Astrology Podcast – New Moon in Taurus

It is the right moment to set forward. The probability of accomplishing most of our plans has increased. The important thing is to take one step at a time and always focus on the road and the destination we choose. Think positive and your current ideas will come to fruition.

Don’t lose Mercury from your sight

Prior to the new Moon, there is some significant activity involving Mercury. This time Mercury will be directly connected to Saturn thanks to Aries. You could be struck by a sense of heaviness that could be a threat to your inner balance. When you feel safe and brave, everything can turn apart, making you insecure and vulnerable.

But this is only a mood swing from which you shouldn’t let yourself be carried on. Close your eyes and think that it is just an illusion. Sometimes, it is reasonable to feel as if you are going to stumble. But you cannot let fear rule your life.

The magic of the Moon

Let the Moon impregnate you with its magic. You could be too busy focusing on other things, that you could forget about the great source of magic provided by the Moon. Even your crazy dreams can come true. Don’t be afraid to make big plans for your life, even if they seem impossible. It is impressive to watch the progression, how a project grows. How it switches from the blueprint stage until it is a reality.


But don’t forget that while you are waiting for everything to happen, it is essential to keep the soil of what you planted under the best conditions. Don’t rush, but also, don’t stay with your arms crossed waiting for it to happen. The more careful you are, and the more you plan, the better.

Hillory Skott

Hillory Skott is the host of the popular Everyday Astrology Podcast, she has been writing on the current planetary conditions since 2009. She is a guest writer for in5d.com and keeps a busy online global consultation practice. She is the Author of the Little Zodiac series and the EveryDay Astrology Planner and coloring book. She lives with a grateful heart in the mountains near the coast of British Columbia Canada with her handsome handy Hubby, their warrior artist Daughter, and three fabulous doggos. You can contact her at www.Hilloryskott.com

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