The Benefits of a Daily Tarot Reading

If you haven’t considered including a daily tarot reading into your morning routine, then this article is for you. A daily tarot reading comes with a whole host of benefits which is exactly what we’re going to cover. We’ll take a look at some of the main benefits that you can expect from your daily tarot reading, we’ll take a look at how it helps on a day-to-day- basis but also in relation to your life goal and your soul purpose.

Kick-start your Day

Everyone has a different morning routine. You might go for a run, hit the gym, say a prayer, meditate, carry out the miracle morning, or something less exciting like have a coffee or a bowl of cereal. We’re all different and we all have different things that help us to kick-start our day. However, if you find that miracle morning or meditation has the tendency to put you back to sleep first thing in the morning, there is another option that can help you: a daily tarot reading.

So, let’s stop wasting time and dive right into the benefits of including a short tarot card reading into your day. Just keep in mind that you don’t need to sit for hours and hours to carry out a reading. Many people will have a question in mind related to that day, will give their cards a shuffle, and will then turn over 1, 3, or 5 to get their results. It can be helpful to take a picture of the selected cards on your phone so that you can check back throughout the day and ponder their meaning.

Insight, Clarity, and Comfort

Before any new day begins, we always have some sort of worry or doubt. If you’ve got a busy day then you’ll be concerned with fitting everything in but if you have nothing planned then you might find yourself bored, and nobody wants that. We can also feel anxiety about the day which largely stems from our inability to know what lies ahead.

Quickly running through a reading (although not so quickly that you can’t pay the proper attention to the process) can allow you to not only establish a degree of insight and clarity as to what lies ahead but also a sense of comfort. We can see whether our day is likely to be positive or negative.


If it’s going to be a positive day then great, you have nothing to worry about! Get out there and make the most of it! If your day looks a little less positive or even negative then you’ll be able to look at the cards you selected and interpret the reasoning behind the outcome. It could be that you can prepare yourself or accept that a single day of negativity might open a door to a world of positivity.

Train your Intuition

Being able to read tarot cards isn’t something that just happens overnight. Some people are naturally gifted and on their first attempt can offer more insight than someone who has been training for years. However, this is rare and more likely than not, you’ll need to practice. The simplest and least dramatic way to practice is with smaller readings. This makes a daily tarot reading, particularly one carried out in the morning, the perfect opportunity to train your intuition.

The benefit of doing a daily tarot reading in relation to this point is that you can reflect at the end of each day and not only see where you were right but also better understand what you misinterpreted. It’s important to remember that much, if not most, of tarot card reading, is learning to trust your gut instinct. With time and practice, you’ll be able to tune your mind to focus on the correct answers.

Decision Making

Of course, it won’t always be the case that you want to get insight into the day ahead. For many people, the course of their day is already planned out. Many of us work 9-5 jobs from Monday to Friday and typically, these days don’t vary a great deal from one another. However, we all make a number of decisions on any given day and while we may typically make the same decision (such as where to go for lunch) there are times when we could use a little guidance.

Carrying out a reading before your day begins can not only present the possible decisions you will have to make, but it can also offer guidance as to the outcomes of these decisions. It might be that you will have to choose between working longer hours and spending time with your family. The potential outcomes for these situations are infinite. You can analyze every possible pro and con and still be no nearer to making a decision. Consulting your cards in the morning can help you with this.

Be Present

In many ways, a daily reading works a lot like meditation. With meditation, you’re placing the entirety of your focus on the present: you’re not remembering the past or thinking about the future, you are concentrating fully on the current moment as each second ticks by. Of course, it’s slightly different when it comes to tarot card reading because you are considering multiple areas of time, but the focus isn’t on what the cards might show or what they’ve shown in the past: it’s on what they are showing now, in the present moment.

When reading the cards, it’s normal to enter into a minor trance-like state as we unveil what the cards have to offer us. We focus so intently on the task that we can’t worry about the past or be anxious about the future. As each card is turned, our mind focuses on its meaning and begins to interpret its potential meaning.  This can allow us to have a better grasp of which cards relate to larger meanings such as our life goal or even our soul’s purpose.


I am a Scottish writer who is currently living in Barcelona, Spain. Having graduated from university with a degree in psychology, I've started to explore the world and all the different cultures within it. You could say that I have two main passions: writing, which I do as both a hobby and a job, and exploring spirituality, which comes in many forms.

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