecting an animal or a bull in specific. That could possibly mean that a Scorpio tends to be protective about Taurus and favor them in most situations thus increasing compatibility. This does not mean that the compatibility is limited to intimate or romantic relationships, rather this just means that if you’re a Scorpio and you have a Taurus in your life, you know they are lucky to have you in their life.

Scorpio Horoscope 2019: Money and Career

The levelheaded nature of the Scorpio will be very useful this year. This year will be one that will count in the long-term career goals of a Scorpio. The 2019 Scorpio horoscope claims that every decision made will be crucial and will require an analytical and level-headed mind. The months of April through August especially see a hard and trying decision-making season. But the months after that leading into the New Year all see the consequences of these decisions. These may be small or big ones. Regardless, they will be crucial to the career and even more the business of the Scorpio. What is necessary is to avoid individuals that contribute negative energy to the surroundings. These can prove dangerous and distract or manipulate the outcome of these decisions. In general, the year 2019 itself provides no hindrances to success. The constellations and the stars are all set, the stakes are also high, and it is all u to the Scorpio to prove it’s worth

Scorpio Horoscope 2019: What This Year Brings

Now that we know so much about the Scorpio zodiac horoscope itself and have obviously been building to this moment, we are definitely interested in knowing what the Scorpio 2019 horoscope has to bring for us. It was mentioned above that the significance and meaning of mars being a planet to Scorpio horoscope would be explained in this section. Well, this has recently been confirmed by astrologers that there’s definitely fire within a calm and collected Scorpio and the Scorpio horoscope 2019 reads just that as well. Mars thus has to affect on Scorpio zodiac but in a hidden and secretive way.

Scorpio’s likes and dislikes are important to mention because their decision in the year 2019 will be highly influenced by these likes and dislikes and it is important to be fully acquainted with them. These preferences directly dependent on their nature of course. As a calm and level-headed zodiac, they like such traits in other people as well. They prefer long friendships and long stable social relationships which is what they will be looking for throughout the year. Scorpio has an instinctual preference for the truth regardless of how sour.

Final Thoughts

The Scorpio horoscope 2019 points out an important and new trait of the zodiac. It also shows them to be individuals who like to joke around and tease thus keeping atmosphere light and stress-free in their own way. Everyone likes to be right but a Scorpio more than most. Being right increases their confidence in themselves and assures them of continued logical, rational and level-headed thinking.

A Scorpio most dislikes dishonesty. The Scorpio horoscope avoids dishonesty as do the Scorpio dishonest people. As a zodiac with a secretive nature, they very rarely do trust anyone with their secrets. Regardless, they hate and are absolutely allergic to people that cannot keep secrets and they dislike revealing others secrets as well. Besides this, a Scorpio can mostly make do and adapt to many different kinds and types of people and situations.

Another part of the article mentioned how the neutral nature of a Scorpio horoscope would be important this year. The world is changing, and increasingly controversial topics are arising especially in 2019. Sometimes people’s words are even misunderstood, and they can start huge social media wars, and relationships even may strain. The neutral nature of a Scorpio won’t let it make that mistake of commenting anything controversial. And thus the Scorpio horoscope 2019 has a simple and smooth year in store for Scorpio. Besides minor and usual ups and downs, the year 2019 should be relatively smooth and comforting for a Scorpio.


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