The Cow (Ox) Horoscope 2019

Their main qualities are loyalty and dependability. Cows can get through a great deal of work, because they have excellent organizational skills and can work tirelessly until they reach their goals. Nothing can deter them. Cows are also adventurers, always ready to take on challenges and accomplish feats in the fields they love.

Cows aren’t very sought after for their company because they are generally considered to be too serious and reserved. They are also stubborn and struggle to admit they’re wrong, even when that is the case. First, they trust their judgment. And in general, they don’t take other people’s opinions into account in their everyday life and in their projects.

In their private lives, Cows are very pleasant because they are capable of being faithful, tender, attentive and affectionate. They love family life and have an innate respect for their parents and ancestors, because they know they owe their lives to them. Cows can be trusted in all fields: friendship, love, family life, work, business, contracts…

Nonetheless, Cows would benefit from being more flexible in their relationships with others, making more concessions and not criticizing others so easily. They should also be more self-confident and trust their own abilities to fulfill themselves.

Astrological predictions for the Ox (or Cow) for the year of the Pig

A wonderful year awaits the people born under the sign of the Ox. Your finances promise to be on the rise, your relationships will experience some turmoil, and your physical health will not be at its best if you don’t keep yourself in shape.

General tips

Good vibrations should favor you, increase your creativity and give you higher energy levels. Take advantage of that to further all your objectives in various fields, without however letting yourself get distracted. Otherwise, you risk losing yourself and not being able to regularly work on furthering your personal plans.

You should have plenty of ideas and new desires to realize. So live life to the fullest right from the beginning of the year of the Pig to be able to benefit from all the opportunities that will present themselves. Take concrete steps in order to achieve your objectives as fast as possible. With the success you achieve, you’ll develop your self-confidence.

You’ll be very motivated and energetic, which will enable you to overcome all the obstacles before you and to make the right choices to surround yourself with people who are capable of helping you succeed faster. If you want to succeed: get off the beaten track and find original ways to achieve your different goals in the selected fields.

Indeed, the year of the Pig will be a time of great changes for you. Also, if you follow the same path as everyone, you’ll struggle to make your desires come true and achieve success.

It will be time for innovation, originality and novelty. If you manage to stand out in this way, you’ll have a great year.

Career – Money

Your finances could benefit from being favored by destiny during the year of the Pig if you have a clear idea of the goals you wish to reach. Take action to achieve them as soon as possible in order to take advantage of the good vibrations that will flow over you right from the first months of 2019.

That way, you’ll ride a wave that is extremely favorable to your projects and you’ll thus develop your self-esteem and self-confidence.

You will then move towards success more confidently, thereby spontaneously attracting people who are likely to help you to achieve your projects and forge ahead.

Indeed, even if you are individualistic and like to be in control and do things yourself, the predictions concerning you during the year of the Pig will only come true if you join forces with people who can support you in different ways: with advice, money, expertise, relationships…

Join forces with them, but ensure to always remain in control and don’t let anyone tell you what to do. They will bring you a great deal of psychological support, which will help you during the difficult times that you won’t have to go through on your own. Being on your own could make you lose motivation and abandon your projects.

Even though you shouldn’t waste time to take advantage of the positive vibrations that you will benefit from, right from the start of the year of the Pig, don’t confuse speed with haste. Otherwise, you risk tripping yourself up. In other words, only action will reveal and materialize your projects. And it is action that will be the best way to put your projects to the test.

Take your time to properly prepare your projects to avoid making changes along the way, or as soon as you encounter the slightest opposition or problem.

Don’t view problems that befall you as misfortune but rather as tests of your motivation. If you throw in the towel, that will mean that your motivation wasn’t strong enough.

So, make sure you work well on the foundations of your projects, especially your objectives and motivation. If the latter is strong, you have nothing to fear and will rise to the challenge without any problems.

Otherwise, you will have built sand castles that will crumble as soon as the first waves hit them!

Love – Friendship

The year of the Pig promises you a hectic year in this field, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Indeed, the main danger you face is routine and the often resulting lack of interest in your projects.

Human beings tend to pay a lot of attention to the person whose heart they wish to win over or who they love… at the beginning of the relationship.

Unfortunately, most of the time this passionate phase generally gives way to routine and habits that can be damaging and are the main threat to an established relationship. This is a threat faced especially by people born under the sign of the Ox during the year of the Pig, hence the importance of adopting a different attitude right from the start.

To do so, it’s very simple: every day, act as if you have to once again win over the heart of the person you like. Fulfill their needs and desires. The main secret, which will be the basis for your success in that regard, will be the attention you pay to the person in question every day.

Ensure you are always attentive to their desires and your relationship will last as long as you respect this principle. Moreover, it’s the best way to make that person mindful of your own desires. If you are seeking a certain stability in your relationship, avoiding routine will be the best way to achieve that and to both benefit from your connection.

Nevertheless, if you want this advice to guarantee you a long-term relationship, you’ll also have to implement it consistently and not give up after a few weeks or a few months.

If you behave in that way, you’ll also jointly improve your relationships with those around you.


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