Rabbit Horoscope 2019

The company of Rabbits is very sought-after because they are warm and sweet. They love socializing, family and finding themselves in groups, because they adore being surrounded by people.

Generally, they try to avoid conflict. They avoid arguments and situations that could deteriorate like the plague. They generally seek to calm things down and ease people’s minds. Rabbits are extremely compassionate towards others. They are easily overwhelmed by the suffering of others. When they love someone, they become very protective, sometimes excessively so.

Rabbits are greatly appreciated as friends as they know how to create a good atmosphere. Similarly, family life is never gloomy with them. They enjoy living in a comfortable, pleasant environment and have an affinity for aesthetics.

On a romantic level, their heightened sensitivity drives them to often idealize their partner and sometimes to do too much to make them happy. They give themselves entirely to their partner.

Rabbits are very sensitive and fear loneliness. That’s why they always need to be surrounded by people: by family, friends or colleagues. They love places that are packed and lively.

When they feel lonely, they tend to feel depressed and sad, and even burst into tears. Rabbits are intellectually sharp and very discerning. To be happy, Rabbits need to be more self-confident and believe more in their own abilities.

Astrological predictions for the Rabbit for the year of the Pig

A wonderful year of the Pig awaits you if you can face up to certain unexpected events that you will be presented with. They will help you to better delineate your path. And if you get through them victoriously, they will help you to reorient yourself on the path of development that suits you best. You’ll learn from them and be able to reapply that knowledge at a later date.

General tips

Your greatest asset should be a positive mindset and strong spirit, which will help you to put into perspective how serious any obstacles that arise are, and to sweep them out of the way more easily than you might have first thought. Make sure you don’t disperse your strength. Concentrate on a limited number of objectives. Otherwise, you risk spreading yourself too thin, which would make you waste time and prevent you from realizing the projects that are dear to you.

Like a laser beam, focus your attention on a limited number of projects. That will make your actions more efficient than if you are all over the place. Under these conditions, your actions will be effective and constructive. Observe this famous proverb: “Don’t bite off more than you can chew”, because if you work on too many projects at once, you’ll never complete anything.

You’ll have lots of ideas, but you must be able to prioritize your projects, by placing those which have priority at the top of the list. First, take action to succeed in the fields that you are most passionate and motivated about.

Be patient and take the time to see all your actions through to the end for each project that you wish to develop, without giving into the temptation of skipping steps. That could weaken you and end up shaking your self-confidence, which could lead to you losing motivation.

Career – Money

If you approach your life following the advice mentioned above, you’ll manage to unblock situations that seemed insurmountable to you until now. You’ll be so self-assured that you’ll take initiatives that you wouldn’t have felt capable of taking not long ago.

Like with the snowball effect, your first successes, no matter how small, will enhance your self-esteem and give you more motivation. You’ll thus reach new levels that you didn’t previously feel capable of reaching, and your ambition will grow greater and greater.

You had recently been overcome by a feeling of resignation, or surrender, that risked ruining your life in the near future. During the year of the Pig, you will feel refreshed and rediscover energy, which will help you to negotiate many professional shifts with ease.

Faced with your success, people in your immediate surroundings will see you differently. The news of your success will spread and you will change status in your field as you will be more trusted. That could lead to promotions, raises and other professional advantages that you have dreamed of for some time, but considered unachievable until now.

Under these conditions, you shouldn’t be short of allies who support you and help out with your project, whether that’s in your professional life or among your loved ones. In fact, some of them will provide you with valuable help.

Right from the first months of the year of the Pig, prove your worth and, under these conditions, you’ll put your career on the right track for 2019.

You shouldn’t experience too many money problems during the year of the Pig, which will mark a turning point in your quest for financial independence and greater financial security. You should have your feet firmly enough planted in the ground to be vigilant about your finances and not throw yourself into unnecessary spending.

Love – Friendship

In the emotional sphere, if you have had a commitment for some time, the period will then be favorable for long-term projects. So, you could start a family, get married, have children or undertake anything you want in this field.

Always be attentive to the needs of your partner or of the person with whom you wish to realize genuine plans.

That will be the best way to create a solid foundation for your relationship and you’ll therefore undertake an important turning point in your love life, which will make 2019 a crucial time in terms of love.

Show interest in them and affection for them through concrete actions and not simply through words. Nevertheless, don’t neglect to declare or remind the person in question of your love for them. Try to reach a balance between words and actions in that regard.

Under these conditions, your love life in 2019 won’t have any unpleasant surprises in store for you, and you’ll strengthen your emotional connections. Don’t fall into a routine in this field and don’t miss out on opportunities to express your feelings. Never take them for granted. Make sure you remind your partner of the positive feelings they inspire in you.

Even if your love life keeps you very busy, don’t however neglect certain people around you who will need you. Pay attention to them and don’t leave them out because you will have the opportunity to learn things that you didn’t know about them.

Friendship is a field that is presenting itself well for you because the year of the Pig will be particularly favorable for those born under the sign of the Rabbit. So, do everything that is in your power to improve your communication skills, which will be particularly useful to you during 2019.

Favor concrete and lasting commitments over fleeting relationships that are self-interested or to please others. Don’t behave in a way that reassures or pleases others if you don’t feel the need or desire to.

Don’t force yourself to do things you don’t enjoy, as that will create artificial relationships that won’t last and that you’ll eventually suffer from. You’ll need to feel like you’re supported and trusted. So, behave in that way by being diplomatic towards others and trying to resolve problems rather than adding fuel to the fire.

This attitude will endear you to others and make you meet new people, who will bring you great help or support to succeed in your projects throughout the year.


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