The Snake Horoscope 2019

Contrary to the negative image snakes have in the West, snakes don’t have a sinister reputation in the East. Snakes are considered to be generous, good, charming and seductive. They love living in society, but they also like to isolate themselves to think sometimes.

They don’t usually have big financial worries because they know how to get money and guarantee themselves a comfortable life. Snakes know how to stop and think before launching themselves into action. Their charming and seductive appearance in fact hides a rather reserved personality.

Although they love socializing and going out, they also appreciate spending a day alone doing nothing, reading, lazing about and thinking of projects… In love, they can be very persuasive and are appreciated for their generosity and sensuality.

Nevertheless, they are suspicious and always on their guard. They struggle to trust people and are rather jealous. Their sometimes excessively possessive side often causes harm and makes romantic relationships difficult. Sometimes, that leads to separation. Snakes generally trust themselves to make their own decisions and only rarely listen to the opinion of others. They rely more on their intuition than on logic and thought to make decisions.

Snakes, when highly motivated, can get through a considerable amount of work to reach their goals. They are very enthusiastic when beginning a new project. Sometimes, they struggle to understand why others don’t share that same enthusiasm. The great intelligence and creativity of Snakes are great assets in all fields.

Snakes would benefit from being less arrogant, taking more time to get to know themselves and exploring their great qualities. They would thus develop their self-confidence, which is sometimes lacking.

Astrological predictions for the Snake for the year of the Pig

Some good positive vibrations should give you lots of physical energy and a can-do attitude.

Take advantage of that to throw yourself into lots of projects, but without spreading yourself too thin. Limit yourself to a few projects that really matter to you.

General tips

Don’t overexert yourself because you risk draining your energy reserves too much and they would quickly run dry. Which would likely tire you out too often and you would lose motivation.

You need to know when to rest and take advantage of these breaks to work on developing or reviewing your projects, or correcting their flaws.

By setting yourself these periods of analysis, you’ll actually save time and you’ll learn more easily from your failures. In this way, you’ll become more efficient and you’ll find it easier to concentrate on your objectives and to work towards them regularly.

Don’t wait to have the perfect plan to take action because of a lack of confidence in yourself and in your abilities. It’s precisely by confronting your abilities to reality that you’ll be able to improve and develop your self-confidence. Don’t hesitate to lean on people who mean a lot to you in difficult times and to ask them for advice or help, which you will sometimes require to overcome a few tough moments.

On these occasions, you’ll discover certain people whom you thought you knew, and you’ll see that you misjudged them. Follow your desires and passions, even if they seem to go against what exists or what is done. You’ll need great psychological strength for that, but you’ll come out of it with more assurance and inner strength.

Career – Money

In terms of finances and/or your career, things will turn in your favor if you find the right reasons to drive you to take action in the right way, on a regular basis.

If you persevere in taking action in the right way to realize your desires and projects, you’ll feel self-confident, daring and brave, which will help you to move forwards faster.

Show determination and don’t doubt yourself. Which will reinforce your motivation. Feed it by going about realizing your personal plans, without worrying about any objections people might bring against you out of jealousy or because they doubt your ability to succeed.

Pay no heed to these obstacles and remember, in moments of doubt or hesitation, your vibrations are favorable for you. Indeed, the year of the Pig is predicted to be an important year for you. It will even be very successful if you follow the advice given here.

However, be careful to not let success go to your head, and don’t forget that you also need others in order to succeed. With this in mind, avoid being too authoritarian in your relationships with others.

Indeed, if you have a strong character, don’t impose your ideas on others. Try to bring them over to your side voluntarily by showing them their interest in giving you advice or helping you. You’ll have the abilities required to realize projects that mean a lot to you. You can realize your ambition if you take a methodical approach and if you organize yourself in an effective way to accomplish your objectives.

Be careful to avoid phases where you feel discouraged or demotivated. You must take action when you begin to feel the intensity of your reasons driving you to act diminishing. React before it’s too late.

If your motivation isn’t strong enough or isn’t driving you to take action, change it as quickly as possible so that you don’t experience a decline in your activities, or even a doubt about your ability to succeed.

No matter what happens, remain motivated and constantly think about the goal you wish to achieve. That should support your action. Don’t let yourself be carried away by sudden character changes that could occur when you think things are moving too slowly.

The financial sector will be favorable to you if you have clear, precise objectives and a strong-enough drive to become wealthy.

Ensure you follow this advice. Otherwise, your year will be difficult and your financial disappointments will have a negative effect on your state of mind. With a little effort, you won’t find it too difficult to maintain a comfortable financial level.

If you follow the advice given here, you shouldn’t experience any big problems in terms of finances. You should even see your finances flourish in the second part of this year of the Pig.

Love – Friendship

Regardless of the state of your romantic relationships at the beginning of this year of the Pig, they should experience unexpected developments in the months to come, with lots of highs and, thankfully, very few lows.

Even if you strongly desire and wish to improve your emotional situation or experience more satisfaction, don’t force things. Ensure your relationships are built on a voluntary basis without forcing anything or pressuring people you like or who catch your attention. Otherwise, your relationships won’t last.

Let your nature speak for itself and don’t adopt ideas, behavior or actions that aren’t in keeping with your character to attract the attention of people you’re interested in. You won’t be able to build strong connections.

Favor dialog in your relationships in this field. Don’t impose your ideas, and try persuasion rather than force when you’re trying to convince those close to you, or the person of your dreams, that you are right.

You love your independence, but you will sometimes have to make concessions in order to live in harmony and have peaceful loving relationships throughout this year of the Pig. The opposition you may encounter will strengthen you and give you more assurance in every field.

Take advantage of what you learn from life’s emotional mishaps to mix water with wine and be more conciliatory and understanding in your romantic relationships.

Of course, you can be honest expressing your ideas or giving your opinion when your partner asks you to, but try to not be too abrupt or cutting in your answers. Don’t reach a breaking point and don’t risk offending the other person with comments that are too hurtful, which could make disagreements worse.