July 23, 2024
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The 3 Most Hated Sign

The 3 Most Hated Signs In Astrology

Some signs just seem to have a bad reputation no matter what. But have you ever wondered what gives them such a bad rap and has it something to do with their sign? Why exactly do people tend to tense up when they hear that someone is a Gemini or perhaps a Scorpio? Discover the 3 most hated signs…

Perhaps there is more to them and it would be wise for you to give them a second chance. Continue reading to figure out why:


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Fickle, gossip, two-faced, and untrustworthy are just some of the words that Geminis are used to being described by others. Without a doubt, this sign is most hated by the Zodiac. Geminis have two sides to them and because of this people deem them to be quite untrustworthy. The thing is, they just have so many thoughts swirling in their head that it makes it quite difficult for them to make any set decisions about things. One minute they might like pink and then the next realize that green is just far superior. They’re not lying, it is just that they make up their mind for the moment that they are currently in and they never get too attached to what it is they are feeling. They’ve got a lot on their plate and struggle to commit to something if there might be another option available. Geminis are constantly looking for new experiences and this is how come they manage to change their minds so readily and on a whim. This is because with each new experience they can form a well-rounded opinion that feels more like truth to them. They’re actually some of the most open-minded characters around. You can pretty much tell a Gemini anything and they won’t even flinch. There is no judgment coming from their side.

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Scorpios seem to have a really bad reputation in society. People seem to think that they are power hungry, controlling, possessive, and jealous human beings. Sure, their sting is quite painful, but under their very tough exterior is someone quite soft and gentle. These people are quite mysterious and it is difficult for people to read what they are thinking. A Scorpio will never reveal too much of themselves. Because of this mystery, people seem to think that they are quite sinister, but the truth is, they struggle to trust people so it can be quite difficult for them to open up and be vulnerable. They need to feel really safe before they could ever reveal their secrets to someone else. As they get to know someone and see that they are trustworthy, a Scorpio will slowly warm up and show their softer side. Then you’ll notice someone who is sensitive, empathetic, and extremely caring. Scorpios actually have a beautifully intuitive side and they really know how to heal people with their gifts. All a Scorpio truly wants is a strong connection with someone in which they feel seen and understood. They shy away from shallow experiences and look for depth and intimacy. Some might think that this is intense, but handling a Scorpio isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

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The drama queens of the Zodiac seem to have a way of annoying everyone around them. On a bad day Leos seem to be egomaniacs who only care about themselves. People see them as selfish and self-serving and only care about being worshipped and dotted on. The truth is, Leos are extremely creative and generous people. They have a lot to give the world and they just can’t help but have the spotlight on them. Because they are so comfortable with themselves it might make others feel a little insecure and unworthy, but that isn’t the Leos fault… Leos want the best for everyone, they want to see their loved ones succeed and this is why they are always trying to motivate and inspire others to follow their dreams. You might not realize this, but Leos also struggle with their self-esteem and have insecurities and this is why the project a boastfulness. This is simply a form of protection because Leos actually care deeply about what others seem to think about them. This is why they need so much validation from the people around them as well. They need to know what they are doing is being noticed and that they are on the right path. It might be exhausting to give your Leo so much attention and adoration, but they will always return the favour and make you feel like a million bucks!