The Rat Horoscope 2019

They are known for their powers of persuasion. They have a natural charm that is difficult to resist. Their natural social skills allow them to fit in anywhere. Their easy-going manner and sweet disposition make them a very sought-out friend.

Rats have a tendency to accumulate, scrimp, save, and keep things, even if they don’t them. They are therefore a little inclined to be greedy and favor their personal interests.

They may seem amiable, but underneath they’re ruthlessly calculating and never do anything for nothing, because they are very materialistic. They never miss an opportunity to say what they’re thinking. They are quick to lose their temper. But although these fits of anger are violent, they often know how to regain control and not overstep certain limits.

They are very curious. Their vivacious spirit allows them to accumulate lots of knowledge and wisdom that they store in anticipation of potential future use. Rats love challenges because that allows them to stay alert all the time and to improve themselves.

They do lots of activities. Which doesn’t leave much room for their private lives. And yet, it’s by making room for someone else that they will be able to be truly happy.

Astrological predictions for the Rat for the year of the Pig

Don’t put off solving your problems till tomorrow, and don’t avoid unfavorable events if you can’t escape them. Face them, not by considering them as problems, but rather as challenges to be taken on.

General tips

You can of course ask others for advice, but make sure to follow it in your way by adapting it to your mindset. Then: learn from it.

Your destiny is in your hands and you can take control of it at any moment if you so decide. Don’t wait for others to take action for you – take action as soon as you can in order to remain in control of your life.

Don’t put off making decisions, but rather make your choices quickly and take action without waiting for the perfect conditions or dream plan. Take action as soon as you can and adapt to situations as they present themselves to you on a case-by-case basis. You will improve through practice by following your principles, and not by dreaming about your life in a theoretical way.

You will therefore be able to overcome obstacles much more easily than you might think. You will build up your self-confidence and your self-esteem. Resolving your problems as soon as they appear, or as soon as possible, will also prevent you from needlessly wasting energy avoiding or ignoring them.

That will help you to avoid burn-out, exhaustion or a loss of dynamism, which are lurking around the corner for you. Similarly, by tackling your problems head on, you’ll avoid stress, which could lead you to feel irritated or discouraged or to abandon your projects.

Indeed, you’ll need all your physical and psychological vitality to succeed in your ongoing projects or those that you will begin during the year of the Pig.

Career – Money

You’ll experience a few difficulties in this field, especially in the first four months of this year of the Pig, until May. During this time, avoid starting new projects or taking initiatives in your work, or even to earn more money. Keep a low profile!

You should have problems with motivation and concentration, which would cause you harm and risk making you take bad decisions.

Don’t take on any new commitments, at least not during the first two months of your year of the Pig, because you would find it difficult to deal with them and risk tarnishing your reputation.

Content yourself with doing your work to the best of your ability by developing your knowledge and improving your skills and expertise. This wise behavior will be profitable for you during the second half of your year of the Pig, which should prove itself to be more favorable in this field.

You risk having organizational problems and not being able to concentrate consistently on objectives long-term. Avoid pointless distractions that would make you lose sight of your main goals.

Your success will come from you and not from others. Also, regularly work on your project, without worrying about negative comments that others bring against you.

Good prospects await you for this year of the Pig, with many opportunities to win money and improve your finances.

Adopt a positive vision of money by perceiving it as a means to achieve the life of your dreams and not as a goal in itself. So, act in this way from the fourth month of the year of the Pig, which will then favor you financially.

Rely on your projects to improve your finances and work at being financially independent rather than depending on other people’s money. Indeed, on the one hand, you’ll have to pay it back one day, and on the other, you’ll put off implementing your projects.

You’ll therefore need more time to put them to the test on a day-to-day basis, to learn from obstacles that you encounter and to improve the development of the expertise necessary for their success.

Love – Friendship

In terms of love, you also risk experiencing great changes in your emotional relationships.

If you are seeking a lasting relationship, you’ll need to change some of your ideas and, as a result, often act in a different way to how you may have acted in the past.

Pay closer attention to the person you like, or will like, during the year of the Pig. Show genuine interest in them. Otherwise, they will feel like you are only seeking to satisfy your own desires and the relationship won’t last.

Similarly, you sometimes appeared to let yourself be pushed around and subjected to relationships during the previous year. So, it will be time to get a grip and take back control in the emotional field.

When you encounter problems, don’t put off resolving them till later. Face them head on and resolve them as fast as you can. The longer you put off facing obstacles, the harder it will be to overcome them and the worse they will affect your mental health.

If you have a romantic commitment or wish to begin a relationship in the first months of the year of the Pig, you’ll encounter some conflict, but that won’t necessarily be a bad sign.

These hitches will be a way to challenge and strengthen your relationship. If you manage to get past this little crisis, your connection will find itself reinforced. The year of the Pig will be a year of rebirth and renewal in terms of your friendships.

You’ll need to make choices among your friends to sort the real ones from the fake ones. You’ll have to clearly define this list and include only those who are there for you. You’ll encounter a few difficulties in your friendships because of some conflict and disagreements that you’ll struggle to resolve.

In any case, don’t let disagreements drag on and resolve them as soon as possible, otherwise, with time, they will become harder to resolve.


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