Blood Moon 2019

Moon Can Bleed and It's Not Bad At All!

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­This sounds scary, right? Like some sort of natural hazard or end of the time thing. Well, it is not. It is not actually how it sounds, it is actually how it looks, and this looks super cool! Yeah, because this refers to ‘The Blood Moon’. Another spellbinding astrological phenomenon of our beloved moon, which never fails to awestrike us with either its beauty or any tricks it, does. You’ll see this all for yourself when the Blood Moon 2019 appears! So, if you are still wondering wether this ‘Moon can bleed’ thing is literal or real then go ahead and find it out yourself!

What is actually a ‘Blood Moon’?

A ‘Blood Moon’ refers to the moon during a total lunar eclipse. This occurs during a full moon or super moon when the sun’s light fully falls on the surface. A lunar eclipse can occur when the earth moves between the sun and the moon, and so the moon is covered by the earth’s shadow. So, the Blood Moon phenomenon? Well, normally the moon is illuminated by the sunlight reflecting on its surface, but during this, the Earth, the Sun and the Moon are perfectly aligned.

One would normally think that the moon should blackout during this time. However, the interesting part is that now the moon gets the indirect sunlight and gives a bright appearance with a tinge of red. That is some science wow! You better note the stuff ahead for the upcoming Blood Moon 2019!

The Blood or the Red part?

Well, this surely does not mean the moon is bleeding out of any injury or a sign of chaos for humans, but it has its complex scientific background. ‘Blood’ or ‘Red’ is actually used to describe the moon’s appearance because of its illuminating light with a red hue. Basically, during a full eclipse, the moon is in complete shadow, but still, an indirect light falls on its surface from earth. So, because of the stretching of light waves, they appear red and so does the moon as they strike on it.

However, this is not it because an earth’s atmospheric phenomenon the ‘Rayleigh Scattering’ can cause it to be redder. But the ‘Blood’ part is still metaphorical, and red is only a tinge in the light! The earth’s atmosphere consists of numerous dust and smoke particles which can filter or scatter the light passing through it. Here the red and orange wavelengths are less filtered than the blues or violets and so can make the moon’s red color prominent.


How often does Blood Moon appear?

This ‘Super Blood Moon’ is obviously a rare sight to see otherwise it would not have been something about which people get excited to see. This is a lunar eclipse, and lunar eclipses are less often than the solar ones. In some years, it can appear up to three times in a year in any certain location of earth or some years pass without it appearing.

Moreover, when it does appear, the audience in more than half of the earth can see it! However, if the Blood Moon appears rarely, then it might last longer than the normal. Upcoming Blood Moon 2019 is surely going to attract a lot of audiences because it is not every day we see it.

Blood Moon myths from around the world!

The name ‘Blood Moon’ does sound creepy and it is not just you, but there are actually many myths around it from all over the world! This fascinating phenomenon up there has amazed many cultures (which is not really a scientific significance though) and inspired many myths and legends so let’s check them out.

Evil Jaguar

Some ancient civilizations had a belief that Blood Moon can bring evils with it. Like the Inca people who thought that the ‘RED’ color meant that the moon was being attacked by some sort of jaguar, a monster and so to save the earth, they and their animals would make noises to drive the monster away!

King slayer

Ancient Mesopotamia had a belief that lunar eclipses came with bad lucks for their rulers and that it would assault on their king. So, their kings used to go into hiding as long as the eclipse lasted to protect themselves.

Ill fortune

According to the Indian folktales, Blood Moon is considered to bring ill will along with it. They have a practice of keeping their foodstuff covered during this time. They perform cleaning rituals and prohibit pregnant women from working or eating to save their unborn children.

However, not all cultures consider Blood Moon as a ‘bad omen’ but have more cheerful views:

The Wounded Moon

The Native American believed that this unusual moon’s color was an indication of it being wounded and so it needs to be healed. Following this, they used to sing songs for it.


Some tribes in Africa believed that the Blood Moon was a sign of conflict between the sun and the moon and so they should help them resolve these. So they used to settle their own disputes too during this time.

How can you safely see the Blood Moon 2019?

As far as the myths go, people may think about their safety to see the so cool Blood Moon 2019. Well, don’t sweat because it is completely fine to look at the moon with naked eyes during this time. Studies suggest that you do not need any kind of special glasses or some sort of device and it is not fatal to your eyesight. The only time it is dangerous is to look at is the sun during a solar eclipse.

Moreover, the best place to view ‘Blood Moon 2019’ a mesmerizing phenomenon is being away from the city lights, so the pollution can’t blur your view.

In conclusion

So now, you know what exactly is happening up there when the skies turn red because of the bloody moonlight! And it would not hurt you to enjoy the scene (unless you have some of your own myths). So, gear up and mark your calendars as 21 January 2019 might be the next immediate date of the appearance of Super Blood Wolf Moon in 2019, and you surely would not want to miss this chance!


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