The Dragon Horoscope 2019

Dragons are persistent. When they want something, they do everything to get it. Their main features are their power and aggression. Their natural skill and power of attraction often make them the center of attention. Wherever they are, they never go unnoticed because of their innate magnetism.

Dragons are generally listened to because they give good advice. They are also good speakers and usually know how to enthrall a crowd. Dragons struggle to control their emotions. In the event of conflict, their words and actions can be very violent.

At times like those, they can inspire fear and panic because their power is spectacular and can be devastating.

Dragons don’t cope well with failure. They can become sore losers and unleash their rage. They’ll mark the occasion but will ensure they don’t show their disappointment nor admit defeat. They’ll emerge wounded and humiliated, but will remain dignified and force themselves to not let it show.

Dragons have the soul of a leader. They are always trying to take control of every situation. In fact, they consider that that power is theirs by right and they don’t tolerate others challenging them for this prerogative. In general, it’s true that they are excellent at playing that role and making decisions.

Nonetheless, Dragons should “mix water with wine” and make some concessions. They must be less intransigent to facilitate relationships with others and make life easier.

Astrological predictions for the Dragon for the year of the Pig

This year of the Pig should mark lots of turning points in your life. So, don’t hesitate to formulate daring projects in which to invest all your efforts regularly to succeed.

General tips

Call upon your creativity and imagination to implement original plans based on innovative and altruistic ideas. Indeed, you’ll succeed all the more easily and quickly given that you’ll be thinking about developing plans that may be destined for personal development, but that are also likely to help or benefit other people.

The more you set yourself objectives that benefit a large number of people, the more you will draw people who are likely to help you towards you, thanks to the law of universal attraction.

Implementing your plan in a bold and positive way will open up new paths to you, that you hadn’t previously thought of. You’ll find original solutions that will make you stand out from the crowd.

This attitude will have a positive effect on your state of mind and physical shape, because you will be under the influence of positive vibrations that will carry you towards success in many fields. You’ll know that you’re on the right path when you are living in accordance with your principles and when you manage to harmonize your thoughts, words and actions.

You will thus achieve inner balance and you’ll feel it more and more clearly with experience. So listen to your emotions when you’re thinking, talking and taking action. If you feel a sense of inner peace, continue along the chosen path.

As soon as you begin to feel uncomfortable, immediately change course by correcting the thoughts, words or actions that aren’t consistent with the project you are trying to implement or develop. By respecting these principles, you’ll move forwards in harmony with your inner self and you’ll quickly improve your situation, especially on a financial level.

Moreover, you will have to avoid overexerting yourself and skipping steps in your progression plan, because you would lose lots of energy that would be better used to follow your plan in order to get as much out of it as possible.

Career – Money

You should have lots of ideas and you should realize them quite quickly so that they don’t get stolen from you, or so that you can get as many personal and financial benefits out of them as possible.

You’ll have to fight a certain impatience that could take hold of you if you notice that people aren’t making decisions fast enough to help you in one way or another, or if the results expected don’t appear as quickly as foreseen.

Don’t blame others. Instead, make more effort to develop your activities because no one can do that in your place. You should forget about waiting for miracles to instantly occur in your life without you having to lift a finger because that never happens!

Everything that you attain will be the result of your personal efforts and your ability to change your state of mind, if it was that that was preventing you from experiencing success to this day. If you achieve no results when you’re expecting them and you did everything to achieve them in that regard, don’t blame yourself.

Continue with all your efforts to experience success while telling yourself that it must not have been the right time to reach the objectives you had hoped for, and that you will reach them later, when the time is more favorable for that.

If you follow that advice, you’ll further your career or experience important changes in your job (promotion, raise, better working conditions) during this year of the Pig.

Thus, you will be able to move your projects forwards at your own speed, without too many problems and by overcoming obstacles more easily.

Love – Friendship

You should take care of your romantic relationships in particular because your balance in this sphere will be a foundation for your well-being and will have repercussions on your success in all fields. Get closer to people who matter to you, in your family and in your romantic relationships. Having strong connections will be very important for your well-being and in order for you to overcome certain problems throughout the year of the Pig.

If you developed your relationships well and improved your communication skills, that will guarantee you flawless support from your loved ones in lots of fields.

You’ll need their encouragement to get through some difficult times, but you’ll also need to share your success with the people who mean the most to you.

Work on the human side of your relationships while being available to others and open to their concerns. That will be particularly important in terms of your romantic relationships, which will be the basis for your happiness during the year of the Pig.

Don’t hesitate to surprise people who mean a lot to you and help them to realize their desires. Avoid habits that kill love and passion. Even if you are likely to be very busy, don’t neglect your partner. Take the time to be intimate with them and to truly make the most of time spent together.

Do a lot of shared activities where you will both be at the same level. You’ll then share good times together and have pleasures in common. Which will increase your complicity with your partner.

On a private level, devote this year to pleasure, fun and humor so that you can enjoy some good times, which will do your spirits some good and make you someone who is sought-after for their company. Don’t hesitate to organize festive events and romantic weekends to create shared memories together that you will then bring up nostalgically.

Focus on your relationships, because they should bring you a great deal of satisfaction and you’ll experience important changes in your life. You’ll find it a great help having advice that can support you to further your projects and reach your objectives faster.

Developing your relationships will enable you to motivate yourself by making commitments with the people with whom you communicate. Your ability to keep your promises will encourage you to regularly make the efforts required to satisfy the people who you made commitments to.


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