I am a writer and a full-time daydreamer. I have been writing articles since I was 18 and soon discovered that there is nothing as captivating as the magic of words. My zodiac sign is Cancer and like people from my sign, I have a weakness for imagination. What I love about writing is the opportunity to be creative and connecting with others.

Astrology Podcasts With Hillory Skott

Everyday Astrology by Hillory Skott Take a tour to the magic boundaries of our solar system. Discover how the planetary…

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Fun & Offers

Quiz of the Month: What Tarot Card are You?

Tarot cards reveal many hidden aspects of our personality. They can unveil precise information about ourselves that we are not…

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Freddie Mercury and the Bohemian Zodiac

Among the rock stars, Freddie Mercury was a constellation of his own. A being full of magic and talent, that…

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Benefits of a Total Lunar Eclipse

Up to three different astronomical phenomena can be seen during a Super Blood Moon eclipse. It starts when the Moon…

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