The Rooster Horoscope 2019

Roosters have a keen intelligence, a vivacious spirit and an agile mind. They are capable of quickly facing up to a large number of situations. It is difficult to catch them off-guard and they find solutions quickly. When undertaking something, they prefer to use proven methods rather than riskier new techniques.

They are always very vigilant and it’s difficult to take them by surprise. When they have an idea in mind, it’s not easy to make them change their course or opinion. Roosters are reliable because, for them, loyalty, values and keeping promises are essential. They are honest, sometimes a little too much so, because they don’t sugarcoat what they think at the risk of shocking people.

Roosters like order and for things to be tidy. They always want to control the situation and lead operations as they please. They hate taking orders from someone else. Roosters care a lot about their appearance. They are very well-groomed. For them, that’s an essential value and a sign of self-respect.

Roosters are very selective in love. Because of their complex personality, they aren’t easy to understand and figure out. They need to be listened to and understood. If they find the right person, they will be the most adorable partner: attentive, loyal, honest… They also need to learn how to let go, how to not always take things so seriously. They would benefit from not judging others too much and letting them live in their own way without criticizing them.

Astrological predictions for the Rooster for the year of the Pig

What would you say to achieving all the objectives that you set but never achieved until now? And, in only one year? What if the year of the Pig is your year? The one where you make giant strides towards realizing a large part of your desires and dreams.

You’ll need to see it to believe it, because you will be bathing in a flow of astral vibrations unlike any you have felt in a very long time.

General tips

If you have projects underway, this year will be the time to put the finishing touches on them because you shouldn’t encounter many obstacles to your ambitions, especially in February, March and May. So don’t waste any time – refresh any projects that were idle or implement new ones as soon as possible.

Don’t let yourself be stopped by your doubts, by your fear of the unknown or because you don’t feel like you’re in the best position to take action.

Forge ahead and you’ll learn from your mistakes by confronting your ideas with reality, because, as the proverb goes: “Practice makes perfect!”  Thus, you’ll overcome the lack of self-confidence that you sometimes feel when you think about your past failures.

These failures gave you a bad image of yourself and imprinted in your mind the idea that succeeding would always be difficult for you. However, there is no objective reason that you would never experience success. That’s the result of false and subjective presumptions.

You can shatter this false idea of yourself during this year of the Pig, which will present you with plenty of opportunities to make your dreams come true. Stop being too kind as others often see that as a sign of weakness.

Of course, you can help others, but without pushing your own interests into the background, because you’ll suffer from that in the end.

Career – Money

Adopt a positive mindset and trust the positive vibrations that will appear in your favor during this year of the Pig. Leave the winding road that you have been following until now, to create a straight path that will lead you towards your objectives faster.

Don’t doubt your ability to succeed. Fight the fear that sometimes washes over you when you’re faced with the unknown by telling yourself that you are capable of overcoming all the challenges that present themselves.

Go from thinking “I can’t” to “I can” and from “I’m incapable” to “I’m capable” in all circumstances, as soon as a doubt appears about your ability to see your objectives through to the end. So, when you think: “I’m not capable of achieving this objective, of getting richer, of experiencing happiness…”, fight these negative ideas by immediately taking the opposite view against these blockages.

Replace these negative thoughts with: “I am capable of achieving this objective, of getting richer, of experiencing happiness…”. Eventually, you’ll reverse the negative trend that you had created in your mind thanks to this new flow of positive ideas that will lead you to success and strengthen your will.

Under these conditions, by following the advice given here, you’ll prove your astrological predictions of the Pig right for predicting a prosperous year for you. Make sure you always have a general overview of things by predicting all the outcomes to your actions, whether positive or negative, and you will never be caught off-guard.

Thus, you will begin the year under the best auspices and you will stack all the odds in your favor. You will also benefit from your most favorable months in terms of finances: March, April, May, June, August and September.

Love – Friendship

Try to be less emotional in your relationships with others, both in your love life and friendships. Sometimes, you struggle to control your emotions because you are thin-skinned and very sensitive.

You occasionally overreact to what others say because you often feel like they are questioning you. Because you are so sensitive, you sometimes say hurtful things, become withdrawn and shut yourself away angrily.

Try to relax more to learn to better control your emotions and regain control of yourself in the event of confrontations with others. You can thus question, in a few minutes, measures or projects that were implemented sometimes a few weeks, months, or even years before.

When you’re not in control of your emotions, you can then say things that can’t be taken back or do things that can’t be undone. Stop doing that. You’ll therefore become more determined to persuade or conquer the people you wish to seduce or convince them to come over to your way of thinking.

As a result, you’ll experience more peaceful, pleasant and satisfying romantic relationships, if you manage to calm the flow of emotions that you sometimes drown in when you can’t control yourself.

Open yourself up more to the person you hold close to your heart during this year of the Pig, because your lack of communication has caused lots of problems in the past, both with love and friendship. Improve that. You’ll then succeed more and more in seeing your projects through to the end and quickly drawing nearer to the life of your dreams.


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