Leo 2019 Horoscope

If your reading this article you’re probably looking for details regarding predictions for this year; money, friendships, relationships, health and so forth. Although the first section of this article does explain the history and journey of Leo into the year 2019, for some of us it is not enough to only know the logic or history behind the Leo horoscope, but we also got to know what the horoscope has in store for us specifically.

Well, the Leo 2019 horoscope has loads of ups and downs to bring for not only the Leo zodiac but also the people in the lives of a Leo. Continue reading the entire article to get the complete context and picture of the Leo horoscope 2019.

Leo Horoscope Reading and Key Constellations

The constellation of Leo was recognized as early as the 4000 BC, and it was known famously as “The great lion” amongst the Babylonians. The Leo horoscope is determined from the movements of the astronomical bodies and specifically from the movement of a particular star known as Regulus which also happens to be the brightest star in the constellation of Leo.

Leo Horoscope 2019: Sun Transits:

The constellations that the Leo forms with the help of the sun in the summers appear to bring the Regulus closer to the heart of the lion-shaped constellations than ever. The effect this has is that the months of May to August are to particularly be very “happening”; the 2019 Leo horoscope thus promising its zodiac an interesting summer.

Leo Horoscope 2019: Moon Transits:

The earlier months of the year are expected to affect the ability to make decisions of the Leo horoscope. This will be due to a popular Sun-Moon conflict. To overcome this, Leo will have to turn to their level-headed and rational thinking. The months of February and March will bring this test, but Leo is expected to pass it so long as they keep context and perspective to the scenario and decision at hand.

More about the 2019 Leo horoscope has been discussed further below in the article. Continue reading to know about what this year has in store for you because although half of the year may have passed, there is more to look forward to.

Challenges for Leo in 2019

The challenges that the Leo zodiac horoscope faces are directly a result of their traits. The constellations carry certain traits that lead to certain challenges facing a specific zodiac. Well, it is the same for Leo. However to understand the challenges we need to mention the common trend of traits. The traits for Leo specifically are derived from the Leo horoscope astrology; that is the placement of the constellations. Leo’s constellations form the shape of a lion. The Regulus star talked about earlier in the article is also known as the King Star, and that is since it places itself directly at the chest of the lion-shaped constellation. The effect it has on the general personality traits of a Leo is prominent.

Leo zodiac reading shows that a Leo is known for their brave heart and heroic nature. In a room full of people a Leo is most probably out of everyone to jump at a chance to protect and attack fearlessly. Their hearts are always in the right place and more often than not in moments for crises they end up thinking with their hearts instead of minds. Which may be beneficial for the people around but in retrospect might backfire at a Leo.

Regardless, the very fact that they have a brave and fearless heart and nature is enough to put them at parallels with the nature of the ‘king of the jungle’ or a lion. A lion too is a fearless and brave animal and thus depriving the symbol of the Leo horoscope.

The year 2019 is going to be very hard on Leo and the people around Leo in general. This may be due to the fact that violence will most probably see a steep upward curve in 2019 all around the world. In a time like this, brave people with strong hearts will be so important to have! Leo can change lives and save lives this year by being there for people going through tough times mentally and physically. This trait of the Leo is so useful and so very important for 2019.

The challenges that Leo will face in 2019 will not be hard enough to break them or bring them down. Whatever will be needed to deal with these challenges, Leo already will have within. The key factor will be to identify what is needed and when and deal accordingly.

Opportunities for Leo in 2019

To discuss the opportunities that 2019 brings, we have to discuss the traits of the Leo that will actually lead to these opportunities. So the common traits of a Leo include being affectionate, generous and loyal besides being brave, powerful, fearless and confident. These positive traits will be bringing one major advantage for Leo this year. Leo’s are most likely to attract people into making friends and taking on the roles of social butterflies in their communities.

If you are a Leo yourself or are friends with a Leo, there’s one thing you got to be thankful for, and that is the fact that the Leo horoscope will leave you with many multiple useful contacts or this year especially! As we know that contacts are literally everything. Whether it is social contacts, work and business related, or just day to day contacts that could be made into potential friends, this small advantage opens up doors of opportunities for Leo!

