The Monkey Horoscope 2019

Monkeys are hedonist. They enjoy playing, having fun and having a good time. They are funny and mischievous. They are always the first to party. They are always on the lookout for the slightest reason to celebrate. They are also natural clowns. They like to entertain, make people laugh and spread joy and good cheer wherever they go. They know how to listen to others and are good confidants.

They avoid complicated, contentious situations and conflict. They always manage to get by skillfully. Nonetheless, they don’t have a very strong moral compass. They are capable of breaking all the rules, all the taboos, and all the habits, to quench their unquenchable thirst for pleasure and enjoyment.

Monkeys are very curious and interested in everything, all the time. Which means they are very knowledgeable. They are in fact sought out because they know how to present things while being funny and skillfully capture the attention of their listeners.

The main problem for Monkeys is that they don’t have any limits and they struggle to control themselves. Which can lead to all sorts of excesses: alcohol, sex, drugs, obesity… or addictions that they will struggle to kick given their nature as bon viveurs and pleasure-seekers.

They are capable of letting themselves go without holding back because they are very self-indulgent. They find it extremely difficult to set themselves limits.

To grow, Monkeys must learn to better control themselves and to curb and limit their excesses. They must also be less selfish because they don’t think about the consequences of their actions enough. Similarly, it’s crucial that they slow down their hectic pace of life to guarantee themselves a long, stress-free life.

Astrological predictions for the Monkey for the year of the Pig

Take advantage of the good astral vibrations that will favor you during the year of the Pig to give a new lease of life to the projects that are dear to you, but that you have not managed to bring to fruition to this day.

General tips

If you develop a positive mindset and act with intentions that are of course beneficial for you but that also contribute to the happiness of others, you’ll succeed in reaching many objectives during this year of the Pig. Nevertheless, for that, you will need to believe in yourself more because you have the ability to succeed but you haven’t always been able to showcase it.

From February, this year will be the perfect time for you to take action, on the condition that you don’t negatively envisage the outcome of your actions in advance. Continue behaving in this way all year long!

So, take action with the assurance of succeeding, even if you can’t be certain at the beginning when implementing your projects. You’ll therefore positively program your brain. It will inspire constructive ideas within you for living a better life than the one you’ve experienced until now. Finally, it will be time to show the world your true worth, because some people aren’t yet aware of it.

Thanks to your success, not only will you change the image that others have of you but you will also gain confidence. If you adopt a positive attitude and are convinced about your ultimate success, you’ll have a clearer vision of things and situations.

You will have a clearer mind and be able to learn from the past, and you won’t repeat the same mistakes that delayed your happiness. To surpass the challenges that appear before you, make sure you don’t apply the same principles that you used in the past if they didn’t yield any results.

Also, don’t hesitate to explore the different paths that will present themselves to you if you approach this year of the Pig in a positive mindset.

Career – Money

Don’t jump from one project to another too quickly or often as, under these conditions, you wouldn’t achieve any objectives, especially if you want to become richer and acquire goods or real estate.

Set yourself a limited number of objectives and make it a point of honor to see them through to the end. Not only will you reinforce your determination to succeed, but you will also have better self-esteem. Valuing yourself will give you more strength and motivation to pursue your goals until you achieve them.

Don’t let yourself be intimidated by obstacles that emerge because they will only be there to test your motivation to follow the path set. Seeing your projects through to the end will sweep away the doubts you had developed about your ability to succeed. This uncertainty stems from past failures that made you believe you wouldn’t be able to succeed.

Often, these failures were the result of your motivation growing weaker faced with how slowly results were appearing, when in fact if you had stuck with it for a few months, or even weeks, you would have experienced success. That’s going to change now. Especially during the first months of your year of the Pig, during which you must not waste time to benefit from the good astral vibrations that you will then be benefiting from.

If you have good motivation right from the beginning of this year of the Pig, you’ll have high mental energy levels that will drive you forwards. That’s what will encourage you to take advantage of this beneficial year to experience the form of happiness that suits you. If you genuinely want it, it will be achievable before the end of the year, and even perhaps in the first six months of the year of the Pig.

Nonetheless, you’ll experience some hitches and objections, but take those as positive signs that you are on the right path. You’ll often have proof of that once these obstacles have been removed. The reason for which you had to go through those ordeals will then be clear to you.

Love – Friendship

Calmly analyze what didn’t work for you in these fields during the previous year, because you will have wonderful opportunities to put things right in your love life during this year of the Pig.

Don’t keep bringing up missed opportunities from the previous year, but live in the moment while convincing yourself that you won’t make the same mistakes and by acting differently to how you did in the past.

If you act with this mindset, you’ll experience more success and satisfaction in the fields of love and friendship. Under these conditions, your love life will be less chaotic and uncertain than previously and you will be able to get much closer to the love life you desire and reap the first rewards of it in this year of the Pig.

Thus, you should gradually feel more comfortable in your own skin and spend wonderful moments with the person who’s on your mind. This improvement of your love life will be gradual and should satisfy you greatly from March or April onwards.

Make bold choices that truly correspond to your aspirations and don’t hold back your feelings. Undertake actions that can increase your personal happiness even if your initiatives won’t please some conformist individuals.

Get off the beaten track and abandon some of the principles that were drilled into you as a child about love, but which ruin your life without bringing you joy.


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