The Full Flower Moon 2019

The phases of the moon are one of the most fascinating astronomical behaviors we can observe with the naked eye and a deeply rich source of thought and interpretation for Astrology. Among the 8 phases – New, Waxing Crescent, 1st Quarter Half, Waxing Gibbous, Full, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter Half, and Waning Crescent – the New and Full Moons capture most of the attention. This article will look at the current Full Moon and talk about the kind of “harvest” you should bring in emotionally during this full moon.

Full Moon – Reap What You Have Sown!

The Full Moon for May will occur on the 18th of this month at 27 degrees and 38 minutes in the sign of Scorpio; in my Eastern Standard Time zone, it will happen at 5:11 pm. It takes 29.5 days from one Full Moon to the next, spending approximately 2 and ½ days in a sign. The day before and the day after comprise what would be the peak time of the Full Moon energy.  The Full Moon is the time of “the harvest” when what began with the New Moon reaches full potential before waning and fading and preparing for a new cycle.

Each month has a certain type of Full Moon; May’s Moon is the Flower Moon.  In the northern hemisphere, this name reflects the full flowering of the plants.  This Moon has two other names: the Corn Planting Moon and the Milk Moon. There are also several special types of Full Moons: the Blood Moon, which happens during a total lunar eclipse; a Supermoon, which happens when the Moon is full and closest to the Earth; and the Blue Moon (“once in a blue moon”), which is a second Full Moon in a calendar month (occurring once every 2 and ½ years).  The previous Blue Moon was March 31, 2018, and the next one will be October 31, 2020.

The final type of Full Moon that really defines the general energy of the Full Moon event is the Harvest Moon, which is the name of the Full Moon for September/October, when, before electricity, farmers used the light of this Full Moon to harvest their crops when the harvest was generally the largest. So, each time a Full Moon occurs in the calendar month, we are to consider what we are supposed to harvest.

Full Moon in Scorpio – Harvesting Truth and Secrets

This Full Moon will take place near the ingress of the Moon from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Actually, using the day before, day of, and the day after as the Full Moon total event, this Full Moon will complete the ingress, which is when a point moves from one sign to another.  Unlike last month the Sun will not ingress from Taurus to Gemini under this Full Moon period.  Ingress means that the influence of one sign is giving way to the influence of another.  In this case, the influence of Scorpio, which has to do with sexuality, power, and death/rebirth, will give way to Sagittarius, which has to do with authority, belief, and travel.


This Full Moon energizes us to look at our deepest desires and the truth and secrets of our hearts.  With the energy occurring so deep (27 degrees) into Scorpio and touching on the first degrees of Sagittarius soon after, we can feel the need to expand and share (Sagittarius) our power and transformations (Scorpio) with the wider world, through teaching, writing, scholarship, and/or travel.  We may realize it is time to accept a deep truth we have been carrying, but not acting on, or uncover a secret that needs to see the “light of day”.  If you are aware of such a truth/secret/power issue and you are wondering when to take action or face its revelation, this Full Moon will amplify the energy and help you “harvest” the results if you act during this time (5/17/2019 to 5/19/2019).

With this Full Moon at 27d38m it is the Sabian Symbol 28 Scorpio, “the king of fairies approaching his domain”.  Jones says, “This is the symbol of the eternal promise underlying all inner self-realization since any actual fullness of life is altogether independent of the passing state of affairs in the world of time and space.” (207).  The key word is: allegiance.  This Full Moon will be about “what really matters”.

Even if you do not have a truth or secret you want to reveal, you may find yourself on the receiving end of such a situation where someone else is doing the revealing work.  This energy is dependent on your circumstances, so it might not be about your truth, but “harvesting” the strength to deal with a revelation that must be faced, accepted, and/or processed that someone else brings or presents to you.  In other words, not the beginning of a truth or hiding of a secret during the New Moon, but rather the consequences of a truth or secret finally coming out of the depths.  While the New Moon is designed to start something, the Full Moon is designed to bring things already started into fruition.

The Full Moon in Your Chart

The Full Moon will occur in a specific location of your chart and in special relationship with various points in your chart if you have points near the same degree in the same sign, at the opposing degree (180 degrees away from a point in your chart), three signs before or after the Full Moon degree and sign (90 degrees away), or five signs before or after the Full Moon degree and sign (150 degrees away).  Respectively these would be a conjunction (the Full Moon merging with a point in your chart), an opposition (the Full Moon seeking balance with a point in your chart), a square (the Full Moon challenging a point in your chart), and an inconjunct/quincunx (a point disquieting a point in your chart).  It is possible that the degree and sign of the Full Moon may not form any of these relationships and its effect, for this or another time, would be minimal or difficult to observe.

In my case, there are two impacts.  One is consistent with all Full Moons because I was born during a Full Moon. So, I feel pretty much every Full Moon in some significant way.  If you learn your birth Moon phase you will likely discover that same phase each month has a strong impact on your emotional state.  With this Full Moon, I get to experience the merging effect on my Ascendant, which happens to be at 29 degrees of Scorpio and on my Neptune, which happens to be at 25 degrees of Scorpio.

The Ascendant reflects our identity and how we are perceived in the world and Neptune reflects our sense of purpose and spiritual direction.  With this Full Moon happening “between” these two points, I can expect to have and need to process some deep emotions around the identity I have created and the purpose I am trying to fulfill with my life.  I can expect a very emotional and intense Full Moon experience, much stronger than what most other people will experience.

As this Full Moon approaches, think about what you want to “harvest” from your deep self, your sexuality (another strong aspect of Scorpio energy), your experience with power (your own and from those people in your life that have more or less power than you), and significant transformations you may need to make; all the areas of life under the rulership of the sign of Scorpio.

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