Leo Horoscope 2019 –Romance and Partnership

This is probably the section of horoscopes most looked forward to. Compatibility of any horoscope is always a keep topic, especially if the horoscope is a Leo horoscope because who could possibly survive the intensity of a Leo or make do alongside them.
Every horoscope has compatible and non-compatible horoscopes.

For a Leo, the compatible horoscopes include Gemini and Aquarius. When horoscope reading Leo, we realize that Leo generally has an intense life, intense moods, and risky nature. On the other hand, there are Gemini and Aquarius, both smart and accommodating horoscopes. Their personality is the kind that understands of their partners, and that is exactly what a Leo needs; someone who understands of the constant struggle to control being impulsive and the rare lack of control that does occur sometimes. This year’s Leo yearly horoscope reads attachment towards Gemini more, and yet their successful relationship would most probably be with an Aquarius.

The Leo horoscope 2019 also reads risk and the danger of the attachment to Gemini going south. Although they understand, a Gemini might come short on patience. This won’t happen soon, but if a Leo is to lose control and act drastically, a Gemini’s boundaries could be pushed. Yet a Gemini is more compatible for this year than other horoscopes beside Aquarius because Leo is after all an intense personality to keep up with.

On the other hand, there is Aquarius; more understanding, more patient and more suitable this year for companionship. The companionship would be long and the partnership fruitful and productive, resulting in many happy and peaceful moments. That is the Leo horoscope for 2019 only, however. We point this out because just because a person tends to keep up with the shenanigans of Leo does not mean they are the perfect match. It means that Leo very much needs to escape the intensity and put a lid on the fieriness.

Leo Horoscope 2019: Business and Career

A lot has been discussed about the romantic life of the Leo horoscope. It is now time to talk about the peculiar constellations formed by Leo in the months of autumn, that is, October to December. The year 2019 brings fluctuations in terms of business as does any year but what is different about this year is the fact that It also brings success! In the short term, this may not be clear to see and point out in some cases. But in the long run and most probably by the end of the year, the zodiac will realize exactly how much luck the year 2019 had to bring for them.

Leo Horoscope 2019: Mental Health and Life Style

The Leo horoscope 2019 is full of intense moments, the pressure from themselves and for them to be fearless, and in addition, the pressure to not be too brave or impulsive, amidst all this someone who is reading the Leo horoscope may overlook the fact that a Leo has so many contemplating moments. Where they look back re-asses scenarios and learn from their mistakes. Self-assessment and self-awareness is always a present feature of their personality. And although brave and strong, they crave love, attention, care, and comfort like any other individual. The partner of a Leo must know and understand this.

Amidst all this confusion and mixed emotions, a Leo may actually forget the goals they set for themselves. These goals can be career goals, lifestyle goals or even goals in terms of physique that is exercising. It is important to not do this. We have mentioned time and again how important it is that the Leo maintain context and keep reminding theses of the bigger picture. This will be key to getting through so many of these problems.

Leo Horoscope 2019 – A General Overview

The year has passed some will say, and others will just claim they don’t believe horoscopes. People go to lengths to convince their minds and kill the curiosity within. However, if you’re still reading this article, you’re in luck because we’re bringing to you the free Leo horoscope for the year 2019. It’s been a lot of months into the year, and it’s important to know what the year has meant and what still to make of it. The year 2019 is should bring a new wave of growth in terms of increased emotional intelligence for the Leo horoscope.

The Leo oracle for the year 2019 has a lot in store in terms of intensity at least. Yet there may be times that this control is lost and what a Leo might think is needed (in terms of action) backfires now and destroys the things around him. The things could be relationships, materialistic things and much more. A Leo yearly horoscope could bring happiness and joy intertwined with rage, fury, and disaster leaving a Leo and the people around a Leo confused, or happy or extremely distraught.

Whether this will help with the Leo individual avoid being impulsive, we don’t know yet, but it’s entirely up to the zodiac themselves. The fact that there has been an increase in emotional intelligence for the Leo horoscope 2019 could mean significant positive change in their attitude and yet at the same time, it could also mean nothing externally and yet have massive affect internally for the mind of a Leo.

To be emotionally aware and intelligence means to mature. And to mature is to deal with the problems of lie responsibly and more successfully. We can’t promise you a lot, but you’re promised maturity this year if you are a Leo.


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