The Dog Horoscope 2019

The Dog is a sign that has an innate sense of justice. They are quick to feel indignant and outraged when they think that someone is suffering an injustice. In fact, they are the first to help out when there’s a problem, by putting themselves in the line of fire to defend others. Their other qualities include being loyal, faithful and honest.

Dogs have a very affirmed sense of values. They have their own code which they hold very dear and which they abide by unwaveringly. The problem for Dogs is that they struggle to trust others. They are very careful about getting irrefutable proof that they can trust someone, but that being said, they remain wary nonetheless.

Dogs are sought out as friends because of all the qualities mentioned above. Moreover, they have another rare quality: they’re good listeners. People naturally confide in them because they know how to keep a secret. If you ask them not to, they will never reveal anything.

Dogs nonetheless are very attached to their private lives and independence. They struggle to blend into groups. They avoid gatherings of more than two people like the plague. For them, it’s genuine torture when they have to take part in social obligations, gatherings, meetings, celebrations…

They want to live their own lives and don’t want to live the life of the average man.  They are original thinkers and their ideas have nothing to do with what’s fashionable. They tend to shut themselves away in their own world, surrounded by a few close friends. Dogs have a lot of mood swings and struggle to control their emotions.

Dogs should learn how to relax because they are often stressed and worried. They need to be less rigid in terms of their principles, by accepting those of others.

Astrological predictions for the Dog for the year of the Pig

The year of the Pig promises to be good for you with a strong flow of astral vibrations that should fill you with great physical energy and powerful dynamism if you adopt a positive mindset. That will involve believing in yourself and your abilities more than in previous years. That will maximize the action of the astral vibrations in your favor right from the beginning of the year of the Pig.

Therefore, you are advised to ride this positive wave very quickly to take full advantage of it, right from the month of February.

General tips

You should have a very productive mind and plenty of ideas that you wish to realize to change your existence. Nevertheless, you should make choices, otherwise you won’t be able to concentrate on your main projects and you will spread yourself too thin.

So, prioritize three main areas, like your finances, love life or any other field in which you wish to see change.

Then, see each one through to the end before moving onto the next, and so on, until you’ve achieved the three projects on your list.

You’re free to choose other fields in which you wish to see transformation because, thanks to your success in the first three projects, you’ll have established a personal method that you can then apply within the framework of all your other plans.

Rely on your ability to analyze things to develop all your projects. Then, use your logic to devise each step in your plan of action in detail, to provide for all possibilities. Every time that you decide to take action, don’t wait till you have the perfect plan. You’ll perfect it as you confront it with reality.

Begin implementing each project on a day when you feel in particularly good shape and optimistic. That way, you’ll put yourself in the best mindset to succeed by injecting the projects with positive energy.

Before taking action for each step applying your plan of action on a daily basis, visualize the expected outcome of the action in question. That will enable you to remain concentrated and well-motivated so that you can give your best to succeed at the action in question.

Career – Finances

Wonderful prospects await you in the field of money if you maintain a positive mindset and trust that your finances will improve during this year of the Pig, because it promises to be very favorable for you. You will therefore be able to take advantage of this positive year for your finances from February, March and April, in order to ride your wave of positive vibrations for these first three months of the year of the Pig.

Carefully plan your timetable and stick to it because, if you develop financial actions in your fields of expertise, you won’t see time go by and you risk not being able to stick to your schedule. So maximize your efforts to undertake measures to earn more money within the time frames that you set in advance.

As you take action to plump up your bank account, you’ll learn a lot about yourself. You’ll discover abilities that you didn’t know you had. That will reinforce your self-confidence and give you more courage to continue growing your finances.

You should nonetheless be discerning because some people will seek to advance their own interests first by associating with you. So carefully choose your partners in this field.

Love – Friendship

Improve your relationships with others by playing on your power of seduction and your ability to inspire trust through your openness and ability to show yourself in your best light. When you’re willing, you manage it so well that you inspire trust in people who are then more receptive to your requests.

You can play on your whole power of seduction during this year of the Pig that will be very beneficial in terms of your love life. Thus, you will achieve great success in your attempts to seduce or strengthen your connection with the person that will be on your mind and in your heart during the year of the Pig.

Cultivate a sunny disposition and your ability to create a good atmosphere, because these qualities will be very useful in your love life and friendships. The successes you encounter in these fields will have a positive influence on your personality and will build your confidence.

Developing this confidence will make you even more persuasive, which will enable you to be even more successful. Take advantage of this build-up of satisfaction in your love life and friendships, to satisfy many of your desires, on the condition that you always believe in yourself and focus on the goals that you are pursuing in your private life.

Both in love and friendship, build honest and frank relationships with the person of your dreams or with your friends because you will then have the assurance of being able to rely on them to overcome obstacles. Rely on your intuition more to determine who you can trust and cast aside anyone who doesn’t seem genuine to you.


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